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Divine Creators of your reality,

Happy New 2023 awakening year; since time is relative, rather experience the process of metamorphosis, going from a caterpillar into a magnificent being with wings to fly the depth of one precious Heart and out to project to the realms of the 5D.

A New Year begins; what a perfect occasion to begin resolutions and participate in Earth's restoration plan. Awakening the mind and body states as a Divine being choosing to be on Earth at this precious time of ascension, shining One's starseed Light to the collective, clearing remaining dense energies of the 3D, and evolving with the etheric light now available to all. A new spiritual path of frequency consciousness, letting one's Heart Divine and omnipotent Love be the 5D reality.

Be kind to oneself since the emotional clean-up process from the 3D Matrix programs triggers the rooted patterns of anger, resentment, fear, jealousy, unworthiness, guilt, and more negative emotions. Trust in one's Heart, feel the light from God's Source, and feel any negative emotional blockage or reactions to be transmuted one at a time. Let them flow through and out without feeling victimized but enlightened to regain one's full potential. Master little by little the power of becoming self-governed and knowledge of One's divine sovereignty.

Ask your Heart what is essential in life right now. What is the best action to take not for survival but rather for a brand new way of living, avoiding to continue supporting the old systems and refusing to give others one's power despite appearances?

A new way of living ask your Heart;

Can my Herat trust and continue to follow the opposing narratives of the 3D?

Can my Heart continue giving one's power to others to decide what one should and how to live?

Can one continue living with a covered face, being disconnected from one another, and consenting to be inoculated with destructive experimental drugs?

Those at the bottom of Matrix, the human programs pyramid, follow orders against their brothers and sisters and now are frantic, thinking that they will be at the top of the pyramid and take charge of the entire global system (humanity). Still, the system is corrupted, now broken and overridden. Restauration and service to self is a new promise. Only trust one Divine heart to never consent to what is destroying life. The controllers continue pushing the fear agenda because that is the only way they learn to survive. Forgive them as part of the entire process of awakening and ascension; they are doing their part. The time is suitable to take control and apply what One knows better, a new trade for service to others—making the best with what One feels at ease. Perhaps, sharing real stories worldwide, since T.V. and News narratives are made to manipulate, lie and control the world.

One must learn to transmute the precious elements of life, listen to One's precious Heart and follow new self-expressions.

We, the light enforces and the appointed Galactic Council Ambassador for Earth, wanted to say officially, hear-hear!

Congratulations to all human and sentient precious beings of the blue jewel Earth. You won the battle against darkness, and what is happening on Earth liberated six neighboring planets. Each Divine Heart on Earth must transmute to renew the remnants of the shadow self within. These are all the programs of the ego mind; disconnection, greed, selfishness, abuse, disrespect, separation, guilt, shame, hate, and everything under the Matrix's unnatural programs.

All that contracts the precious Heart must liberate one's soul of the heavy bondage of these programs to allow the expansion of light entering daily on planet Earth via the Sun to heal one's body, mind, and light soul. Ascension continues on individual bases to collectively become One unified sovereign human race. Not by ignoring the shadow self since what one resist persist, but rather by consciously understanding the Divine self-expression of God within. Follow the mapping system of your Divine hearts to accept and clear the shadow self.

Understand that the controllers invented the system to control the system itself. What is the system? Humanities control, religions, science, education, governments, politics, armies, police, and military worldwide, and juridic system. The list was long by the queens, Kings, presidents, governments, the state of the church, ministers, etc. These controllers were part of the corrupted monetary system where all the arduous labor and taxes paid during an individual life had served them to provide for the Elites their toys, houses, and riches, including the rights to abuse, experiment, and slavering humans.

The bonds one became at birth through a certificate number registry was and belonged to the state before June 13, 2022, As these rights were revoked worldwide. No one has the right to control human life ever again; this includes those who are part of social services (those who take away your children for the excuse of this right that belonged to them at the birth of each human life).

Yes, in the past, humanity belonged to the ones that supposedly swore to look after each human life's best interest. Those sovereign humans at the time were queens, kings, and heads of the state rulers of the world. All humanity's registry belonged to the "associated of numerical numbering agency," a control system that controlled taxes and the system of birth certificates, everything and all each human owned. There are records for millions of years, and they know about every entity or human worldwide.

From the moment One incarnated and received a birth certificate number, it has been owned, categorized, and acknowledged by the self-proclaimed once-upon-time rollers of the Earth system. Those who knew every one DNA configuration and blueprint on Earth.

These agreements that took place for thousands of years had one by one expired just as many of the humans that self-proclaim your sovereign rulers and not those who were shapeshifted reptilians, possessed by demons, dark E.T., and clones that continued controlling Earth's countries. All these agreements ended, including the reign of the Pope and its programmed religion, England rulers, Russia, and the USA; the end of the Elites continued decreasing as we speak. The list is long and continues to grow till humans take charge of their sovereignty and self-governance to take care of their Planet.

The great news is that all agreements had expired, allowing the renewal of the Casual astral plane to the heavens of one's spiritual world and the plane of existence for the vast domain and diverse multiverse etheric realms.

Humanity is entering the long wait process of global restoration, balance, order, and completion as all these past agreements are now closed and ended in their totality. The Hall of records is a quantum system just as the planes of existence that each human body possesses; Supranal, Optimal, Physical, Astral, Casual, Emotional, Etheric, Mental plane, and Higher planes are now and once again reactivate for the benefit of your precious vessels.

These planes of existence are within each human chakras system, and unfortunately, they were used against humans to cause decay and suffering in their bodies. All these involuntary and wrong uses of their vortexes are now released permanently. The bond systems are expired and terminated upon the entry of the last Winter Solstice; for the first time, humanity is free from all bonds and agreements that tormented their existence.

The light God source is now shining so brightly, entering the Etheric cities of light across the entire Planet, where most of the negative and dark essence existed. As the light from God's Source enters the veins of gold on Planet Earth activates its Divine life force essence through all life intelligence, nature, and sentient beings. Once again, Oneness, the Ascension, and the awakening of humanity continue emitting, healing, and reorganizing the divine blueprint regenerating Earth's Divine Consciousness.

The light of God's source continues transmuting the remnants of dark matter since darkness can not hold the light. The ambassador and appointed guardian of the Earth that chose God's source, becoming the Human Ambassador to All Earth Races, our Galactic families, those on Earth, and those who arrived from outer dimensions.

For thousands of years before now, the ambassador appointed by God as guardian of the Earth was King Salomon. Sadly, he chose to control and use demons. As the new era of the Golden light age begins, the new appointed by God as guardian of the Earth Ambassador to all Earth Race, our Galactic families on Earth, and those who arrived from outer dimensions, have activated the Etheric cities of light.

After clearing all the remnants of dark matter on the Earth's Grids, the etheric light entering Planet Earth from God's source will continue restoring that breathes and respires in the Water, Air, Fire, Earth, and Spirit of all. The Etheric Cities of Light will have access to light portals since they are meant to be for the light of Christ's Consciousness.

Since all life on Erath is synergetically interconnected via lay lines, the etheric light will regenerate the life source of all sentient beings. Twenty-one cities across Earth where the light enters will elevate, ending the rate of distortions to assist anyone in feeling at their best. These Etheric Cities of Light are exclusively available for the light functioning as the plane of matter interacting as light portals to teleport once humans heal their vessels.

The Light God's source frequency entering Planet Earth will assist every sentient being in clearing the distortions on their DNA that subconsciously subjugate their minds at incarnation. For they only know at individual bases what is tormenting their vessels. Moreover, the importance of forgiving and trusting their chakras system will guide anyone using their Heart intelligence.

Perhaps it is hard to believe that many souls on Earth have been waiting and incarnated to experience this moment in human history to this very moment of a global awakening that continues working at individual bases guided by one's Heart intelligence to claim one self-power.

The etheric cities of light across Earth are meant to be light source conduits to planetary grids as no longer dark matter essences create distortions. Understand this dark matter has existed for 3000 million years. As part of the ascension process and the evolution of the collective harmonious new era of the Golden Age, everything on Earth will receive the light from God's source. This process of receiving the Christ, not as crystal (Christaline light was extracted from humans and used to benefit the controllers as part of the manipulations and hidden agendas.

The primary purpose of Etheric light cities is to receive more Christalline frequency to increase the light on Earth to assist humanity and all Earth's intelligence to increase their frequency as intended, especially on December 25, 2022. The Hall of records contains all the life history of Earth since the beginning of time. These records go through the casual astral plane and meet the archivist's desk, so to speak. Every nation worldwide exists in its archives just as the Universal laws recorded and written like the sub-agreements over twelve Universes. In these twelve Universes, Matix has dominion and rights over the original and very old amendments of time and space.

The record keepers can't interfere in the outcome and events on planet Earth but register in the archives all planetary history. Someone said that if you give people the illusion of freedom, they will be more compliant to continue experimenting upon their fate. Honoring one's severing Heart to self-govern, one must understand the past sorrow that tormented Earth and stop looking for saviors to solve one's problems. Know that collectively humanity together and globally are the saviors of their world. Everything one needs is within; look into one's Heart's inner self to reconnect with God's Creator source of all that is.

Unconditioned consciousness of Love, the only reality. A sense of awareness and knowing that I AM a part of God, I AM; the consciousness of beingness. I AM loved, and before becoming aware of being someone, One unconditionally depends upon being the One. I AM eternally aware of being, whether I am unconditioned formlessness or conditioned form.

As the conditioned state, I AM, one might forget who I Am or where I Am, and One cannot forget that I AM. The bountiful power of Love within One's Heart, I AM, is the only reality.

This unconditioned consciousness, the I AM, is that knowing reality in whom all conditioned states – conceptions of oneself – begin and end. Still, whichever remains the unknown knowing being when all the known ceases to be. All One has ever believed to be, is genuine proof that Love is real and eternal, that I Am to believe and to be, and all that One shall ever believe to be, for One Love, One Heart, we are ONE.

Blessings! ♥



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