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Divine People of the Light,

Humanity has officially entered the Golden Age. The Fifth Dimension signs the entire world is going through a historic shift in vibration, ascending spiritually from the third density, the physical world in which everyone manifests, to the 5th density. This nonphysical world is experienced by the spirituality Awakened, and as the spirit awakens, all senses enhance to adjust to the new frequencies.

Fifth-density ascension has nothing to do with going anywhere to get anything because if one combines a clear intention of the reality one's heart desires to live in, the magnetism of this Center becomes the reality; the intention is carried on that energy in fifth-dimensional creation. You are not going anywhere to get anything; you are genuinely collapsing space and time, and then you don't have to go anywhere and get it. The new jobs find you, the new house finds you, the new relationships find you because you are the forecast to you.

5th Dimension and beyond. The 4th dimensional and fifth-dimension perspectives exist beyond physical perception. There's nothing physical to measure, and it exists beyond space and time as we know it. Linearity–chronological order–is also a form of measurement, and it does not exist beyond the 4th Dimension, where we perceive that time flows in a single direction. Labeling the process of Ascension as the "fifth" Dimension is inaccurate since this implies attempting to measure something immeasurable, which would distort proper understanding. As anyone refers to the 5th, 6th, 7th-dimensional density, etc., it will be referred to the way the brain can understand raising or spiraling, which isn't what Ascension means.

September will be more complex for all Humanity since many have forgotten the importance of maintaining good condition in one's body, mind, and spirit complex—prime creator will not be given anything anyone cannot handle. The Golden Age started on September the 23rd, 2023. It will take its natural process to complete. Each one has to experience the transition period in their 3D physical reality, shifting into the 4th and 5th density not by leaving their bodies behind "dying," but transitioning into a place where the One heart's resonances will gradually take into a higher density of resonance at individual bases. Your potent, loving frequency resides in the now; every moment of one's experience desitions as the peak of life experience, where the desire radiates from you and is being allowed by you.

All beings of Light of God's creations will transition to the new portal of the Golden Age, the world in which Humanity is sovereign. Understand that everyone must enter alone unless one has children or pets. Your pets and children will enter with you because they are souls of Light. No two adults can walk together; fear not the programs of your minds.

God will watch what you call fathoms; everyone will be prepared entirely before this divine transition. Know that most of you have done this countless times. You just have been in a trance-like amnesia. The vibrational transition into more significant density will be subtle, like sleeping and waking up in another reality. One's Divine Heart mirrors back everything one forecasts within the omnipotent love frequency no matter what. Practice creates new paths in the neurons of your brain to see what you desire as already part of your now experience, "your present."

Imagine what you wish to be and put it in your past, a year ago, five minutes ago, ten years ago, or your childhood. You jump from one version of you to another version of you. You can make These permanent changes with this technique, which is very empowering.

The term vibration refers to the vibratory rate of the "scalar waves like strings" that make up particles (protons, electrons, neutrons, quarks, neutrinos, photons) that are the building blocks of matter (physical objects) and force (Light, gravity, etc.)—the fabric of how one creates moment to moment reality. The slower the vibration, the more dense it is. The faster the vibration, the less dense it is. Using the transformational process of water, such as a transition from water, ice, and steam, is a great way to visualize the example. The slower the vibratory rate of the atoms in the water, the more dense the molecules, and the more solid the water becomes until it is ice. The faster they vibrate, the less dense they become until they are liquid and evaporate.

As spiritual experience goes, the slower or lower one's vibration, the more dense one's reality appears. The higher or faster one's vibrating raises, the less dense it and no longer becomes visible because one is vibrating at a higher rate, and one can only perceive things that vibrate within a range similar to one's own vibration.

Expanding your awareness into new dimensions of perception–the 5th Dimension and beyond–is called Ascension. And the only way to allow for new perceptions of understanding is to shed, or at the very least, transcend, old perceptions: what you might call "beliefs." Go within. Remember, you all are a part of all that is. And "All that Is" as "God," "Source," or "the Higher Self." You are a manifestation of Source, and Source is all that exists, which makes your true self–to all that exists. But you only know yourself as your ego-self. "A tiny pinpoint of awareness in a vast sea of consciousness."

Dear people of the Light, as you can see, there is so much spiritual work to be done on yourself, so many things that one's mind can be focused on rather than being in a lethargic mode, watching a cell phone device, TV, eating harmful food that alters your DNA rather than walking on nature, stretching your body, meditating observing rather than absorbing the dramas that the controllers wanted to focus on 3d fear manipulation.

You are much more than you think; you are Divine beings of light full of Divine material capable of doing anything you desire. Understand the power within one's Divine and precious souls on Earth. We understand that others have been robbing you of the ability to become all you are and were born to be. The lessons each individual had experienced brought you up to this moment in time-space to create a sovereign reality where self-governance from one's heart will direct your best outcome for the great intergalactic life experience you all are creating.

If you find yourself reading these words, you are already shifting your Light into a higher resonance. Use discernment at all times and trust in your Divine light essence as starseed to permeate and brighten the path entrance of the portal of Light and teleport within your heart with all your might into the cities of Divine Light where galactic beings of Light will communicate throughout this resonance wich only one can access when is ready.

Into higher Dimensions in tune more consciously with your multi-dimensional self, to become a conscious creator of new realities, with the perfect knowing that it will be done through higher Consciousness. Forgive and appreciate the efforts of the regressive souls for allowing you to see the truth within; forgive them because now you are in charge of yourself; state out loud three times: One in silence as you read it, the second time out loud listening to yourself, and the third time feel it and state it with the voice of your Divine Heart.

I revoke and refuse to be part of anyone's timelines or realities and release all interferences that subconsciously affect all planes of my existence that are not for my highest and greatest good of the Mighty I am Presence, Now!

I am you, you are me, we are One!




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