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DNA Activation and Indigos

After activating the chakras inside Giza's pyramid, Corresponding to the heart, throat, and third eye, this picture was taken under the Sphinx's face, where I have the honor to experience opening a portal gate.

Creating higher levels of pure unconditional love and consciousness to share with all that breathes and respires on Earth.♥

The remembering process began first with a group of individuals arriving at the earth, who was actually born with more than the 12 strands than the Angelic human template.  These individuals are known as Indigos. They have come into this Time Matrix specifically to work together with the Angelic Humans in assisting during the Ascension transition of the planet. Despite the dangers involved.


In doing so, they risked forgetting why they came since they needed to enter bodies that carry the same distortions that the Angelic Human template carries; these distortions wiped out all memories of previous lifetimes and block communication with the higher dimensional selves, The additional DNA strands also help them to see more quickly through the misinformation surrounding them and to remember why they have come into this Time Matrix in the first place.


With greater DNA activations come higher dimensional awareness and higher sensory perception. But due to the distortions on the planet, the process continues to be slow, challenging one, requiring extra effort to dismantle the blockages in order to make the shift during the planet Ascension. If you have read this far, you are probably one of these Indigos who came from afar to help the planet and all life forms at this critical time of planetary ascension to assist others in this process. The distortions need to be healed quickly so the activations can occur. The additional DNA strands and templates carried by Indigos help counter the innumerable distortions within the DNA. These extra strands help them to 

Activate their own strands more rapidly and, in turn, awaken the Angelic humans through the energetic connections that both groups' beings share.

DNA activations and removals are the most powerful modality for your energetic holding potential.


These amazing Emphat beings are prone to carry everyone else's negative energies "Junk" like sponges, feelings, everything from everyone. Their Gift is to heal others, our most precious Earth, and the animals. It is essential to take care of these magnificent, gifted beings; we must respect and love them, so they can accomplish what they came here to do and to be. DNA activations are the most esoteric clearing that you will ever experience and the most important for you and your family members.  It is specially designed to offer you the tools to assist you in creating rapid change and transformation. They will help you connect with the power within your own ascension process and your innate abilities encoded within your DNA.

You will learn to listen to your inner voice, recognize and run your own health programs, and create new positive frequencies and transformative changes in alignment with your higher self. You will be tuning your mind to become more receptive to what you wish to create. You will reprogram unhealthy messages, which is the reason why your mind and body are out of balance at this moment. Creating what you desire can be a simple and effective process to control your own destiny. The Karmic clearing sessions will allow you to receive positive messages and suggestions more directly within your subconscious mind. These messages can help the subconscious state and accept new programs without limiting the analytical conscious mind. Therefore, you’ll be more receptive to what you create in your conscious mind daily; you will create the optimum conditions for healthy and balanced thoughts.

Therefore, you’ll be more receptive to what you are creating in your conscious mind; you will create the optimum conditions for healthy and balanced thoughts. DNA Activation sessions will clear your subconscious easily for you, even without being receptive to this process; the transmutation of the negative energy and blockages can be clear just by listening to it.


Even if you are sleeping, this will help you naturally and permanently. You will notice in a short time how much better you will feel by bringing new awareness into your mind's intelligence. These healthy frequencies will transmute your emotional, mental, and physical body. You will find clarity and expanded mental awareness in a calm and peaceful spirit to create and transform the reality you wish to experience. 

Now! Are you ready to awaken your innate abilities?

Gregg Braden;
Explains the mysteries of the subconscious mind on how we need to find a way to "hit record" on the DNA recorder to see the original DIVINE blueprint of life! DNA activation will assist you permanently to access higher levels of awareness. Learn to recognize how to access your subconscious mind to make incredible improvements at the deepest level for long-lasting new realities within your time Matrix of life.
DNA activation is the most avant-garde modality from other esoteric technics that far exceed most expectations.
DNA activation is a real life-changing experience allowing your higher levels of consciousness and abundance to be present in your everyday life experiences.
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