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To know how we can serve you better contact us at your earliest convenience to inquire about time, pricing and schedule.

Initial Consultation:  One hours - $50.00 USD
The consultation cost will be waived upon your agreement to book any session.

The advance session below has to be done after the above sessions.

Note: All session payments are in US Dollars or Euros. Thank you!

Help others less fortunate to experience this amazing gift, including your friends and family members. On the link session, you will find the PayPal link for Donations. For more information, please feel free to contact us.




Divine Hearts awake your innate abilities and  Watch your new life unfold.

Where to acquire 100% Holistic gemstones, there are several steps to consider. Ask us about the best Gemstones in the world.

Where to buy them?

Which gems are best?

Are there different levels of Quality?

Yes, Quality is optimum for best results.

These are all critical questions.

With their powerful energies and profound resonance, Gemstones can help the human body since they are the perfect energy therapy tools. Consider after your Karma Clearing, Unnatural Seals removal, and Auric Attachments Clearing to acquiring the finest gemstones necklaces in the world.

When spheres of gemstones are worn around the neck, the energies can radiate deep into the entire body and energetic field, working on dissipating the energetic clouds that limit energetic growth.

Sourcing gems is essential; going down the street to the local gem shop is easy and convenient but NOT always getting the highest quality source. Observe how the energy field begins to appear on the right images after the Karmic clearing and the use of gemstones. Please refer to the picture on the right.

The harvesting, processing, and preparing the gems is an important process. Experience the benefits of using therapeutic gemstones to promote healing and awakening on every level of your body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

People's experiences in over 44 countries demonstrate that therapeutic-quality gemstones and gem therapy deliver consistent and powerful benefits.

Please feel free to enquire about the best Gemstones for You! And benefit from the 10% special price on your first purchase.
These are the # 1 Gems sale worldwide.
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