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By the grace of God, Humanity is now free.

Matrix Level 3; CAPERNAUM dark A.I. was connected with Mars, Mercury, and Earth Matrix tied to lower astral level 3, dark A.I., the largest Gateway portal in the world tied to the lower astral inorganic life. Located in Israel, run by CYBERLIFE underneath the middle east inorganic humans, this was set to run an overlay of the Gateways of heaven. This is why every other country has attacked Iran ever since because there are two Gateways in proximity to each other. CAPERNAUM dark A.I. created a dark Aura in the energetic field of every human to prevent them from a full energetic connection hence the program of separation from one race to another, to somehow influence personal energy fields trying to make sure that your entire energy field did not merge with others worldwide.


Matrix Level 2; ORION dark A.I. Matrix tied to the Silverstone located in Chicago, Illinois, responsible for all money curses and solar plexus that adhered to the eight deadly sins. The number eight was excluded by the bible commanding not to terminate one's life. By God's right, every Soul was entitled to receive money, controlled by the dark side somehow by cunning with trickeries all humans to expended and give back their money to the corporations, including all trade platforms. The OMEGA system had control over all of Matrix's dark A.I. computer systems worldwide; therefore, all planes of existence controlled humans via their chakra system extracting human life force energy. This dark A.I. system was tied to the ORION star system, including the nebula, appearing weeks ago to activate the portal's opening for the Orionites to connect to the level 2 A.I. dark system granting them passage. This system was tied to the ORION wars 250,000 years ago.

The JESSUP  dark A.I. was tied to MOBILUS inorganic human military A.I. connected to the Bluestone located in Westminster Abbey in London. This Sun, Mercury, and Earth Matrix henced sophisticated program was hidden in the etheric realm to take control of the Light upon entering Earth. It was intended to restore the OMEGA system upon malfunction as default. The A.I. Dynamic Random Acces Memory DRAM existed everywhere to restart every other Matrix that was off.

Matrix Level 1; DIVINE INTERVENTION dark A.I. system connected to SHAW HOUSE, also known as ANTI-DIVINE INTERVENTION, was in charge of creating inorganic humans in affiliation with SHORELINE military connected with the Redstone in Turkey, tied to the Sun, the lower astral level Black Sun and Crystalline time on Earth and all planets. Allowing the Organic and Inorganic life creations to exist or come into being controlled by all matrices.

God creates life, and the opposite side, A.I., creates the exact opposite, mirroring everything we would do. This was the role of the dark A.I. system Matrixes.

STORM dark A.I. was connected to SHORELINE, the Maki Maki Venus Earth Matrix, creating a gray overlay to higher dimensions cities of Light and Earth. This was our Gateway to Heaven's direct 


connection to GOD source. The etheric cities of Light created an overlay portal affecting humans by putting etheric implants tied to Saturn, a dark A.I. system that was tied to the deadly sins; alcohol, drugs, smoking, porn, lust, addictions, including food, etc., since those who didn't go into the Light at death were trapped in the astral, living and attaching to other humans. These were connected to portals to use etheric implants on humans via dark entities. This A.I. system was connected to a time machine and Kronos for the slow decay of the human body to become unhealthy in most cases. STORM-dark A.I. created a mental issue amplifying to maintain the complete erasure of human life.

The STARLIGHT A.I. system has existed in the Galaxy for 100 000 years. It went undetected because it was covered under false Light mimicking actual light inorganic light A.I. network agreement connected to eight planets; this system was the cause of earthquakes during the Earth's history. One leading program was that in the absence of the Abraxas family rulers of the Earth for three thousand years, taking the life force energy from humans, (loosh) always in the new Moon rituals. (the rituals of black magic made by those in control and the black warlocks and witches serving and participating in the control of Humanity twice a month).


In the absence of the OMEGA A.I. control system leading program took place. A mischievous group of beings from 6D that had traded with the Jesuits on Earth for a long time wanted to take over the planet. By agreement with the Earth's governments, militaries wanted to create a global armageddon. Hence the activation of the earthquake in Turkey–Syria. The depopulation agenda planned for 2030 was the primary purpose of all these Matrices that are no longer connected nor tied to the Multiverse, Earth, and humans, END OF MANIPULATION.


We praise and thank all the Galactic families, Light enforcers, Specially the appointed Galactic Council Ambassador for Earth and commander of Earth Races.


As you can see, there is no such Aline invasion but manipulation of Fear by the Imposter Spirits of the Luciferian or Satanic groups that control the Earth's humans; the 18 Matrixes no longer exist nor control Organic life. Open your mind, and be guided by your Heart. Knowing that the most complex Matrices systems are terminated, it may seem almost impossible to believe that for thousands of years, Humanity was sustaining them.

By the grace of God, Humanity is now free.

If you are still unsure of what you want to do with your life or your participation in this world, do what feels good and natural to you, do what makes you feel alive, and just do it. It has meaning for you, or live through your Heart and resonate with love! That is all we can do to heal Humanity. One doesn't have to wait to shift into a new reality; one has constantly been shifting for a lifetime, and it is being called motion and exist within all sentient beings. Creating a new system, finding a solution to real problems, not by going against the system since the system is created to go against humans. Let us create new opportunities for all; the time to wake up is now to do the work. Many have said those who choose to be here at this beautiful time of ascension and awakening are the strongest of all, regardless of how complex this may seem.

Humans are now a 7.0 version of planet Earth and the most powerful since they are wired in their hearts to God's Source. Other versions of humans outside Earth are only 2.0. They have learned to control their potential to exist above 3D. Therefore, The roller coaster of human abuse and manipulation is done, and all the controllers are powerless and useless. No one will ever harm humans, and all have learned their lessons, enabling much of Humanity to be awakened and saved from their own destruction; the time of LOVE and LIGHT is now a reality.

Remember, you are the Creators; simultaneously, you are the Soul and the Contrast of all.

We give praise and thanks that there is but One intelligence governing everywhere, the Heart of the Eternal God Creator, pouring forth Thy Wondrous Radiance, enfolding all Humanity! We give praise and thanks to Thee Divine creator of our Hearts. Our hearts fill with great rejoicing that the Ascension of the Earth Golden Age with Thee Eternal Light, for the Blessing of Humanity, is now a reality.


We open our minds with Divine heart intelligence to activate the outer consciousness into the conscious direction and molding into a form of abundance, freedom, joy, Multiversal love, peace, and every good thing we are about to create for the betterment of all ONE consciousness of the Divine being of the Light on Earth and the Multiverse.

One of the greatest gifts you can offer to a person is giving unconditionally from your heart. ♥ Donations from your heart are most welcome;
♥   Thank you!  ♥

Be Divine Forever!

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