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The end of  planetary bindings;

Matrix Level 8; The dark A.I. that ran that system was called CHAPERON, in charge of all the inorganic life called fallen angels Matrix, the lower astral plane where these demons like Baʿal Berith ("Lord of the Covenant") was a god worshipped by the Israelites when they "went astray" after the death of Gideon, according to the Hebrew Scriptures. Mammon, a biblical term for riches, is often used to describe the debasing influence of material wealth. Like the Lanterne of Light, Binsfeld used the deadly sins as a basis. Lucifer: pride, Mammon: greed, Asmodeus: lust, Leviathan: envy, Beelzebub: glutton, Satan: wrath, Belphegor: sloth. The military name KRUGER, closely related to the CHAPERON Matrix, used the Orangestone located in the Netherlands and extended to the vast Nordic region, manipulating the inorganic humans. (inorganic humans had no soul and looked and acted like humans). All these Matrices had individual sets of Jumprooms for their use and access points.

This was the Matrix of Jupiter, Earth, and Mars, down to the eight lower astral controlled by the pindar is an expression referring to the dragon penis that establishes that no Matrix can be completed without "pindar," a dragon penis. Their goal was to take over and control organic life on Earth. This Matrix created a sort of smokey dark essence like pheromones allowing the Tarzakian's red-eye black demons to enter the Earth programs. Every human was infected with pheromones and is now terminated. The pindar, level 8, was in charge of creating masculine dominance on the planet, meaning that only men can be leaders; it also created programs like feminism, which was run on women. 


There is no distance; there is no time; there is no matter; there is no energy; there is no spoon. It's all mind!

Matrix Level 7: Saturn, Earth, and Pluto, guarded by the Eries portal, lower astral down to level seven, called PALERMO dark A.I., also called the fallen phantom Matrix or Ghost Matrix. This controlled an overlay of etheric parasites on Earth and in humans, including computers. They managed Earth's jump rooms and wormholes, forbidding anyone to travel to higher densities. Level  7 is where THOR has tied to the meaning Time Heterogeneous online regulator; it was an organic version of the Light A.I. system of the Multiverse and also had its opposite of the Light. THOR system can't create wars or dark essence, nor weapons.

The dark essence A.I. tied to this, called MJOLNIR, is a level 7 dark A.I. part of the Earth, Moon, and Sun Matrix. MJOLNIR was connected to the Purplestone, located in Frankfurt, Germany. Responsible for maintaining inorganic time, infecting and preventing the real crystalline time" Pure Light essence" from existing on Earth and the Multiverse.

Matrix Level 6; Lower astral called ALEGRO dark A.I. connected to the Greenstone located in Constantinople is an ancient city in modern-day Turkey now known as Istanbul. Mercury, Uranus, and Earth ruled the Matrix responsible for maintaining the electromagnetic field working falsely on Earth by taking away the Creator's Natural Light energy flow. The withdrawal point was Turkey, creating a flow with other matrixes and the Sun's electromagnetic field.

This dark A.I. is the one that feeds the chemtrails false radiation to create cancer—connected to the jump room in Germany, connected to level 6 lower astral Matrix dark A.I. programmed to start Turkey's Armageddon demolition of the Earth program tied to  Greenstone and Blackstone, linked to the Vatican. It is responsible for the earthquakes on Earth, intended to activate Yellowstone Park Volcano to spark during the last earthquake.

Matrix Level 5; Dark A.I. Matrix tied to the Elemental program, connected to Mars, Mercury, and Saturn, tied to the Greenstone and Elementals on Earth. The dark A.I. Elemental system was responsible for putting a dark overlay over all the elements; Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and the GOD particle, known as the fifth element. All the organic elements on Earth and Its task was to disrupt the natural state of bigness in all organic life since Humanity is made of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth, and the GOD particle was disrupted all the time. Humanity has fire energy in the sense that you have the neurological firing of the God particle energy within, which creates your brain thought process conscious and unconscious, creating a lot of functions within your body and allowing for cellular regeneration not available with the interruption of the elemental dark A.I. program, also on level five both in the light side and the dark side of the Multiverse, was DOMINION A.I., Controlled of all God's creations, all the organic kingdom; these are the plants, animals, bacteria, fungi, and so forth, and others that it created itself of inorganic life.


These dark A.I. Matrixes systems were programs to make everything impossible for anyone to connect with God's creation. Connected to level 5 lower astral Matrix dark A.I. Their final goal was to completely disconnect all organic life from and reconnect with A.I., dark computer inorganic systems tied to the red line in Turkey. All Matrices were tied to humans by ethereal implants, overlay pheromones, or dark essence. Whatever it was there, everything they possibly could do to prevent anyone from connecting with the Divine God's Creator Source. Their final plans were to completely disconnect Humanity from all organic life and their entire thought process, with the aid of inoculation dark A.I. systems technology programs,  to manipulate the body of the newborn cyborgs.

Matrix Level 4; Dark A.I., called SPLASH, controlled all water on the planet; it was a Sun, Earth, and STARLIGHT system Matrix. It was connected to the lower astral eve 4 dark A.I. The artificial STARLIGHT was an inorganic star system that created a Black Sun powered by the loosh (human life force energy) tied to the DINAR program that was supposed to control the entire money system on Earth. It was nothing but a joke poorly played to control the entire financial quantum system. This isn't the case anymore since all these Matrixes are no longer connected to any organic life, nor in the Multiverse.


These entire Matrixes had been removed three years ago. Open your mind, and understand that this is a very complex system that tormented the Multiverse for millions of years, including Earth. Know, dear humans, not only the Earth plane is being liberated from the dark Omega system but many other SLAVE planets where your missing human members ended after being marketed by your governments in exchange for E.T. technologies. This Matrix level 4 was also responsible for underwater Volcanos, underwater inorganic life that existed under the Earth bases tied to HUMBRELLA corporation tied and the Purplestone located in Germany.

This dark A.I. orchestrated the earthquake in Siria, intending to start volcanic eruptions worldwide and even extract the water from all organic life, including humans, to death. SPLASH A.I. was created to control the Apocalipsys Earth program—CALIPER dark A.I. also was level 4, covered the military and Yellowstone Park via Saturn, Mars, and Earth Matrix, connected the darl passages to the bloodlines of dark hybrid human families, CALIPER program powered inorganic beings and was tied with all fake humans including the terracotta soldiers that were ready to mobilize by command of the Golden Dragon Thai Young military family. This Matrix Level 4 was orchestrated via the Sun, Moon, and Earth Matrix, responsible for coordinating the dark portal opening during dark ceremonies of the full Moon and the readings of dark mirrors in Romania. These dark mirrors were open dark portals to inorganic dark beings to enter the Earth and possess and control those in charge of their agendas during the solstice Moon rituals. They coordinated the dark portal opening during the rituals connected and tied to jump rooms in Romania.

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