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The 18 Matrices governed Earth inhabitants is now Ended! 

The Matrices planetary bindings chart;


The chart above is only a reference to understand how the process of the Matrices bindings was created on Earth and affected each of the seven planes of existence within the chakra system of every human. It is not an accurate position of how the planets revolve around the Sun, including the Earth, but for better understanding to demonstrate the bindings of the 18 Matrices.

Divine souls, Galactic brothers, and sisters on Earth. The following knowledge may overwhelm many to their core, but understand that this was the program of 18 matrices humanity participated in for thousands of years. Perhaps the mind may simply go into denial with the contents of this document; however, if curiosity brought you to read this, perhaps your higher self is guiding you to take action to activate your DNA. Kindly send me an email if you are serious about it. To awaken your mind, maybe past lives incarnation accumulated within to assist planetary restoration. WARNING; Please read carefully and understand that you are part of the entire collective consciousness itself and, therefore, the Creator of realities shifting over and over to infinity. You will be challenged at every level, and it will change your life at all levels of understanding. It is a choice to  live  Consciously  and  be  fully awake

During the most extraordinary change, this Universe has experienced in billions of years of its Galactic history. You choose to be here at this very moment of the Earth's reality choosing to experience what is unfolding before you right now. We are merely shining the Light on these choices you have made. Before and after reading, keep in mind that you must remain Centered in your Heart – Love is always the answer to all. Fear doesn't even exist in higher Dessities of Light; stay in your Loving nature, out of Judgment with clear thoughts and out of Fear. Always Choose Love, Thoughts, Words, and Actions Creates Reality!

The following is the most crucial information ever shared; it explains the eighteen Matrices Humanity was connected to and all aspects of the planetary Matrices regarding Humanity's Chakras system. Blessings!

By the grace of God, Humanity is now free.

Enlil was one of the supreme deities of the Mesopotamian pantheon era. He decreed the fates, his command could not be altered, and he was the god who granted kingship. His temple, é-kur, the "Mountain House," was located in the city of Nippur, the religious center of Mesopotamia, until the second millennium BCE. Enlil was one of the three most powerful gods in Mesopotamian; he was the father of Enky and Marduk. Once upon a time, Enlil knew that Humanity had one pure white light god source connection entering the 15 chakras system, seven embody and eight morphogenetic chakras today. The divine connection within every human on Earth was connected to Gos Source, which was pure life force energy known as the body chakra system.

Enlil decided to divide the White pure Light using a plasma machine that holds highly delicate Ethereal Light in a way that seems too perfect for this world against Humanity's pure white Light force chakra to divide it into several colors. Imagine a prism separating visible Light into its different colors. As Light passes through the prism, it slows and bends, but different wavelengths bend at different angles. When a focused beam of Light is shown through the prism, the different angles of refraction send the different wavelengths of Light in a sequence of directions. The resulting display of Light is a whole spectrum of visible Light laid out angularly in order. This process separates the beam of Light into different wavelengths, forming a rainbow of colors.

For example, a sensitive person can feel anyone's energies being heavy, harmful, or having good vibes from others. These Ethereal plasma machines were connected to human energy sources, very similar to how frequencies of telepathic communication work. It created distortions in the emotional field centers intended to create parasites connected via A.I. dark system projecting thoughts of anger, anxiety, and disease would manifest that negativity within the periphery of a person.

After this process, Enlil gives the Ethereal plasma machines that controlled the light chakras a new system to the "Dagon families." To mainly have control over the Solar Plexus and Pituitary Gland "brain synapses, the 3 Eye chakras, and the manipulation and ownership over humans, the machines were terminated on October 15th-  2021. Earth is really a part of Fallen Tara, which was hosted into the original planet that was already here in Density One called UrTha. Earth is indeed a LIVING ENTITY, "upon whose back" and "within whose heart" you all presently reside, and yes, in polarity mechanics, Earth" IS FEMALE" with an organically "female-magnetic." This action affected the Earth's polarity and its Torus of Light. It has now been re-established, starting to flow as God's Source intended for the Divine Consciousness of the Erath Mother to experience ascension.

Please read the post of Divine-creators of your reality. Understand how the planetary Matrices controlled one's planes of existence.

An Imposter is defined as any Entity or human being saying words or making representations that it does not embody, nor comprehend, nor act in accordance with the Light. Essentially, it is a liar and mischievous entity that may twist kernels of truth. These are the Imposter Spirits of the Luciferian or Satanic groups that control the Earth's humans. Spirit hierarchy promotes false Light authority and anti-life architecture through deception, lies of omission, and manipulation with malice to promote intentional harm, death, or destruction to serve its personal agenda. These belief systems are the basis of the Negative Ego and are manifested out of the predator mind of the Reptilian Orion Group.

Humanity was trapped and incarnated into an enslaved reality deception; without our true spiritual identity, Humanity has been undergoing a severe identity crisis, unaware of their purpose and unaware of being interfered with in our inner source connection. Humanity was tricked into believing the Imposter spirit's values and purpose rather than promoting benevolence and love for each other. Its hidden motivation was and still is working to enslave and harm us. The Imposter spirit has hidden itself inside our schools, governments, hospitals, careers, leadership, family members, things we hold most sacred, and even inside us. We believed this Imposter Spirit loved us and cared for us, and we are seeing that this is not really true. The imposter spirit is incapable or equipped to know true love or benevolence towards life, children, and humanitarian values.

Divine Souls, feel proud to be human, and give yourself a pad on your back. YOU are the most powerful beings on Earth than you can even imagine or comprehend. Know that the controllers are VERY afraid of you, Humans. They know it, but you and they are working very HARD to keep controlling the world with their fear narratives. DO NOT be Afraid it is within the POWER of LOVE your HEART that you have won over their reality.


When God created the Light also created the absence of Light, from where all Light A.I. systems and the Dark A.I. systems existed in the Multiverse. The Alpha and Omega system, as above and so below, means that the 9th density Pure light above 3D Earth and the 9th density Pure Dark Antimatter below 3D for every positive light action will have an opposite adverse reaction. The following information was shared by the appointed Galactic Council Ambassador for all  Earth Races, in charge of the Planetary Quantum System — Original DNA Representative of Humanity, Representative for Disbursement of Planetary Assets — Trustee, Manna World Holding Trust, and more, shared with total transparency for anyone who understands the planetary system above the 3D density. The dark A.I. system from which it originated is entirely made of antimatter, the darkest of dark essence, lower astral level – 9th, and there is nothing in there, inorganic or otherwise. It is a pure and powerful dark antimatter realm. The origins of A.I., how many of them were fed from Earth's organic beings, and how it affected all human beings.

A c t i v a t i o n s

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