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Divine Eclipse full of love and light,

Did you know that all regressive negative beings are against the Golden Age and actually cannot create anything but through human consciousness?

Whatever they can put human minds to entertain creates. They create through you the exploitation of the human vessel emotions, which are the most potent vehicle to create. Many humans have lost their souls for money and have been possessed by demons, including politicians, governments, religions, and more. Remember, they use human fear to create; let go of the fear, let it go.

This is how their heavy programs used for millennia have succeeded. Because they know how to manipulate human consciousness, your consciousness is the most sacred  Divine power humans have to create.

The negative, regressive beings cannot prevent what is about to happen. Yes, they will try to keep people's attention afraid, especially this weekend, but do not allow that to take over your inner peace.

Instead, be grateful for what you have and how far you have come; you all have made it. Love yourself more than ever, and love your families and all that is! Stay away from media looking for bad news, focus on creating for yourself and others, listen to relaxing music, walk in nature, take off your shoes, and recharge yourself to connect to the Earth's core, Mother Earth.

Feel the light, feel the love, feel, and stay tuned for the message that God, creator of the Multiverse, will deliver if you open your heart enough to love all that is, no matter what! Love, love to be part of your new reality. Nothing of what the regressive will do can change the Earth's ascension. They lost their power! Love yourself to trust that nothing is going to happen. Feel yourself with love and light, and look for the magic that is about to happen. The "Mighty I AM Presence" is going to act independently of the individual's own Self Conscious. We Love you!

P.S. Know that there are thousands of Light Beings, space ships stationed outside Earth, Galactic families, and Angels protecting the inevitable God Source connection to all sentient beings on Earth to reawaken their Divine and omnipotent love to create a new version of Earth to become the center of a new galactic era for all beings in the Multiverse to create out of L O V E!

We love you, your Galactic Family. ♥



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