Sonia Salinas

Certied DNA Practitioner

Parapsichologist and Astrologer

What a magnificent creation your DNA carries, the law of evolution in time and space; it is immutable and therefore perpetual forevermore in present time and unlimited space of creation, is fulfilled according to the plans of the Multiversal Creator.

Creative evolution is always ongoing; providing the lessons for those who are willing to become perfect like the Creator is perfect because you poses the same genetic material encoded within your DNA.


Therefore, every evolutionary mortal is at birth given a divine blueprint to fulfill, according to his or her free will with a functional mind that with some effort can be enlarged upon your present reality in the most humble and sublime divine birthright to became the light to share for those that have not yet capable to reach higher vibrations of unlimited possibilities.

Certified by the owner and creator of this unique technique, with the support and assistance from the eternal Avatar Mahavatar Babaji making of these sessions the most life-changing experience of all times. 

I will assist you with the most powerful healing modality on the planet, which clears all unnatural seals, your inherited and past reincarnations karma, your present blockages on all etheric fields at a soul level. Allowing to free yourself to experience and create your amazing life future now.


I am certified DNA practitioner, Astrologer, and Parapsychologist. Furthermore, as part of my ascension process and incarnation of the Pleiadian Star Beings. My mission on Earth is to assist Inner Peace, Wealthiness, Abundance, Love, and Healing.  For the collective awareness and the awakening consciousness of humanity like never before into the fifth dimension on the ascension of planet Earth. 

My mission is to awake and to assist as many souls, so together we all can raise the frequencies of the Multiverse.


During this process of your DNA recalibration, together we would transmute your Karmic Imprints, the limitations on the spiritual and etheric fields at a soul level, from the collective earth, the Karmic Imprints inherited from your genetic parents and your own Karma from past lives. This process will allow you to remember why you are here at this very important time in human history.  As a result of these clearings, you will awaken your innate abilities and fulfill your mission on planet Earth.


It is a fact that without a soul level clearing and DNA activation the body will continue rejecting the frequency in the etheric bodies send to us at this very important time.  Once the Karmic blockages are clear from your body, mind, and soul, you will be in alignment with your higher self, to receive the messages that will allow you to manifest Abundance and Health In the best way possible for you, to fulfill your noble desires in life.

"Without taking action, you are not going anywhere"

 Understand that going through life with the unrealistic expectations and blockages within your DNA will create realities that will go against your Divine right.


If you really desire to experience Wealth, Abundance, and Freedom we will assist you to free yourself from the pattern of living paycheque to paycheque, the job experience. 

Believe that you really can make it happen, let the impossible be possible, Allow your fate and your own DNA remember what you already know.


Our intent is to permanently clear and awake your innate abilities together, we won’t do it for you, but we can do it together. Can you imagine awake each day calm, positive and filled with an uplifted spirit and successful expectations about your upcoming day? 

Free your mind and help others just by being yourself.   


TRUST US! We would be with you every step of the way, experience your life Beyond beliefs, let us show you how. 

Dale Kenner

DNA Practitioner

As a spiritual leader and DNA practitioner,

We will assist you to free your mind from Lack, Limitation, and Poverty Consciousness.


Abundance Is Your Birth Right!