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Best Esoteric Holistic Process to Permanently Transform Your Health, Your Abundance, and Became Wealthy in Every Aspect of Your Life.

 I am Mut, Divine Mother Goddess through whom all was said to be born.


I will honor the place in you in which the entire Multiverse dwells, to activate your dormant DNA   your Christ consciousness for the highest

good of all.

Here on Earth, where the Amazing journey of yours begins. 

Ascension is your divine Birthright!



 Are you excited about activating your DNA?
Are you intrigued by cognition, parallel realities, adventure, mystical beings,  and fantastic characters? Then open your mind to participate, to teleport yourself where the magic within you duels an incredible journey Where the Fairies Live.

NEW-BOOK-COVER-Ah-Ta-Ra-Sa (1).jpg

Flidais Destah.


There are parallel realities within the earth dimension. How and why is it possible we are more receptive to our psychic abilities than ever before?


We all are part of the ascension process of Aria's "New Earth." As One raises One vibration, One allocates within the collective consciousness frequency that vibrates the same higher frequency of consciousness that a person embodies. 

I like to invite you to read my upcoming book called;

Flidais Destah

Where the Fairies live.

Allow yourself to permanently experience how Recondite Healing can awaken your psychic and extraordinary superhuman abilities to fulfill your noble desires in life:
I am a Certify DNA Practitioner, Parapsychologist &
Astrologer, Author, Designer, and Artist.

Pleiadian is my nature, an honor to assist our Divine planet earth ascending to the Fifth Dimension.  Our mission is to heal Aria, "The New Earth," and together raise into the Golden liquid light era. We are activating the only multiversal truth that "LOVE" is real and will set us free.


Unconditional love is the key, just as the Egyptian Ankh conferring the gift of eternal life to regenerate the cells for immortality. The key is to assist all divine star seeds beings that came to earth from other galaxies to continue abetting all beloved earthlings called angelic human beings like never before into their ascension birthright. 

My divine commission is to assist as many souls on planet earth ready to participate in their mission to move into the age of the Golden Light. 

The Awakening of the ONE Downloads from the Fifth Dimension..jpg

Follow the ♥ link Free  PDF

Encoded in the DNA is a program of genetic mutations and phase transitions that occur as human beings' minds improve their energy potential grows. As a DNA practitioner, I will be honored to reactivate the dormant parts of your DNA strands called by science junk DNA to reconnect your brain's neuron nets. To reactivate and free your divine self-expression permanently, set as the original blueprint by the Mother and father founders of the human race so you can all live your glorious awakening.

What does it mean to Activate one's DNA?

DNA activations are the observable portions and chemical translations of scalar wave programs existing in the morphogenetic field. A morphogenetic field is your form holding a blueprint of the physical body you have chosen to portrait in this reality.

To reactivate the rotation of the particle spin running in reverse inside the cells of your incarnate self.  Once your frequency changes, your vibration will rise into a new realm of possibilities in the parallel realities of your beingness

Why is it beneficial to Activate one's DNA?

The purpose of DNA activation is spiritual evolution and is a natural process and your natural spiritual evolution, which doesn't happen without DNA activation.

You are spiritual beings living a human experience, not humans trying to live spiritual experiences. Spiritual evolution means to evolve up to the 15-dimensional scale by activating each of your DNA strands that correspond to each of one's higher dimensions.


Dimensions 1,2,3, is your Incarnate Identity

Dimensions 4,5,6,  is your Soul Matrix

Dimensions 7,8,9, is your Oversoul Matrix

Dimensions 10,11,12, your Avatar Identity and

Dimensions 13,14,15, your Rishi Self.


These are the five harmonic Universes within the fifteen-dimensional time Matrix where we exist at this time. 

Be Before youAre!

The image below represents the pharaoh and Goddess Isis, helping the Jed pillar stand up, representing God Osiris's spine. The paradise God to balance the Universe is what we have in this photo from Abydos temple.

Note: Many feel the Jed pillar is an energy device that connects us with our past incarnations to remember our parallel realities. 

Activate the master Cells is to clear permanently the death cells programs of all patterns and indoctrination believe systems, to re-birth of the wholeness within you. This process would help you naturally and efficiently access your mind, body, and spirit and become fully in tune with the changes you desire to experience and grow in alignment by using your own thoughts to create the conditions for change and transformation. 


Your mind is a powerful biological computer, and the message you give yourself or accept from others becomes the programs you operate from. Many of these messages are unhelpful or inaccurate negative messages; they create an imbalance within your mind and body.

The Death of all patterns, to re-birth of the wholeness within you. This process would help you naturally and efficiently access your mind, body, and spirit and become fully in tune with the changes you desire to experience and become in alignment by using your own thoughts to create the conditions for change and transformation.


Powerful and effective DNA activations and Karma clearing is the way you create new transformative messages to connect you harmoniously with your body, mind, and spirit. 

The Karmic clearing sessions will transmute and remove the blockages preventing you from accreting more light into your field. Without removing energy blockages, the mind will continue to reject higher frequencies of vibration and keep you where you are at this time in your life. The Karma clearing will provide you with new power and effective, transformative results, allowing synchronicity to manifest.

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