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Beloved Angelic beings,

As an Angelic Human Race, you all possess the capability to assist other life forms and races who have forgotten their “True Nature of the expression of Divine Source.” Therefore, other life forms are depending on your success, beloved Angelic beings, you are becoming ONE unity consciousness in the now reality of your ascension. In the new era collectively to become the guardians of the golden edge of love, peace, and freedom, you were created to be. This time is not about fighting with those in control; instead, stand still for your values, your rights, principles of respect, love, and freedom. You can’t go about your human lives with your consciousness confined to the limitations presently

Love vs. Fear

Beloved beings of planet earth, Every thought positive or opposite vibrates the same level of frequency, and it also responds to the vibrational content of your inner being. It doesn't matter how many times a day you entertain that thought to manifest. Instead, when you infuse your thoughts with your feelings, it will manifest. Your thoughts have to vibrate from the place that it is already happening, emotionally. We, the Pleiadians, want to ask you to be mindful of the thoughts you are entertaining at this now moment. Be careful, be selective about your thoughts. Place your reliance on the nature of your Divinity. You are a Divine miracle incarnated on earth. There is a higher power within


Beloved hearts on Earth, Feel not anger, frustration, or resentment, for this would make you be like those in control, instead use heart and brain wave frequencies, infused with love and compassion for each other across the Earth. However, we say the darkest night is just before dawn. There will be many "last minute" attempts to stop Gaia's planetary ascension. Most of these "attempts" will continue to frighten humanity. How can you avoid feeling controlled, manipulated in the now reality? Consider the following as often to enjoy the benefits of your practice. Turn off and avoid using your cell phones, computers, WI-FI, and TV as much as possible. These devices have now been manipulated more

Ascension is your birthright!

Greetings Divine Souls, Be grounded, loving and peaceful within your hearts, Since those in control of the Matrix, “the dark ones know” that on April 4th and 5th will be an astronomical configuration, Jupiter and Pluto conjunction creating a portal through which we will unify our consciousness. We would be entering a new portal o planetary timeline where ascension for all humanity will happen in the best way possible for all, as the optimal ascension timeline for the planet. Those in control want the humanity of planet earth to focus on fear to prevent them from the opportunity to free yourselves from their subjugation and to move into higher realms of frequency vibration as a collective hum

Be part of Gaia's Ascension

Divine magical beings, Wake Up! When you focus on what troubles you and allow sadness, lack, limitation, depression, anxiety, and fear within your thoughts, you become your own reality to experience that which is not pleasant to manifest as your reality. Focusing on the new fear about a virus is precisely what the Matrix wants you to target as many people on planet earth. Ascension is happening right now. In 2012 were so much attention and fear about the end of time. Indeed time ceased as we know it; today, time is a perception controlled by the Matrix once again; the media deviated information, "The world end will arrive." Just as 9/11 was imprinted in the minds of the world wrongly, anyone

Ah Ta Ra Sa

Divine souls or planet earth, Open your mind and your hearts to remember your Divinity, to accept your divinity because you really are Divine. When I call you divine souls, it is because, in fact, you are divine beings living a human experience, and this is not intentional to make you feel good and jet pun intended since you literally live a human experience in all aspects of your Divine physical incarnation. What you ignore is that every thought and emotion you create gives you a worldly desire or undesired. Let us use the example of money, Divine soul understands that since you are incarnated in a physical body since MONEY is a big part of your Divine reality, you have the power to access

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