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Be part of Gaia's Ascension

Divine magical beings, Wake Up!

When you focus on what troubles you and allow sadness, lack, limitation, depression, anxiety, and fear within your thoughts, you become your own reality to experience that which is not pleasant to manifest as your reality.

Focusing on the new fear about a virus is precisely what the Matrix wants you to target as many people on planet earth. Ascension is happening right now. In 2012 were so much attention and fear about the end of time. Indeed time ceased as we know it; today, time is a perception controlled by the Matrix once again; the media deviated information, "The world end will arrive."

Just as 9/11 was imprinted in the minds of the world wrongly, anyone thinks about this magnificent combination of numbers can only remember the tragedy of the twin towers. Their goal was to imprint the minds of humanity so much with fear to prevent the ascension to continue.

The entire event was broadcasted in every TV station around the planet, deviating the minds of people from a massive planetary awakening; instead, many today can't forget the horrors that continue creating distortions on every human DNA. And just so, sadly ignored, many Divine souls lose the opportunity to awaken until their next life cycle, and those others perished.

9/11 is the most powerful combination, and magical number ever existed. Magic contains the power of influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces within your innates abilities.

The purpose of magic is to acquire knowledge, power, love, or wealth; to heal or ward off illness or danger; to guarantee productivity or success in an endeavor; to cause harm to an enemy; to reveal information; to induce spiritual transformation to trick, or to entertain.

Those in power "the reptiles and indoctrinated religious groups" refer to magic as dark practices, necromancy, sorcery, and witchcraft yeat again; that is what the use to control the planet by keeping the masses afraid and away from awakening their Divine Magic.

The question is, do you believe in Magic?

What the world magic make you feel?

Well, Magic is the Divine existence; that you can see, feel, smell, heard, and speak, and it lives in each and every single part of your Divine cells. Magic is way more Divine and powerful that many can imagine. If you believe in Magic, you believe in yourself as simple as that; magic is not something that is outside of you.

When you allow your Christ consciousness to awaken, there is nothing in this world that will control you ever. God lives in you as you are! Your heart is the mere proof of his/her Divine existence within you. Stop believing that someone out there is judging you as the punitive God imprinted in your mind by religious indoctrination programs. Indeed those in control are making sure that you consciously perceive God as wrong.

When if fact, it is wrong that those in authority are using magic spells this very moment to enchant the planet consciousness from seeing the truth. Ascension is an essential part of Gaia divine right, as Gaia is the only one that will assist you all in moving into the five-dimensional consciousness.

One of the most distracting ways to prevent ascension is by implementing 5G radiation through communication devices in some parts of the world. Yet your cellphones are controlling you in the most subtle way you can't even imagine. Aiming to prevent at all cost Divine and magical beings on earth to ascend into higher vibrational frequency. In other words, they are working behind the scenes to avoid the ascension of planet earth, our beloved Gaia.

Chemtrails right now are going around the planet 24/7 affecting the world and your judgment, increasing fears, chemtrails are filled with nanotechnology microchips that control everything that breathes and respires in the air, in the water, in the earth, and the fire.

Wake up, Divine souls!

Many are afraid about the coronavirus, and what is NOT being reported is that half the people that had diagnosed are already recovered.

Divine souls understand that if you have a high-frequency level of consciousness, you will NEVER get ANY dis-ease or virus, period. You could be with someone with AIDS or kiss someone with contact between tongues with the coronavirus, and you won't GET IT.

Sadly people with low frequency, low levels of consciousness, which translates into WEAK immune systems, are susceptible to this. People with low frequency and low levels of consciousness are feeling shameful or guilty like they have done something "wrong" most of the time. These beloved ones are prone to getting colds and flu's, feel depressed thinking FEARFUL thoughts all day rather than productive ones. Therefore, one's frequency gets so low as to be able to manifest these negative things.

Divine souls on planet earth; remember your compassion and genuine love to all, and those in despair, to love is the best gift someone could receive and offer in return. Love, respect, perhaps assist someone, do love, with the vibrations of your hearts; this is the best tonic for healing that a soul could ever receive or offer to anyone. So, love, love among yourselves very, very much Divine souls.

This global fear is nothing but another planetary scheme creating fear, anxiety about a virus going on, and preventing you from experiencing your own ascension.

When you embody your beingness Divine souls, you are assisting the beingness of our beloved Gaia. You all know are sentient beings with the same attributes that our planet earth Gaia has. The more you will remember who you are, and embody your Divine Christ Consciousness, the more you will raise your frequency. Therefore, the frequency of others around you will increase, just by being the best self-expression of yourself in every possible way of your daily existence.

Allow the visions of your Divine heart to guide you to experience the new reality of our planet, a new home full of unity consciousness. The building blocks to change the old programs of your DNA of humanity to awakening their super consciousness of being, to free yourselves from those in control.

Everything started with your thoughts about yourself and others. Then they become your vibration turning into your frequency; the information you send out is like the network of your reality. Just as the internet works, your frequency is broadcast or transmitted to others that have the same frequency you have.

You became a big magnet, and this is how easily you can communicate within the quantum space of time and space in others will happen, just by being yourself remember;

Energy= vibration = Frequency

If only humanity focused on sending good vibration thoughts full of gratitude and love, millions of people around the world would benefit. Meditation, practicing Yoga, will assist you in grounding, so visioning using the ability to think beyond what others dare to think. The images that appear from within your heart are true and real. This glimpses of light will shine, guiding you to have a clearer vision of your reality as for this is how your ascension will begin by making your experiences to inspire others.

Divine masters of the Multiverse, take a step forward to embody your Divinity by allowing your vehicles of time and space to experience the true and pure bliss of your own MAGIC. When you believe in yourself, your Magic ignites communicating with the Multiverse, and that Multiverse interacts with you throughout the vibration that each one of your beloved hearts emanates.

We all are in this world together; everything has an energy field that moves above, below, around, within, and everywhere this reality. Imagine a group of people in a green landfill with all kinds of colors, trees, flowers, etc., experiencing happiness, a picnic on a warm, shiny day of summer relaxing, grounding themselves, eating, sharing, playing, laughing, etc.

All around these people, begin to transcend into the field become empowered, a happy field attracting all kinds of content people into the area. The same will happen if you have a group of sad people, angry attracting all negative people the field becomes disempowered around them becoming bitter, angry, cynical. You all co-create a field with each other it doesn't matter if you are happy or unhappy and just, so your energy will change your vibration and your frequency emanating withing the field of others.

Love at all times, respect for the air, the water, the fire, and the earth.

The Arcurians said;

When a person and planet become ONE, chakra by chakra, humanity, and Gaia can join the efforts and work as ONE being to ascend Earth and all her Inhabitants into the Fifth Dimension and Beyond.

Divine soul considers that the most crucial part in the life of a human being is when one's promotes one's Divinity, one's bring into one's life many things that are beneficial to you and others around you. You begin to grow spiritually by bringing you peace of mind and soul that promotes mental and physical health.

Embodying your Divinity will assist you in spreading the manifestation of the love of your own Christ consciousness through our beloved Gaia and all the sentience beings of planet earth. Awakening the fifth dimension in you is the source of loving service to your peers, the primary impulse for the elevation of a new civilization filled with love, sister, and brotherhood. I love you!

I am Mut divine mother of the Gods.

Ah Ta Ra Sa

Be divine forever!

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