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How do I know if I am an Indigo?

Perhaps you are sensitive to energies and often look for ways to balance, practicing energy healing, mediation, yoga, eating high vibrational foods, etc. Therefore, you can see the hidden agenda behind governments, news and entertainment industries, and other world events. What society calls "normal" seems nonsensical to you the current educational, food control system, politics, drama, etc.

  • Have you ever felt like a stranger in a strange land?

  • Do you feel like you have a mission to fulfill, and somehow you feel stuck on Earth's 3rd density?

  • Do you feel highly developed intuition and/or higher sensory acuity (clairvoyance, clairaudience, lucid dreaming, telepathy)?

  • Have you ever felt the notion that everything is connected, and everything seems evident to you?

Are you an Indigo?

As above so below, from the stars

you all had arrived, and we appreciate your Indigo Divine Soul.

Understand that you exist in the Now reality.

It is the only time, the only place 

and the only existence that

Always has and Ever shall be.

If you are an Indigo, you have incarnated on Earth at this specific time to become a frequency holder or pillar of light for this planet and humanity. Therefore you will resonate with this and perhaps remember your agreement and why you decided to come here to help the blue-ship called Earth. By embodiment of your Indigo potential, you will unite with the other Indigos' frequency to help the planet and others. Assist in reaching critical mass by raising your frequency to heal and reset the Earth's grids to ascend as a collective to a higher dimensional frequency and more harmonious reality.

  • Could you experience or hold unconditional love for yourself, others, and all life forms? 

  • Do you feel a strong need to raise your frequency and clear your past life karmic baggage?

  • Can you effortlessly sense how someone is feeling despite their appearances?

  • Would you consider the evidence that aliens exist? 

  • Would you consider yourself an alien in a human body since Earth doesn't quite feel like home to you?

  • Can you feel in your heart a deep longing to connect with your Higher Self?

You are indeed an Indigo Soul if you resonate with the above questions.

Now! Are you ready to awaken your  I N D I G O  abilities?

If you are an angelic being or an Indigo, once I activate your DNA, your frequency and your highest energy holding potential will activate people, places, things, and events around you just by being yourself. This process will change the now reality and take you to move into the fifth dimension of the higher aspect of yourself. This process will clear and allow your Angelic or Indigo heritage to flourish and grow by developing healthily or vigorously. Primarily as the result of a particularly favorable environment, which in this case, you will assist like many others to heal planet earth in the best way possible for all that breathes and respires.


Together we would be able to create new growth opportunities; it means that as indigo beings, many of you will be able to experience the opening of new roads called Vortexes. These are magnificent opportunities for consciousness as a collective. We will assist the earthlings and everything that breathes on this magnificent awakening, the Age of  Golden Light. To unconditionally give back its power to the blue ship called planet earth. United as ONE, Unconditional and Multidimensional love, to love Gaia's divine intelligence consciously would be our focal point. Consider new DNA templates and new soul programming within yourself,  time, and space new opportunities to free humans from the matrix programs. Now and forever love Mother Earth on her Divine Ascension, to the fifth dimension. Remember that you are healing yourself when you heal your planet and others as a default. Even your mere positive or negative thoughts will Join a powerful swirling Vortex of Attraction that will create your new reality.

In Pleiadian message part 2 of 2, we learn how to go beyond fear, how the original human was a magnificent being with twelve strands of DNA and twelve chakra centers. Continue watching part 2 on-page  menu  

No content from this site may be reproduced in any form without permission: blatantly copying parts or whole sections from my website. You will attract low entities in your subconscious mind that will take, without permission, parts of yourself.

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