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Sonia Salinas

Certified DNA Practitioner, Parapsychologist, Astrologer, Coach, Author, Artist, and Designer.


Your DNA carries the secrets of the Multiverse, magnificent creation. The law of evolution of time and space; is immutable and therefore perpetual, always unlimited as your divine truth according to the Creator's divine plan of all sentient beings. One's intention is to vibrate one's own well-being and, therefore, be in alignment with Source, consistently feeling GOOD (which is how you know you are IN alignment). Creative evolution is always ongoing, providing lessons for those willing to become ONE with the whole.

Moreover, every evolutionary mortal is given a divine blueprint capable of reaching higher vibrations of unlimited possibilities at birth. Their free will of choice and a fundamental mindset increased upon one's present reality and with some effort. The natural and sublime divine birthright will become the light of truth; multiversal omnipotent love is the key.

I am a Certified DNA Practitioner by the owner and creator of this unique technique, with the support and assistance from the eternal deathless Shri Mahavatar Babaji, making these sessions the most life-changing experience of all times. DNA activations are the most powerful healing modality on the planet that clears all unnatural J-Seals, one inherits at birth. Past reincarnations karma, any blockages on the etheric fields at a soul level permanently—allowing anyone to experience their freedom to create an amazing life filled with joy, peace, love, and abundance.


I am a certified DNA practitioner, Parapsychologist, Author, Coach, Artist, Designer, Certified kickboxing, yoga practitioner, and Astrologer. Furthermore, as part of my ascension process and incarnation from the Sirian Star Beings. My divine commission on Earth is to assist the collective awareness for the awakening consciousness of humanity like never before to take them into the golden age with the ascension of planet Earth and, together, raise the Multiverse frequency.

Abundance Is Your Birth Right!

"Without taking action, you are not going anywhere."

Understand that going through life with unrealistic expectations and blockages within your DNA will create realities that will go against your Divine right if you desire to experience Wealth, Abundance, and Freedom. I will assist you; believing that you can make it happen is the key to making the impossible possible by allowing your own DNA to remember what you forgot.

It is a fact that without soul level clearing and DNA activation, the body will continue rejecting the frequency in the etheric bodies sent to us at this significant time of ascension. Once the blockages are cleared, the DNA activated in your body, mind, and spirit will align with your higher self,  allowing you to manifest Abundance and Wealth in the best way possible for you, to fulfill your noble desires in life.

My participation in the collective consciousness is a conjunction of all the alternate selves versions of the ONE. In the same way, the self that you represent, that is listening to this, is also part of other "I's" living their own experiences of awakening in higher realms of consciousness. In the end, there is no one outside of yourself, nor the concept of time is real. It is just an idea formed in mind. Together we can activate and awake your innate abilities; together. Freeing your mind would help others just by being yourself. TRUST, I will be with you every step of the way, experience your new journey beyond beliefs and expectations. Let me show you how!


It is so much you can be an experience if you are open to receiving, do not resist your Divine plan, the fact that this subject is most difficult to understand in human language because of the very complex nature of the soul mechanics and the exponential variances in which universe you are can be solved.

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