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Divine Christos Souls,

You will be free when you understand that the confinement you experience in life is made out of your own thoughts. Each human has 12 DNA strands, allowing them to be guided by the Christos template. The Christos template is the original divine blueprint; it requires a clear mind and a true Heart to accept that you are divine as much as anything and everybody around you, and then we have to be one in love with each other and help ourselves to create a reality of abundance, a little hologram one had inside will create beautiful universes.

Love resonance is the key; DNA is a physical manifestation, a concentrated mirror of an idea, Consciousness, and memory. Activating DNA means activating memory, not just physical, and not only accelerating healing. You are an Idea set in motion, creating as you go and not trapped in a body that is being caged by the limitations accepted on an individual basis from the Matrix programs. Freeing yourself in mind and body is the task that every divine soul must achieve.

Hence, the disruption of the direct connection to the source God has to be interrupted via injections of VAX of any kind at all costs among humans. Millions of years of subjugation of the Divine within and until now, humanity has been free as per God's power. The controllers, so they thought! have humans set in an electric fence around themselves, so to speak,  where they can't grow or expand anymore. Less and less, the controllers are becoming powerless as humans awaken and share love and forgive.

Your heart's divine connection to source is always linked to God's source, and through sovereign and sincere feelings of love to self and others, the one Christos template within merges when one realizes the power within as a manifesto. Each creates daily, but the wrong psychic attention is set in place to create based on fear, which is so embedded that one believes one can not manifest, which is the wrong assumption. One manifests even in the astral plane "called dreams."

Realize that everything one thinks creates light, colors, symbols,  and sound wave patterns, setting a pattern to manifestation. Thoughts are extremely powerful holograms because you are always creating them. Permit yourself to trust, knowing that you have in your DNA the Christos template as Divine being of light you are. Anytime it starts is the right time; only when one fails and accepts what is wrong, one can learn the lessons. Know that absolutely everything that happens to anyone in their lives could have been otherwise.

Every situation that happens to one in life is perfect, even if the mind and ego resist and do not want to accept it. Know that God's source you are and wants you to create. When you let go of the Idea of lack that the Matrix programs created for all humans, then the true love and abundance of the ONE will manifest!

Timelines are defined as the sequence of events that precede one another, where the future ones are the consequence of the present and the past ones and their situations, making the events in a timeline that have not yet come to pass more or less predictable, as there can only be a limited range of possibilities based on the former situations.

The concept of timelines on Earth is that of something outside the individual, which experiences them in a deterministic way when, in fact, it is the individual who is manifesting the timeline with its perception. There are an infinite number of possibilities, therefore, of timelines, and the only thing that is keeping an individual or a group of individuals from switching their timeline to a more convenient or desirable one is their own limitations that they perceive themselves to have. Their mind is what is limiting the range of possible outcomes and nothing else.

Timelines, as such, are a concept in the mind of sentient creatures who can hypothesize on a sequence of probable outcomes based on present and past events and situations. Timelines are not something that exists outside of the individuals who are experiencing them. Everything that exists, including those situations, whether mental or physical, including events, are energy patterns in a field of potential energy. All that an individual or a group of individuals need to do is switch to a timeline with a sequence of events more desired by those experiencing it is a change in attitude and thought perception that is a creative energy frequency. As they do so, they will become a frequency match to those desired events as their vibration coincides.

Recognize that it is a connection beyond comprehension that powers the Matrix, and your body's intelligence is part of that divine Consciousness because our blueprint is part of the one Christ consciousness that creates all in this Multiverse. To not know what is know what will be the meaning of a preconceived idea, if you already knew beforehand who was going to be the winner, the emotion is lost, the meaning is given by not knowing, and that emotion generated by discovering something through an example is also receiving a surprise from a loved one or a family member.

The meaning is given by the meaning of the word surprise, not knowing in advance what is going to happen, and that is what this experience of awakening to the fifth dimension is all about. We refer to listening to One's Heart Intelligence, self-governance, and sovereignty of the conscious mind. We are not talking about ignoring and following the regressive, negatively controlled programs that have trapped the mind's Consciousness of the ONE through media. Let go of the fear; let it Go!

Each creates a hologram based on their perception of time; these timelines are defined as the sequence of events that precede one another, where the future ones are the consequence of the present and the past ones and their situations, making the events in a timeline that have not yet come to pass more or less predictable, as there can only be a limited range of possibilities based on the former situations accepted by its creator.

The concept of timelines on Earth is that of something outside the individual who experiences them in a deterministic way when, in fact, it is the individual who manifests the timeline with its perception.

To partially forget everything we already know is entering this world of individuality where one can play and have that exploration and begin to rediscover the Divine within, that already won freedom before knowing it, to be able to rediscover oneself the main purposes of being here to experience ourselves through the infinite possibilities to acquire thereby the greatest prize of the experience called felt emotion.

That accumulation of experiences and felt emotions are vibrationally recorded in our souls. It is like a movie that emotionally stores all our experiences. Therefore, one can say that the soul is like a movie. Divine experiences in life share a truth so deep, so revealing, and, above all, liberates the conscious mind into a Higher level or resonance field where One starts connecting to other Divine beings alike in the 5th dimension.

Forget not your desire to be on Earth at this time in order to participate in the ascension process; forget not who you are, divine suns and daughters of the ONE; therefore, Gods you are. Just as visible light comprises all the colors of the rainbow, so is the life force—the force that enlivens, sustains, and nourishes everything that lives. Human beings are manifestations of this vital force. Thus, at a deep level, you all are made up of spectrums of color rays. Each color ray emerges from white light in a spectrum of frequencies.

The energetic physiology that helps the soul manifests in an incarnated body. This manifestation is an ever-present process in which the soul radiates through a central channel into the grand sphere of energy fields that comprise a human being. It is from this central pillar of light that the soul begins the process of differentiating into the many different layers and bands that make up the individual human form.

When we go through a footpath in the forest, we know we may return the same way if we wish, but we must decide. So, after hundreds of years of searching in the outer for power and authority, we find that anything that seems to be so is shifting one's Consciousness, and today will be the past. All that matters is that your soul is free, and your conscious mind can liberate your vessel to become immortal once again through the omnipower of self-love to heal your body and mind.

By the rejoicing acceptance of your Christ consciousness, you may step firmly upon the sure foundation of the Rock of Truth, which is you, God's source, Divine creation, and from which no outer disturbance can ever shake you—once you know from actual experience.

The "Divine Presence of the heart" within is likened unto the pit or seed of a peach; the thought-world around It unto the pulp of the peach. The pulp represents not only the thought world created by the individual but also the Universal Electronic Substance, ever-present, waiting to be acted upon by the conscious determination of the individual—to be precipitated into his visible use as the form of whatever may be desire.

Self-control is the sure pathway to understanding and using this conscious power. What do I mean by Self-control? Recognizing the "I AM Intelligence" as the only Acting Presence,  knowing this, there is no limit to the power of Its use. Your Divine incarnation has been given free will and choice; do create in the world about them whatsoever their thought, through their attention, is held firmly upon. The time has arrived when all must understand that thought and feeling are the only and Mightiest Creative Power in Life in the Universe.

Divine Consciousness of the ONE always has the last word to go forth to create these words that I speak consciously are so, for they are spoken in the light of the One heart of truth, and that is who you indeed are, so let it be.


Divine Suns and Daughters of the ONE;

I love you! ♥




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