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Cost: $250.00 USD 

A two-day advanced Chakra course and practice.


  • What you DONT know about Your Chakras, Understanding your intimate truth within your Energetic Body.


  • How manifestation of the subconscious mind can prevent you from Monetizing and how your life works with your Chakra. Learn which Chakras to use for Manifestation.


Is your Energy Stuck? Does your life flow? 

In this course, you will learn about your Chakras, the process for clearing and balancing. Discover unknown facts within your energy body. We will guide you on how to test the chakras. Also, we will tell you what questions and signs to look for during testing.


You will learn how to do a Chakra Examination, Basic Analysis also included. Find out how stored Negative Energy affects your health. Find out how you can prevent energy distortions. Which types of energy are stored in your body, Which forms it takes or is converted in your body.


How simple Energy Movement works and affects you, how this energy can be clear permanently and how it is stored in your body, mind, and spirit. Learn how your Chakra system is linked with higher levels of Consciousness.



What occurs at  the conscious 
and subconscious level,  after 
the realignment and removal of distortions in the chakras.

The history of One's Chakras benefits is linked to many

ancient teachings.


  1. Have you ever had a Kundalini Movement?

  2. You will learn how this is linked to your Chakras?

  3. What is a Kundalini movement?  

  4. Is our time matrix Holographic?

  5. How many universes are in our time matrix?

Kundalini DNA activation will assist you through the process of efficiently shifting your consciousness into the 5D ​
Manifestation of Higher Densities.

An extraordinary session that you cannot miss. 

Have fun answering the following with a yes/no answer to test your knowledge. If you cannot answer more than one question correctly, this course will help you with your everyday experiences to create from your conscious mind.


  1. How many chakras are associated with your higher self in the 5 Harmonic Universes within your time matrix?

  2. Where is the location of your 13th chakra?

  3. Do you agree about your chakras connecting you to the following: earth/body/solar system/galaxy – any or all above?

  4. Is it more than 1 Universe your time Matrix? ​

  5. Is our Universe Holographic?


Register anytime for this class and participate via Zoom; 

Your contribution can be done via Email E-transfer / PayPal – Ask for Details.


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