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Divine Source God,

A Declaration of the Light stated that the new era of the golden light is now a reality.

All that is now in the Multiverse is Divine, omnipotent  Love, like a sacred flower existence filled with unconditional Love for the Divine—falling in Love with everything around. Love is like a sacred flower; within its early bud is joy, and in its full blossom is heaven. When One fills One's existence with unconditional Love for the divine, One falls in Love with everything surrounding.

To all dark soulless beings and dark ETs, know you have no rights nor claims to this planet any longer; know that you are now fighting against the Divine plan, a declaration of Source God; there will not be any longer oppressors, nor the oppressed would become the new oppressor.

We, your star families, would encourage Humanity to listen to the Keystone of omnipotent Love; within your precious heart intelligence, you all possess the powers to create realities, be united as a collective, and stand together, help each other, share, without mutiny or violence against the malevolent deeds to end this dream reality. Get their manipulation out of your divine consciousness and reclaim your sovereignty and self-governance. There is no need to support broken governmental elections or believe in false religions with false promises to help you but continue to manipulate and steal your energy, Divine Will, and powers.

Know your minds are being manipulated subtly; wake up, humans! This reality is powered only by your beliefs. It is essential to acknowledge and understand that others who control your mind can only continue to create this reality through your emotions, body, and soul vessels. The controllers cannot create. They do so only by using your body's emotional triggers. This warfare is spiritual and nothing else; they want to control your souls at all costs.

You are divine daughters and sons of God's Source, Mighty Creator; remember, divine souls, when you love what you have, you have everything you need. The electric energy that motivates One is not within the body at all. It is part of the Universal Supply that flows through each from the Source of God's Multiversal Love with an intense set by our desires and will.

All densities are altered mental states, and one can exist in various densities simultaneously. A clear and grounded mental state activates your DNA, the realization that you live something complex and different, so you can also free yourself from the connections and collective mental agreements of the 3D. However, we also see a separation or cut-off of the psychic network that interconnects all human and living beings on Earth. Those are agreements of self-incarnation, which can be broken because One no longer lives by the Earth's rules, which is very strong as a mental activation.

DNA is a physical manifestation, a concentrated mirror of an idea, consciousness, and memory. Activating DNA means activating memory, not just physical, and not only accelerating healing, for example. The entire cellular process is accelerated by the activation of DNA, which is more potent in high orbit, interstellar space, and other planets.

Being Earthlings creates a state of mind that is not fast. So, it has to do with being distracted by the comfort and material world many desperately seek. It is like living in your imagination as something totally real. Whatever you imagine has your attention, and that's what you live. So you travel to nowhere; you just imagine being on Earth, and you are. Because that's what you "imagine," and what you imagine is, and that's reality, and then you switch to a different Earth reality, that's it! You are on a new Earth reality.

Because that is what you want to imagine, you are just a mind and pure consciousness. You are your imagination, and you are simply what you create, and you live what you are because you live what you create. That includes the physical appearance one believes and accepts as real, as One imagines all aspects that make one be. One is trapped in a belief of a specific type of body for the duration of an incarnation, but that is illusory; it is also your creation and your ideas. There is only mind. Only your ideas, nothing can limit you, but your beliefs, simultaneously. Everything nourishes you; everything you are is a lucid dream.

If you can imagine being fully awakened and entirely in bliss, and when all humans do so, there will suddenly be billions of humans believing in a beautiful planet Earth will shift the entire fabric of reality consciousness, you are  DIVINE and POWERFUL souls; that is why those who control your minds, want your souls.

Like a battery +/ -, all humans have positive and negative energy, light and darkness. Darkness is the main reason why many can't shift to receive the light. Many, in a matter of seconds, can be triggered and turn dark, meaning that darkness carries the essence of restrictions, wounds, traumas, and abuse from family or relationships, triggering anger, despair, hate, and fury. Each one has to remove it from within by forgiving all restrictions of the mind that create emotional triggers on all levels of self. This process can empty and clear human vessels for the light to enter and activate their DNA. Light codes enter all hearts on Earth daily, especially when souls are ready to let go of the bad and forgive. Divine souls let go, forgive, and move on.

Within your precious hearts, see and feel the world already free, where everyone is blessed—through their experiences finding their way back and connecting to Source Energy daily. Moreover, bless them all, and get on with the only thing you have: your Divine power to close expired realities (Traumas and Troubles from the past) and open a new vortex where the natural state of Well-Being creates your heartfelt desires.

Be what you want and not wish what you want, or the universe will only give you the experience of wishing what you want. As so many others who talk about this subject rightfully say, you must act and think as if you already have what you want. Wishing something, focusing on it with good concentration, and then becoming proactive, taking the necessary steps to accomplish what you want sounds logical. It works for most people living in hard and slow existential densities, which are defined by experiencing your reality through the lens of a biological body.

It is a good logical system because it still observes and respects the laws of physics and the laws of cause and effect, as they call them, on Earth. This means that what you wish cannot simply appear in front of you at will and as if by magic. There must be a process with which what you desire is built or formed, and then you go through the process and the logical action needed for it to be in your reality.

When observing this, we can see that manifestation on Earth and in all other places in the world of the physical can only follow logical and even scientifically provable steps. In contrast, magic is secluded only to science fiction. In the world of the physical, you must take those logical steps so that whatever you want to manifest will become your reality, or else you will remain waiting and only daydreaming.

Divine starseeds, your galactic families, wish you to remember you are not a body of light. Your body is a construct of the hologram you choose to portray in reality. You are pure light, and light is what you are. Understand the power within that creates realities from moment to moment according to what your body and mind entertain. Therefore, vibration becomes your reality.

Forget and forgive the wrong done to you, and within your hearts, find joy in these moments of ascension, shift your attention, see your blessing instead of losing hope, adopt a mindset of optimism, and believe in the warmth and goodness of Life. Know that the feeling of joy will surpass the material world because these moments make you appreciate all you have in the now moment; the moments of Grace and happiness in Life are like watching the sunset or drinking a good cup of tea on a rainy day.

Moreover, these difficult moments help deepen the connection with the inner higher power if you turn to appreciation, perhaps meditation, and self-reflection. So, from here on, try to look at the bigger picture when you find yourself in adversity. Earth is no longer a Keystone of light, dark, and neutral creation. Earth has become the keystone, a creator of all that is, and through you, only divine souls. The Golden Age and Source creation is now a new self-regenerated planet. As humans on Earth, you all are the threshold of the New Earth Keystone and live literally on the Keystone of the Multiverse in one self-life source energy, so learn from what you are.

Love is an expression of God's higher power; humans are here to love, not to hate or harm, and Love is the core of this journey of self-transformation. It is Love that unites all; it is Love that heals all that is. Love heals anything and everything that respires and breathes through the air, water, Earth, fire, and spirit, which are always connected with the higher power of God, Sorce Myghty Love.

Expressing LOVE means Love for the higher power, love yourselves, love one another, love everything that is LOVE, and even love any adversaries. The definition of Love has been ruined. Love is not just an emotion but the absolute truth that GOD, creator of the Multiverse, exists within; Love is a living creative force that has the power to transform not just yourself but the whole of Humanity.

Self-transformation realizes that the God particle of Love resides within since birth; therefore, treat all that is with Love and kindness, and fill your hearts with Love and compassion instead of bitterness and ego.

Make Love a guiding principle of One existence, and do good. Even if you have adversaries, try to understand their struggles. Embark on a journey of self-transformation, so if you try to help others along the way, you do better, too. Love is an essential part of all that beginning.

Walter Russell said.

Perfection of balanced rhythm,  everything in nature is expressed by rhythmic light waves. Every thought and every action is a light wave of thought and action. If one interprets the God within, one's thoughts and actions must be balanced rhythmic waves. Improper behavior, fear, failures, and disease arise from unbalanced thoughts and actions. Therefore, always think of beauty if one desires a vital mind, body, and spirit.


Source is always available for everyone who wishes to connect with. When One is aware of the presence of Source or not, one is not offering a vibration that aligns reality with Source. When one understands the loving frequency that Source offers, wonderful moments can be experienced, and Love and Life can become a new way to live all the time.

Beloved earthlings, Love is the key! Therefore, go out and make Love in every possible way, within and all around you!

♥ Be Divine forever! ♥



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