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The first symptom is that you are frequently irritated, agitated, angry, or have rage:


Discarnates are Auric attachments; these are beings that have died but haven't gone through the tunnel and are stuck in the astral level (4th dimension), hunting people from there and attaching to people's Auric fields.


They are attached to people who emotionally energize low-frequency emotions like anger or rage because that is how they get their energy. They use people here who have a body and their discordant emotions for their food and keep them in this low-frequency state by pulsing thoughts into their psyche that provoke anger, rage, depression, regret, guilt, or any other low-frequency emotions.  


The Second symptom is low or lack of energy, feeling lazy, and mostly inactive.



Are openings in a person's Auric field that energetic allow the natural life force currents and energy to Escape, leaving you without energy. They are like a slit in the Auric field. Portals 

also allow either people or discordant energies in YOUR field, which negatively affects your energy, emotional state, and, ultimately, your health. People diagnosed with chronic fatigue typically have multiple portals that require to be closed or a full-body portal, where they are losing life force energy as soon as it comes down through their crown chakra.


The third symptom is that you cannot focus on one thing for more than five minutes without getting distracted.

Occupants are thought-forms in the chakras (the body's energy centers) that think they own the body. An example of a thought-form would be "I NEED MONEY" After emotionally energizing this thought so much. It becomes a thought form and acts like it has a mind of its own. Whenever you use the word need, you imply fear because if you do not get what you NEED, something wrong usually happens. This is because it creates a frequency in your chakras that will attract you to the same frequency of people, places, time, things, and events that will CONFIRM for you that you need money.

The occupant in the head affects one's ability to focus and can affect your ability to follow through on your goals, to be able to study, concentrate, and use your intellectual abilities to your potential.


The fourth symptom is fear, constantly worrying about the future, not present in the NOW.

Discarnates' entire goal is to keep humanity in fear and the Matrix. Fear attracts discarnates, and once they are attached to your field, they keep you in fear by pulsing low-frequency thought forms into your psyche. Discarnates also cause panic attack syndrome and cause you to react to things that do not pose any threat whatsoever to clear this. The discarnates must be sent away permanently, and the identities cleared regarding all past fearful analogical experiences so that you do not attract more when the original event becomes triggered.


The fifth symptom is that you have lots of inner conflict and voices in your head.

If you feel like something or someone is holding you back or sabotaging your success. This sensation is a clue that you have some type of Auric attachment. Multiple personalities are multiple discarnates in a person's field that become "activated" at different times. The essence of a person strives towards progress, yet the discarnates are always trying to keep a person down and staying the same, as that is how they get their energy, by keeping them stuck in victimization, sadness, regret, and guilt.


The sixth symptom is someone taking drugs, alcohol, or smoking cigarettes.

If you are doing things that you KNOW are not good for you, but you cannot stop, you have Auric attachments. This issue is what happened with drug addicts and alcoholics? The first time you do drugs, you lower your natural energy potential field and what happens is that you attract discarnates in your field that previously were drug addicts but now don't have a body, so they attach to a person that has a body. They use that person to get their fix. Any addiction is initially caused by the person's natural energy protection being lowered, and infiltration into the person's field occurs. Until the discarnates, occupants, or thought-forms are cleared" quitting," these substances will not be permanent. Generally, these addictions are more powerful than a person's willpower usually.


If you are JUSTIFYING taking substances with the excuse {that, this is not often} that is the discarnate attached to your field talking, not YOU.

Man with attachments.jpg

The seventh symptom is that you are not sensitive to energy and have little or no higher senses abilities accuracy.

Energetic blockages in the 3rd. Eye chakra is affected by this. Occupants in the 7 embody chakras also affect this and the flowing of your circulatory system. The truth is that everyone has access to the seven higher senses, and the more clear you are, the more sensitive you will be. Psychic abilities are something you are born with, but if you are full of Auric attachments and energetic "baggage"  from many past traumatic and stressful experiences, then you will not be able to access these until you peel the onion and get CLEAR.

The eighth symptom is that you are overweight and tend to overeat.

Identities and id complex of lack and limitation causes this. If you find yourself unable to control yourself when you sit down and eat,  these are discarnates in your field. If you are an emotional eater, this is a sign that you have energetic blockages that require to be cleared since they are hosted on your second chakra. If you cannot stay in the program because your discipline is misunderstood to follow it, then these signals require an Auric clearing.


The ninth symptom is that you feel your energy goes down around other people.

The signals that you have an open portal and that you are taking on THEIR discordant energies and THEIR stuff, which is not good at all for your health and field integrity. You may also have energetic cords attached to this person where they are sucking your energy, like an energetic "Vampire." If you are a compassionate person, you will attract victims in your field who desire to suck your energy, but they really don't want to change. Maybe from your own family, these victims can be your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or ex-spouse. Even if you break up with someone, there are still energetic attachments in their field that require to be cleared (victims do this).


In order to protect yourself after the Auric clearing, you require setting up a protective shield so that no matter who you are around or what environment you are in, NOTHING can get into your field as your frequency will be too high to allow that to occur.

The tenth symptom is that you have little or no motivation for life and often wish you were not here. 

A lower self stem is a definite signal that you have one or more discarnates in your field, giving you this thought. The truth is that you were born here because you have an important mission, especially now that we are in the ascendant cycle. So, most of everyone who is reincarnated right now is here to assist with that cycle to raise the frequency of the planet by their frequency alone, started on (2010 -2017). Any thought that you


don't belong here or that you need to leave earth is a distraction to KEEP you from performing your mission, which is to raise the frequency of yourself and thus the planet for ASCENSION. People care so much about their physical health and cleanliness that they are often oblivious of their ENERGETIC health, where all health and vitality originate.

Let's get CLEAR! Your subtle body anatomy.

When you are clear, you will make decisions in LINE with your soul's purpose, your soul's mission, and your higher self.

  • You will increase your energy by at least 100% when you clear all Auric attachments.

  • You will be able to receive information and intuition from your higher self more clearly.

  • You will be able to FOCUS and concentrate without mental distractions, inner conflict, and voices in your head.

Your overall health will improve as all physical symptoms and diseases originate from Auric energetic blockages in your subtle body anatomy.

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