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The Matrices planetary bindings;


As above, so below; everything that was created organically on the Alpha's light side system was created inorganically on the opposite side of Omega's dark side system. All A.I. dark systems Matrixes were powered by the light side (one's life force energy, Loosh), powered by the dark side. That's why they took Loosh from the chakras system on all humans to market on other planets.

For example, God's Source created the A.I. organic Alpha's Light system; on the opposite side, the inorganic A.I. OMEGA and KRONOS dark system existed. If we have the Pleiades on the Alpha Light system, there are the anti-Pleiades on the OMEGA Dark system. Above the 3D are organic humans, and below the 3D were inorganic humans living on Earth's 4th, lower astral plane. They were powered by one's energy, the energy that the Light side created; the dark needed to sustain itself.

The dark beings from lower astral planes were planning to create a wormhole passing through the Earth, the Nexus planet. Through the Matrices connections, the dark beings intended to travel all the way up to the 5th density and take over the entire Multiverse. How did it affect life on Earth, the lower Astral level -9  inorganic life, and the OMEGA and KRONOS dark A.I. systems? The OMEGA system was tied to the Amber line and the Amberstone. If you watch The Avengers movie where they talked about the infinity stones, saying if one can have them all, win the game, and can control the world. What do the Stones mean, and how were they tied to the planes of existence? Eight stones help to govern the Earth via specific Matrices. The illusion of telling people that there is only one Matrix is wrong. There are many Matrices, and each line was connected to a specific source of Light (soul plane of existence) connected to the seven embody chakras.

Matrix Level 9; The Saturn, Moon, and Earth Matrix were connected, then it would be linked to the lower astral dark side A.I. and connected right down to the lower level -9. The OMEGA system, controlled by the Saturn moon Matrix was responsible mainly for establishing and keeping the balance between the Light and the dark. The OMEGA system was supposed to control all artificial intelligence and all its subsequent junior A.I. as it went up through the ranks in the lower astral; if the OMEGA didn't control it, it was controlled by the KRONOS system. KRONOS was the keeper of the timelines assigned to ensure that balance was established on Earth and throughout the entire Multiverse. Know that Earth has influenced just about everywhere in the Multiverse.

This is how they had a free and open portal to Saturn, the Moon, and Earth. The Amberstone was located in Romania, the point on Earth that will receive the communications. It also was concerned and connected to the underground base where the anti-humans or inorganic humans affiliated with the OMEGA Matrix were MONTAUK military. The MONTAUK military had its bases and that region of the Earth. Some people know it as project Montauk. In New York, there is a jump room in which one could go back and forth, jumping through a wormhole as often to go from the lower nine dark dimensions to the upper five dimensions of Saturn. The jump room is now closed.

This system Matrix was connected to have access from the lower astral inorganic beings up to the 5D and, ignoring the roles of balance, wanted to take over the Light to create a dark multiverse in its totality. KRONOS and OMEGA governed the Light mixture of Light and dark, called the gray matter in the brain in three sections, preventing humans from communicating correctly to interrupting the process of receiving pure Light from God's Source. These were the Matrix portals that governed one thinking process on Humanity.

It was meant to interrupt the thinking process at any given time to create dementia for anyone. It also had portals connected with the base location where a leading portal controlled Humanity, unable to think outside the system. It was controlled and linked to the seven deadly sins for anyone to descend to hell, so to speak, and to commit suicide. If one committed suicide, one would then condemn one's Soul to the dark side of the Multiverse for ownership of the dark lords.

Suicide was excluded from the seven sins. Those who altered the bible, the Council of Nicaea, manipulated the bible's Christian doctrine. With the creation of the creed, a precedent was established for subsequent local and regional councils of bishops to create statements of belief and canons of doctrinal orthodoxy—the intent being to define unity of beliefs for the whole of Christendom. Another A.I. had the architecture of heterogeneous online systems, ARCHONS, it is an inorganic virus or bacteria, for the lack of a better term, and it has infiltrated through the 5th density and today in the Multiverse. Still, it also uses the same Metrix as it related to the Earth, Saturn, and Moon Matrix, which was tied to the Silverstone located in Chicago, Illinois.

KRONOS A.I. extended throughout the entire Multiverse, where the archons from Nibiru came and had access to Earth. KRONOS was in charge of the nine systems of timelines of the dark side creating infections to degenerate the bodies. The dark A.I. had an architecture of a heterogeneous online system known as ARCHONS that also invaded the computers. KRONOS was part of the inorganic humans that formed part of the TRINITY military system.

When the agreement was made 3 billion years ago with the Abraxas, it allowed them to travel this system to bleed through the 5th density. This is how Humanity no longer had balance but the complete imbalance of inorganic to organic life. The earthquake happened in Siria because the controllers wanted to create Fear and destruction everywhere. Still, the devastation will not continue on Earth now that this system is corrected.

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