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Divine Awakened Souls

The Earth has been manipulated for billions of years, living in darkness until now, where the Golden age is greater than the dark times, where all inhabitants of the divine Mother are to become at their best as the Divine Awakening of Consciousness continues to grow. Stay neutral and do your part as much as possible to become the best expression you can imagine because you are not just watching the world go by, you are helping make it what it is.

After the declaration from Source/God removing fear from Earth and the Multiverse, another declaration came directly from Source for all Divine souls and sentient beings inhabiting Earth, which was for peace on Earth, stating that we are no longer in wartime.

On Tuesday, October 31st, 2023, at midnight, was another momentous occasion for the planet in many different ways as many terms of agreements were ended, and all of those agreements have been sent out so that governments around the world no longer report to Crown Corporation. Many governments are bankrupt; these puppeteers will do nothing to benefit Humanity or take care of their respective countries. Yet again, their plans to continue to affect all worldwide with fear so that people continue to comply. Instead, trust the Divine power of your Heart to guide and shift the program of fear into the reality of plenty, abundance, joy, freedom, peace, and love.

All 3D holograms are manipulation of your Consciousness; know that there's no money coming from those people to help humans but controlling their minds with promises of getting them rich, trying desperately to launch some Quantum Financial system that they don't have the capacity or technology to launch any Quantum monetary system at all since the Omega and chronos system are no longer part of the Earth controlled programs Matrix.

The Rothschild family was appointed the Guardians of Earth three thousand years ago. As the last 75 years, agreements resumed, this would take us back to 1948 and must be renewed every 75 years. The most excellent news is that the newly appointed Guardian of Earth did not accept the new terms of the agreements for the Rothschilds or the order of the dragon to continue ruling; as of right now, these Rothschild families have lost their agreement permanently, and no longer have the power to control Earth.

Practice being aware at all times: the more one observes and understands what is happening, the more one can see and interpret what is happening outside of one. Because by knowing more and having more awareness, one understands clearly the outside world's manipulations according to the level of awareness.

You may all know there is no time, space, or matter and no material world. Everything is astral, and the material, time, space, distance, and mass are the beliefs and ideas one has become attached to as real. It's one perception of Consciousness having a contraction of a single or group of ideas. One is the Universe made of ideas. Therefore, the manifestation of gravity is the product of one Consciousness based on the thoughts one entertains without Conscious, allowing the emotional triggers to manifest that idea of "time reality."

It is one's directing attention that accepts the reality orchestrated by the manipulation of others controlling one's attention. Using the example of water being hard matter and gravity as water in vapor being pushed in a flow or direction, "flux," in the right conditions, like gas, will condense into water.

One's gravity is a flow of potential energy in a very high vibratory state. It is the thoughts generating gravity through Consciousness and directing it to where you are thinking to materialize in some object, just like the planet generates gravity, not vice versa. Gravity, being a flow, flux, is tied to the perception of time of the Consciousness that generates the idea of one's reality limited to the"3D." due to consciously and unconsciously agreeing for it to affect or effect one perception of reality.

Be not confused by the difference: "Affect" means to impact or change, and "Effect" indicates the result of a change. When one lets go of all attachments, one can access other points of attention or standing waves. One can be whoever they want to be. But then again, one must regularly be in a higher resonance. The everyday practice of raising one's resonance allows the potential energy to manifest into the matter and as the result of an attention creation intention of a consciousness.

Be kind in words and actions, and practice being awake and aware of one's surroundings. Practice a quiet mind when one observes without thinking; one's thought process turns off the analytical or self-ego mechanism when focusing on nothing in space. A resetting and a recalibration of the nervous system restructure back to more wholeness and Oneness, and the closer one gets to singularity to Source, Oneness, wholeness, and absolute divinity.

One creates from the Zero field instead of from matter the thought of abundance in the Quantum produces frequency or the feeling of abundance. It allows one to experience that feeling ahead of any event by acknowledging it is done even before it is experienced. Oneness changes the information in the field; One creates a thought form in time or suddenly starts having outcomes and synchronicities in one's life experiences.

Consider practicing regularly to listen to your Heart's intelligence rather than the mind. The Heart is the Divine connection to all that the one mind has denied to be experienced since the mind intertwines with the manipulated scalar waves frequency in a subconscious constant battle between the mind voice and the Yin and Yang, or Heart intelligence voice. The body's senses have subjectivity as it processes information; the mental images are primarily ideas, specific images that one believes, accepts, and attaches to a specific outcome in a programmed matrix.

The neural configuration is responsible for the mental representations that can be delivered even within the same Consciousness. Love yourself, become one, connect to Source, be clear, and continue to awaken to the Heart's resonance. One must be kind to all God's creations. The most significant thing that all Humanity is seeking in reality is Peace and Freedom, which is always the doorway to happiness. There is only one possible way to receive this: to know God—the "I AM Presence" —and that this Presence is the only acting intelligence in your life and world at all times.

Then stand by this to know and feel with every fiber of your being:" 'I AM' the wealth, the opulence, the substance, already perfected in my world, of every constructive thing that we can possibly conceive of or desire." I assure you that this is true financial freedom and will bring it as surely as it is maintained—and it will not get away.

Know that an energy field surrounds every human body; these magnetic fields are something you don't pay much attention to, but the truth is that the entire act or state of cohering, the molecular force between particles within a body or substance that acts to unite the individual depends on maintaining the integrity of one's energy flow.

Unfortunately, all the traumas and restrictions one has accumulated from many incarnations had broken one spiritual connection; each human had to work individually to reestablish the connection to Source rather than thinking that Source would do it for you, but one must create a different reality. It is your Divine right as a member of the light human Consciousness to remember what one went through or did to win and create a different reality. Yes, Humanity has won the battle against darkness; from now on, it is up to each individual to heal their souls.

Implants and distortions exist within all humans since many incarnations inherited from being born on Earth by alien reptilian races manifested as interferences. Know that anything that is done to the Earth is like poking holes in all of your DNA. The reptilian bloodlines are the most damaging blockages a human field has because they shut down your higher senses and make you like a 3D standalone computer with no "WI-FI" to Source/God.

People function from the reptilian cortex of their brain, and the reptilian cortex controls the low emotions activated by thoughts of fear, keeping people away from ascending out of the reptilian cortex of the brain. Consider this as the reason for the change of moods, attitudes, fear complexes, alcohol, drugs, narcotics, and all kinds of things, including the rejection and disconnection of your human tribe. Look for the Arcturians remote session; even though the planet is resonating with higher vibrational frequencies from Source, many are unable to accrete the light or move forward since the many distortions at the etheric level people have, as their DNA continues running in reverse due to their fracture or perforated Auras.

Be decerning at all times since many practitioners, like the rest of the world, have reptilian bloodlines in their DNA. Even though many humans seem to have the right intentions, they could be part of the 72% of the worldwide population that has a subtle DNA device that provides direction to a target or destination called a homing device where they are plugged via their DNA bloodlines, which can and still be manipulated remotely by alien reptilians' agendas, even after a new reincarnation.

Do what it takes to create a clear connection to Source via your Divine love and heart portals, as this is primordian when the opportunity to be in the Presence of other Divine galactic beings that are not human will present to you. Being aligned involves letting go of lower vibrational energies, fear, doubt, and jealousy that clutter your spiritual channel. Only when you are resonating at a higher frequency can you truly interact with the Universe meaningfully.

Intent and create to live in the Presence of "I am deserving, I am open to all the good and abundance the universe has to offer." Be sovereign and self-governed daily. Love yourself like never before; love all that is, no matter what; avoid confrontations, conflicts, or fighting one another, especially when you don't know what is happening in their lives.

Forget not to offer gratitude as much as possible for any reason; THANK YOU! Being thankful is like having a special tool that sets your soul to the same rhythm as the Universe. When you wrap yourself up in real thankfulness, it's like telling the Universe, "I'm ready for goodness and abundance, and I'm ready to share it, too." Each thank you is like a magic word that echoes forever and returns to you, giving you even more goodness and chances to be happy.

All are made of Divine material energy and the same Divine light as stars. The Earth, sky, trees, and you are all sentient beings connected like a big family. Just remember what you do affects everyone and everything around you. You are not just watching the world go by. You are helping make it what it is. Remember that your thoughts, words, actions, deeds, and feelings are like a conversation with the Universe. The Universe always listens and replies; be positive and clear about what you want. That's when the magic happens!

Your Galactic Pleiadian family,




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