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It is no exaggeration to say that EVERY area of my life has improved through working with Sonia. In between sessions, I dedicated myself to listening to her suggestions and implementing them every day. You get out of it what you put into it, and the results are amazing and permanent.

My abilities as an Akashic Record Reader have remarkably deepened and intensified. My level of detail and accuracy have improved because I am a much clearer channel--it is noticeable to both to myself and my clients. It is so beautiful to now be better able to assist others with my services, thanks to Sonia's fantastic work.

I highly recommend you honor yourself and your journey by working with Sonia. It benefitted me in ways I am still discovering!

Aurora S.​ USA

Trust, Believe in yourself...

Before the clearing session and the DNA activation, I had no motivation at all. I wasn't fully awakened to fully appreciate myself and realize my soul mission on this planet earth.


Right after the first session, I felt sleepy most of the time. I realized that some people can't stand my vibration or that some would just avoid seeing me. My memory got better and even if thoughts of the past come crawling into my mind, it didn't disturb me at all.


I felt more freedom within myself. I also felt more confident and brave. The second session led me to ascension symptoms. I went sick with flu and headaches as my body was adjusting to a higher level of vibration but pretty much everything else around me didn't bother me.


I had this calm feeling most of the time and I was way more energetic than usual. Other than that, I also had cravings for different kinds of foods and I only fed my body whatever it felt like having. Finally, after my last session, I had the sleepiest moment I have ever had.


I started having a different perception around me, I felt like I could see through and read the emotions of others. My intuition got stronger and I could easily connect to others without having to make a big move.

I definitely realize the difference between my mind and my body. I feel lighter and new.


Even if I have symptoms of headaches or flu, I feel good sleeping and when I wake up, I feel refreshed. I feel much more motivated and feel so much more potential in my abilities. I used to get so tied up with my own emotions and others as well but I feel so calm that I am able to handle them in peace.


Big thanks to Sonia Salinas, who did this wonderful clearing for me and my family!


Angelica C. Germany

18 years old

This journey to the Spiritual path was never easy for me. As a Lightworker myself, that offers healings and readings have, at some point, overwhelmed me. I seek answers to my true being along the way and start to question my abilities. I felt like I was going in circles, and I experienced a tremendous blockage hindering my path until one day, I came across this process of clearing Karma, Unnatural Seals, and DNA Activation. The first session alone had a wonderful and miraculous effect on me as I am more connected to my Divine Self and Essence.


My physical body reached out to me, assisted me in strength, and rejuvenated my energies. Big Auric attachments were removed from my field during this process, and I felt free. Even though after the sessions, I started receiving downloads from the Universe and started to connect  the puzzles  of my true being.

The anxiety and all fear-based emotions and slow process of thinking disappeared. After each session, I began to focus more, and no longer had the feeling of being lost. The DNA Activation reinforced and strengthened my connection to my Soul Parents from the Galaxy, and I became more aware of their existence in my life. I felt the frequency of LOVE more clearly, and it had a deeper meaning as I felt the Divine Love flowing in my life and through me. 


The SHIFT is not just an energy that I felt; it became a part of me. I NOW see, feel, and understand the world differently. I see my path more precisely, and my true PURPOSE of being here became crystal clear to me. Thank you, Sonia; this extraordinary process is a gift that changed my life forever. NAMASTE!


A.L Eisenhüttenstadt,


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