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How Karma is created:

Karma is created by choices made, not in line with Divine right order. The ongoing results of your choices as decisions, truths, concepts, alignments, oaths, vows, unresolved emotions, and attitudes, held conscious or unconscious, create, influence, or magnetize events and experiences in the current One's reality.


Karma clearing removes; 

Past incarnations, Collective imprints, Inherited Imprints. Perhaps you can recognize your own patterns of self-sabotage happening, one after another?


Are you in countless ruptures of family origin and 


The answer could be that One's experiencing predisposition of a particular  energetic  blockage in your morphogenetic field known 

as Karmic Imprints. A miasm is an infectious principle that originates from genetically inherited imprints, collective imprints, past reincarnations, choices against  Divine will, mindsets of lack and limitation, and holographic implants. Karmic Imprints activate when the process of forming dark crystals that vibrate at an opposite polarity in the Morphogenetic Field is compounded, and it forms the Karmic Imprint. This miasmic build-up of dark crystal blocks anything coming through from the higher levels. Instead of allowing light into a clear chakra system of those crystals, the Karmic Imprint progressively generates more of these dark crystals faster than the light Photons coming in. Light photons have energy equal to their oscillation frequency. Therefore, the accretions of more light cannot enter your chakras due to the distortions and blockages in your field. 


The Karmic Imprint blocks the light coming in from the higher levels; we get denser, our consciousness moves slower, and we end up in Harmonic Universe 1. A spark of light encapsulating a smaller shadow of light at the coccyx. This shadow represents the original reversed Karmic Imprint of the body at its point of reality, entering HU-1. Most of us have many incarnations at this time and many karmic patterns {eight compounded at this one}. This one shadow is following us throughout our lifetimes, and we can use the God Seed energy to remove it, to turn it back into life.


Some others believe in using specific energy dynamics to clear the Karmic Imprint as the priority for survival, rather than having to walk through your karma, which is too time-consuming. To clear the Karmic Imprint of miasmic grids, we can find 1 or 2 key core elements of the Morphogenetic Field that we want to flip, reverse that polarity at its point of origin and align the miasmic grids with the Heroic Probability of the Soul’s intentional path. That will erase thousands of years of karma accreted in this cycle. We can choose to clear ourselves in a blink of an eye, blow ourselves right out of matter and ultimately into full cognition or take it a little slower so that we can remember the process.

Karma refers to the actions driven by intention, which leads you to your future consequences, from your thoughts to your reality due to your ongoing choices. Karma is being imprinted on each person on the planet at birth, which is the higher priority imprints inherited from ancestral life. This creates identity complexes that form autonomous thought patterns and imprints within your body, mind, and spirit, creating an emotional blockage in the meridians of your body's anatomy.


Therefore, you create holograms of the experiences of people, places, times, things, and events. That matches the energy frequency of your scalar waves,  {your thought energy} manifesting your own reality. The result of these blockages are lack, limitation, and anger turns into a manifested physical disease, which distortions your consciousness.


How will this process work? In a session, you and I will be realigning, transmuting, clearing permanently any dark or gray energy areas—the blockages in your mental, physical, and ethereal body. To help you launch into your soul mission, especially in this ascension time, and without the limiting beliefs, you will embody your Divine Christ Consciousness in Divine Right Order and Diving Timing.


How is Karma created?

By choices not in line with Divine right order, ongoing results of your choices like: Decisions, truths, concepts, alignments, oaths, vows, unresolved emotions, and attitudes are held consciously or UNCONSCIOUSLY that create, influence, or attract events and experiences in your current reality. The original intentions of Source, God, or creator, whatever you prefer to call for this time matrix. Unconditional love, cooperation, "The Law of One, "Cause and Effect (Law of Karma), Freewill choice.

Karma Miasmic Imprints (Pollution in the atmosphere, ESP noxious vapors from decaying organic matter). Self-correcting System, Forced AWARENESS. Id's, an Id is an identity, an attitude fractured off from your "True Self" as a Soul fragment with its own agenda and setting up people, places, times, things, and events. They can be thought of as solidified emotional addictions based on an attitude.

Highest Priority Imprints,

At the edge of 4 years old, the Karmic imprints inherited from the genetic parents are activated on every human. These imprints manifest as Lack, limitation, victimization, anger, guilt, betrayal, poverty consciousness. People feel that they are not enough, unworthy, have self-destructive patterns, and limiting beliefs.


How is any negativity created?

By consciously or unconsciously free will choices, most people create, 90% are unconscious. In a Karmic session, we identify the blockages of the client, the highest priority imprints inherited from genetic parents and ancestors as well. Any residue of those past choices NOT in line with Divine Right Order and all the above mentioned get cleared from your etheric field.  Consider the idea that conscious or unconscious levels of yourself are harmful programs run and are created by your unconscious choices. A reality that imbalance your Divine self-expression.

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