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What happens when a Soul arrives at the blue ship called earth?

Discover what happens when a woman miscarriage leads to the magical gift of becoming pregnant to experience motherhood. How Nila Njord was born, who is Nila? Find out in my upcoming book Flidais Destah where the fairies live.

How beings from other planets where higher vibrational frequencies and higher dimensions arrive to be part of the earth vibrational dimension. When many light souls arrived and born into the blue ship called earth from other stars systems in the Multiverse, their frequencies don’t always match the frequencies in this world called earth. There have to experience adjustments in their new vessel  ”The Body” upon entering this blue planet.

These adjustments are for the Galactic souls to align energetically with their mission on Earth and at some point in their lives. Blueprint Souls from other worlds of the Multiverse, especially from other Solar systems, have a hard time with the idea of grounding in the earth field due to the degree of disruption that exists here. This difficulty for grounding includes the souls of the earthlings, these divine beings known as humans, including Starseed's. Except for those who chose darkness instead of light had been a target since 2,269 years ago, and many had a hard time to grounding on their home ship Earth, "The blue planet called Earth."

This difficulty is mainly due to the priority imprints that every person inherits on Earth. From; alien races implanted seals in their bodies, on the earth grids, and in their precious hearts, their genetic parents and ancestral line as well as the highest priority imprints that they created in their past lives incarnations or inherited from the Earth when they were born.  

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