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Conversation with Anubis

The ancient Egyptians believed that a human soul was made up of five parts: the Ren, the Ba, the Ka, the Sheut, and the Ib. In addition to these soul components, there was the human body (called the ha, occasionally a plural haw, meaning approximately the sum of bodily parts). Why does fear occurs when a person's "Ka" soul leaves the body? To go into the afterlife has been difficult for many; as for their expression of the "Ka" soul, it is equally difficult. Here is a Download I like to share with you and those listening.

Divine “Ka” soul on earth,

I am the sacred One of the beginning that emanates from inner silence; I am the One who guides you into the afterlife, where the spark of the original creation rebirth anew, to become once again all the divine self-expression of the Creator of all that breathes.

Listen carefully to my creation, for it is where you and I duel in the infinite temple of pure and unconditional love and forever be loved.

Make peace with those with who you had quarrels, as this is the first step to letting go of the past. When you forgive, the un-manifested reality of your conscious desires will take place. Unless you make peace with the past, the future will continue to avert oneself to flourish into divine truth.

To forgive, ONE to another for what may others have done to each other in the past or present. Either consciously or unconsciously, it is to forgive oneself. This is perhaps the perception that could be the most everyday frightening experience one lives without peace in the "Ka" soul.

Many had the perception that to die is an even more frightening reality than being alive. When in fact, it is here where you all had chosen to experience the desires of your existence. Know that to be alive or dead is the most beautiful expression of continuity, a new beginning to become free anew from all the programmed realities ONE inherited at birth, the earth's imprints, and the alien's reptilian programs set on earth for control.

Divine “Ka” soul knows that when you forgive, you have allowed the negative experiences behind, and the love of all that exists will occur. Listen to ONE’s intelligence heart, cease to ignore, by become deaf to the voices of all that breathes. Allow your empathy to ignite the ONE flame of unconditional love to transcend all parallel realities.

Many have spoken to your hearts, hoping to steer your minds towards much better outcomes. Use the given unusual degree of free will, together with the elements that sustain and energize ONE beingness. Be ONE unity consciousness in the multiplicity of the ONEown existence. Choose to achieve and observe greatness towards each other.

Allow your true paradise to be available for you and others to sustain your existence. To spread and ignite all that is with the vibrational and pure intelligence of the ONE HEART, “your heart” without exception, because deep is the love I feel for myself, I am in you; you are me; the unconditional love of the ONE hearth of all.

You were once so beautiful, oh my Beloved, what have you become? A shadow of your past resplendence that is slowly extinguishing your life by itself, I am you, you are me, we are ONE. When you understand that to become free, ONE must prove it in the highest temple of all, so when you pass into the afterlife, your eternal essence will forbid all those mischievous beings even in the afterlife to control you no more. Anubis has spoken.

Thanks for reading...

“Ah Ta Ra Sa”

Be divine now and forever

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