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Arcturians Remote Session,

When all beings on Earth understand the language of light within, this process will allow them to connect with the Creator of all beings and other Cosmic Nationals of God Light Frequency. It is then, we all access new knowledge and technology to free ourselves in Peace, Harmony, and Love for all!


The Arcturians,


The Arcturians' Divine star beings remove hostile E.T. races within your DNA. 

Do you know that 90% of the people on this planet have demons in them? 90%!, Yes! And 72% of the people on this planet have reptilians inside their DNA. Sadly, most humans do not indicate that these dark entities are in you even though One is very well aware of the pain experienced daily.

Draconian reptilians are staunch believers that they were residents of the universe first and that the universe belongs to them. They feel Superior over every race, primarily humans; they teach their children from youth that humans are the dreck of the universe. They are not emotionally attached to their young and let them fend for themselves. If their child dies due to circumstances, they believe the child is weak and deserves to die. Draconian beings want to rule the universe completely; they are the fierce tyrannical warriors known to any civilization. Fear and weakness are aphrodisiacs to them.


The Arcturians are ready to communicate and work with any soul who aspires to journey with them to a higher level of consciousness. Yes, the Arcturians will remove these negative beings, the reptilians, and more. There is nothing to worry about or be afraid of since what is being removed in this session is nothing else but negative beings, entities, and more. And it removes reptilians from your DNA, your home, work or school, vehicles, and pets permanently if any, (including their portals, eggs, and chips/homing devices).

Remote Session,

The Arcturians are here right now, helping heal the planet by removing alien Reptilians and sending them to the Light. The Arcturians come from Arcturus, a star in the Bootes Constellation. They are assisting humanity ascending to the Fifth Dimensional frequency by decreasing human negativity, which alien reptilians cause. The great news is that once the Arcturians send a reptilian to the Light, it cannot return to harm anyone again.

Note: After receiving your contribution within the following 24 hours, you will receive a report via email that tells you what has been removed. This remote session is our first step before any Activation or MedBed session.  For a very affordable fee of $333 USD, you can permanently have these entities out of your blueprint DNA. The result and benefits you will receive from the remote session will not come close to the invaluable spiritual awakening you will experience.

For serious inquiries and more information regarding how we will remove the reptilians from your DNA, send me an email, and use the PayPal link to transfer your funds, or if you are located in Canada, you can send an E-transfer to the same email address at 

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You are Loved!

FREE download.

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Divine Omnipotent Love,

I offer myself to you, come to me, and use my voice to bring comfort, multiversal peace, and unconditional Love to all.


With your eyes of Love, I see and become compassionate with all your creations of light frequency and love vibration." Where ever I find myself, there will be no difference because I know you are me and

I am you; therefore all around me Love will ever be.♥


Use my heart to share your unconditional Love with everything and everyone and all sentient beings. I am your divine consciousness of unity, Love, and Oneness. I am your wisdom and Love, from the ONE heart of all within my heart. 


Thank you for everything Love you are, your unconditional Love vibrational frequency that makes the world go around the Divine Mother Erath, for all One's good or bad that created today, for the freedom of soul and mighty self-expression, freedom to grow and share, freedom to Love with all your creations, freedom to be One.

I am you, You are me,

We are ONE!

Allow yourself to experience your psychic and extraordinary abilities to fulfill your noble desires in life, not just temporarily but permanently.

No content from this site may be reproduced in any form without permission: blatantly copying parts or whole sections from my website. You will attract low entities in your subconscious mind that will take, without permission, parts of yourself.

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