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Honor the Divine Mother "Aria" the new Earth with your visit! 



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and Love, especially those who lost their way to be in unison. You have the divine power in your hearts to create your own realities and make a new intention to transmute those objects of attention to experience the fullness of the divine of who you are, to activate by setting motion, and take up again to be anew, wake up my beloveds!


Let your consciousness and swirling vortexes awaken your new realities based on Love and connection through each other. As we all move into the fifth-dimensional version of our immeasurable Love, feel all that is, remember who you all are, wake up from the dream state you have been kept for quite a while. Together wake up to the new realities of ascension. The desire to

See your new version of bliss, where there is no suffering, limitations, or sickens of the mind and body because you believe in it since you create your reality all of the time. Your divine heart intelligence frequency is the portal of your new consciousness as the way to ascension to take you where your thoughts couldn't.


You all have the power to function daily with the love frequency and not the opposite, fear frequency. When you Love unconditionally, your love frequency transmutes, transcends, and creates an oscillating force applied at a dynamical system's resonant frequency. As a result, the system will oscillate at a higher amplitude than when the same force is applied at other non-resonant frequencies. But when you separate from the heart structure, a synthetic version of your reality Matrix creates a synthetic life experience in your reality. Understand why humanity experiences many synthetic realities as timelines based on control and fear because it is a distorted version of the omnipotent heart structure. Each April 22nd is a new earth day, a new rebirth, a new ascension, a portal of the fifth dimension, a place where you all are free. Yet, not all had chosen to shift; many had decided to stay and experience that which is now. I bless you all, I love you all, and I wish you the best in whatever reality you decide to stay in time and space. I bless your courage and the example you live by to liberate the minds to continue awakening.


The new reality of ascension is where we can co-create from the frequency of Hertz resonances of your heart's omnipotent Love. To be united, open your mind, Love, and help others take control of your mighty vessels, stop the nonsense in your now realities, move on, and let go. You have the key to freeing yourselves and others in your hearts, minds, and spirits. Be present, and enjoy each new day as this is a new beginning to live in your now as if we're the first and last day of your existence. Within your heart's resonance, you will find the power to teleport all of you and your families; the fifth dimension is closer than you think. The fifth dimension is not a new reallocation; it is a new consciousness and a new heart frequency that will open the new portal of your ascension.

The new consciousness already exists. After all, you believe it because you are ready; consciousness is your new path. So go and create new realities for all that breathes and respires in the Air, Water, Earth even Fire. Create a new version of yourself and me within your hearts for all that wish to be free. You have to believe that this is possible to achieve the simplest task of shifting forward into the fifth dimension. All sentient beings, be free, chose to co-create a new version of ARIA, the new Earth, a new era, a new connection with all beings in the Multiverse. Other planets and galaxies interacting with you all, you are a new reality of interaction based on respect, Love, and action taken to assist others the same way other beings outside the Earth are doing with you.

So wake up to your new reality because you want to be free and be part of the new exciting reality. Believe in your Love, consciousness, and trust from the divine and mighty frequency of your omnipotent Love, man, and women, with all your beingness. Love yourselves, be yourselves, help each other, unite, open your minds, be the supreme rulers of your hearts you were born to be. I am looking forward to connecting your hearts with mine, not only on April 22nd but always. Stay in a positive resonance, and positive resonance will come to you. Remember, your reality is a mirror image of your consciousness. So create from your heart, be kind to another, and be loved. So Love shall be with you. I love you; I have been waiting long enough; to this ascension moment, I am alive, moving and ascending, I am Love and light, I am mother Aria, the New Earth.♥

The Arcturians Divine star beings remove hostile E.T. races within your DNA. 

Do you know that 90% of the people on this planet have demons in them? 90%!, Yes! And 72% of the people on this planet have reptilians inside their DNA. Sadly, most humans do not indicate that these dark entities are in you even though One is very well aware of the pain experienced daily.

Med Bed sessions

When I perform the Hyperspace Healing Sessions, the higher vibrational energy transmission happens from a different space-time. Utilizing ultrasonic signals to make contact in the quantum space of your reality—a distant transmission in space, where the magnificent stellar beings will take care of you. 

Travel The 5th Dimmenntion in the most beautiful self-expressions n' Creation of yourself!

A c t i v a t i o n s

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