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Divine Humans, understand and listen with the ears of your heart. It is relative to every living soul in every developing world throughout the far-flung universes of time. Nearly all are working toward the completion of the Great Plan in varying degrees of ‘willingness.


Some have become aware of this participation, and others are completely oblivious of their participation; yet each, by their very unique design as a child of the Creator, has certain ‘built-in’ maps and plans of unlimited potentials that may contribute to the completion of universe destiny, which makes each soul an important ‘agent’ of change.


As the children of time awaken to the divine fact that they are indwelled by the spirit of the Father’s presence, they expand and accelerate this process of solving universe problems. Many who remain oblivious may actually add to the ‘queue’ of certain universe problems, which in time will have to be solved through life experience before the scales of Light and Life tip toward completion of destiny.

What does it mean to Activate One's DNA?

DNA activations are the observable portions and chemical translations of scalar wave programs existing in the morphogenetic field. A morphogenetic field is your form holding a blueprint of the physical body you have chosen to portray in this reality. To reactivate the rotation of the particle spin running in reverse inside the cells of your incarnate self. Once your frequency changes, your vibration will rise into a new realm of possibilities in the parallel realities of your beingness. Encoded in the DNA is a program of genetic mutations and phase transitions that occur as human beings' minds improve their energy potential grows. As a DNA practitioner, I will be honored to reactivate the dormant parts of your DNA strands called by science junk DNA to reconnect your brain's neuron nets. To reactivate and free your divine self-expression permanently, set as the original blueprint by the Mother and father founders of the human race so you can all live your glorious awakening.

These 'built-in' plans, maps, and potentials are a part of the Life Carriers' design that links the static imprints resident within your biology with the dynamic spiritual motivators present in the body and the developing soul. The indwelling presence of the creator within is the Master Operator, who facilitates, orchestrates, and choreographs this extraordinarily complicated and delicate communicative dance. With these static and dynamic potentials to resolve specific universe problems that One is uniquely equipped to solve while adhering to free-will prerogatives.

Your DNA is like a finely tuned crystal that operates by vibrational frequencies that contain the static maps and influences for biological development from parents, ancestors, and geographic stasis, as well as dynamic spiritual receptors and transmitters.

These (undiscovered) spiritual receptors and transmitters in the DNA enable "dynamic influence" to co-creatively excite potentials in your personality to 'move' and solve a universal problem. The dynamic influence may be so intense and direct as to manifest as an illness or phobia in some individuals to motivate them to resolve a previously unresolved universe problem. As each problem is resolved, the tension from the problematic influence is released, and the subtle fields of the body are healed and made ready to resolve the next influential universe problem per the potentials inherent within.


Open your mind…

You can do this consciously (actively) or unconsciously (unaware), yet know you are participating in the universe even when you deny your spiritual participation to take place and let others choose for you most frighteningly outcome. When you awaken and remember why you are here, your completion will be more rewarding, joyful, and exciting! Without Karma clearing and DNA activation, you will continue to be a trap in your own prison of fear, lack, limitation, limited belief, for you are a creator of your own reality. Be well, be open, and be willing. Allow me to assist you in the best way possible for you, the time is right, yet 2017 is closer than you realize. Trust yourself, dear heart! Allow! 


There is a hierarchal principle (a layering) based on the inherent potentials and abilities of the individual to solve universe problems related to the consequence of the free-will choice that becomes a part of this 'map and plan. A failure to resolve a universe problem by experience in any one soul is deferred and placed 'in a queue.' It becomes another melody for the Divine Conductor to match up with another potentially talented musician to play. You could think of it as a relay race where each runner passes the baton to their teammate, hoping that each will do their part to complete the race.

Each Soul is a fragmentation of the One Soul, the One heart of all, which means they are all connected and participating in the Great Plan to answer the Creator's original question: Who AM I? The edict, "Be you perfect, even as I AM perfect." Requires to leave non-unanswered questions inherent our potential, To be answered as an individual, group, or conglomerate collective souls living at this time. Contribute to the Great Plan, and the Supreme Being emerged within, the aspect of the Creator of all. Working co-creatively with "Your Own Thought Consciousness to find your purpose is in your reality "As the Creator Will.

There is so much you can be if you are open to receiving; avoid resisting your Divine plan. I underlined that this subject is most difficult to communicate in human language because of the complex nature of the soul mechanics and the exponential variances in which universe problems are solved. Know that no "one way" is set in stone for how the Creator works. He is Infinitely Creative love for you!

If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you.

If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will deplete you.

Jesus Christ,

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