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Be Divine now and Forever

Divine souls on earth, I like to believe that we all know that life is eternal, unlimited without ending. Even when the physical body gives up regardless of the circumstances on how many divine souls depart. For many souls will continue to aspire in the way of freedom and eternal love to regain and fill the soul with the frequency of Omnipotent love to become renewed. It doesn’t matter how many creative ways one is destined to take as an exit from the physical into the Non-Physical world. We know the whole picture, grieve not longer for any beloved departed one. Let us released the bondage, obligation, pain, resentment or any other form of emotional suffering causing the short-sighted point

Love yourself the way you ARE

Divine souls on earth, Avoid dwell in the past; do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. Just think about it, what you are doing to others you do to yourself. Every so often, we heed our inner voice if we only take the time to listen more closely what your heart is telling, you may be surprised to discover others think just like you. Because we are all one! Being a woman or being a man is not that easy as may seem. If only we change what is negative and turn it into a wonderful expression of what we came to do on Earth. Perhaps this is what would be like: Be present always: The ultimate consciousness is always present everywhere. It is beyond time and space, wi

Conversation with Anubis

The ancient Egyptians believed that a human soul was made up of five parts: the Ren, the Ba, the Ka, the Sheut, and the Ib. In addition to these components of the soul, there was the human body (called the ha, occasionally a plural haw, meaning approximately sum of bodily parts). Why fear occurs when a person's "Ka" soul leaves the body? To go into the afterlife has been difficult for many, as for their expression of the "Ka" soul it is equally difficult. Here is a Download I like to share with you and those who are listening. Divine “Ka” soul on earth, I am the sacred One of the beginning that emanates from inner silence; I am the One who guides you into the afterlife, where the spark of th

Alter your now reality

Dear hearts, Many of you are sentient beings (having a higher awareness and hence ta greater real free-will of choices of thoughts and actions), others are barely so and are mainly software programs void of individual realities which are used to populate your realities and create stories. Many are waiting to experience more of their really created and accepted as the truth. The question is, have you had the opportunity to experience your now moment? To express your own knowledge which makes you be unique, to share with the world and the space between your heart and the consciousness of the one heart of the Multiverse? Where ever you go, you all have the power to create new realities and affe

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