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Arcturians Remote session,

The Arcturians removal session is essential before connecting with your higher self and entering your quantum field. The Arcturians are here right now, helping heal the planet by removing alien reptilians and sending them to the light. The Arcturians come from Arcturus, a star in the Bootes Constellation. They are assisting us in ascending to the Fifth Dimension by decreasing human negativity, which alien reptilians cause. The great news is that once the Arcturians send a reptilian to the light, it cannot return to harm anyone again. This remote session is our first step. Our Beloved Arcturian family will remove from the 11th Dimension these negative beings, reptilians, and more. They remove reptilians from you and your home (including their portals, eggs, and chips/homing devices). In other words, this remote session clears YOU, YOUR home, work or school, vehicles, and pets permanently, if any.


MedBed Sessions
Occurring among the stars, we open a stargate through an interactive session you will experience the transmission. Using higher vibrational energy transmission within the motherboard spaceship into the vibrational room assisted by your Star family and my guidance to experience a holographic light capsule known as med bed session. I love to invite you to take an interstellar trip in the Quantum Field of your reality to be assisted by star beings. Here, you will be guided and access your etheric field to heal your cells, repair genes, rejuvenate, upgrade and elevate your DNA consciousness. This transmission is a life Hyperspace Healing and Activation of your Divine time continuum reality.                                                                                                                           
Your Subtle Body Anatomy

In order to understand what the Auric attachments are, you first require an understanding of your subtle body anatomy. In addition to your physical body, you have an energetic body, and within this energetic body, you have subtle energy centers called chakras. You have seven energetic chakras and eight additional morphogenetic chakras; that exist above your head and below your feet accordingly.


In the Auric clearing, the transmutation of all auric attachments is cleared from the seven embody chakras. These are the Auric attachments that affect the person’s life the most; feel free to read more about the ten symptoms of Auric attachments.


Karma: The universal casual law by which Good or Bad actions determine an individual's existence of their future modes.

Do Good, and Goodwill come to You!

Karma s.jpeg
The nature of Karma and how it is created:

Karma is created by choices, not in line with Divine right order. These experiences are ongoing results of choices based on decisions, truths, concepts, alignments, oaths, vows, unresolved emotions, and attitudes. These are consciously or unconsciously influences or magnetized events and experiences held in your current reality. Karma clearing and removal Past incarnations Collective imprints Inherited Imprints can you recognize your own patterns of self-sabotage happening one after and over.


It will be an honor to assist you at this amazing time of 
Ascension is a new journey for you in human history.


What are the Unnatural J-Seals?

The J-Seals stand for Jehovian seals; these are seven unnatural seals that were placed on Earth Axiatonal line seven, so Imagine Earth in front of you in your mind’s eye. Imagine 12 vertical lines going down the Earth all the way around it, these are like meridians, but they are called Axiatonal lines. They are vertical energy lines, and if you go to Axiatonal line seven started from the left, these seals are located on Axiotonal line seven on Earth, manifesting on the left side in the human body.


What is Chakra DNA Activation:
DNA activation is the process of activating the fire letters of your DNA template so you can Turn on more of your Fire Letters consciousness. 


Each DNA strand corresponds to a Fire Letter or Fire Code built upon electromagnetic impulses of sound arranged in patterned sequences. Each Fire Letter corresponds to a dimensional frequency band of consciousness in the Universal Tree of Life or the 12 Tree Grids. All the Fire Letter Codes sequences collectively correspond to the 12 DNA strand matrix, which is the original genetic construction code of the human race.


Fire letters are key codes of our DNA structural level that will be re-keyed to access these newly accessed higher dimensional reality light fields (multidimensional Timelines). This process occurs in the Sub-Atomic layers, drilling down into the molecules and the physical cellular form of DNA. The activation of DNA is like a grand adventure that anyone can have a declaration of strong intent to awaken oneself dormant potential.


“Attract the Life You Desire Now!”
Clear your Karma and Activating your DNA is the Key!


Are you frustrated or tired of not making things happen in your life? If you feel uncertain about your guidance and intuition to create the changes you desire in your life, there is a process, which will allow you to do all these things and more. It is called DNA Activation. 


Divine soul awake your innate abilities and watches
Your new life unfolds.

Donations from your ♥ will help those unable to afford the sessions.
The loving act of giving can change one life at a time. 

Once you give, the universe (in due time)will provide
your three times a fold.

Thank you!

No content from this site may be reproduced in any form without permission: blatantly copying parts or whole sections from my website. You will attract low entities in your subconscious mind that will take, without permission, parts of yourself.

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