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Beloved Angelic beings,

As an Angelic Human Race, you all possess the capability to assist other life forms and races who have forgotten their “True Nature of the expression of Divine Source.” Therefore, other life forms are depending on your success, beloved Angelic beings, you are becoming ONE unity consciousness in the now reality of your ascension. In the new era collectively to become the guardians of the golden edge of love, peace, and freedom, you were created to be.

This time is not about fighting with those in control; instead, stand still for your values, your rights, principles of respect, love, and freedom. You can’t go about your human lives with your consciousness confined to the limitations presently imposed. Instead, let go of the wrong and let your innate gifts by which those limitations can be released and begin to experience the reality of freedom that is the comprehension of yourself as the Divine incarnation of the ONE you all are.

Rather, view the ascension process as a gift and multidimensional evolution as a reality. At the same time, you are alive on Earth, and you will be directly-faced with that reality once your consciousness has shifted from physical experience into the multidimensional plane.

Understand that you are Divine creators and that everything begins within the Divine subatomic particle of your beingness. When you focus on the ongoing situation, your mind distracted you from using your innate gifts. But how can you deviate your attention when all you are focus is the wrong done by others.

We, your Galactic Families, want you to consider an easy way to deviate your attention in the best way possible for your ascension. You can practice these options within the space of your quantum reality, and your INTENTION will transcend space and time for all your loving human tribe.

Find a quiet place where you be undisturbed, breathe several times deeply, center yourself, observe the colors of the sky, the trees, feel the sun, the wind on your face or body, listen, meditate. Observe how everything around you supports all aspects of your divinity, to aid you in overcoming the need to judge others, and encourages forgiveness. The greatest joy of life is the conviction that you are loved, loved for yourselves, or rather, despite yourselves.

Acknowledge how the present situation helps to unite separated people, despite the fear created to subjugate; instead, our beloved Gaia has an energy that promotes a feeling of togetherness and community.

Acknowledge all that breathes and respires in the Air, in the Water, in the Earth, even in the Fire. Acknowledge the elementals, and connect with their intelligence; these beloved etheric beings are waiting for you to make contact. Be your divine self-expression and allow this particular moment that you can create at any time as often as you wish.

When you desired to shift your attention from the wrong, beloved earthlings, the elementals are waiting to assist you if you permit us. Listen to your Divine body intelligence as we are more connected than you expect, and your beingness is reflected in the whole. Once you decided your destiny will mutate, YOUR attention is what manifest your reality. And YOU create your reality, all of the time!

We are many more, not just us, the elementals waiting for your connection, but many other beings of higher frequency vibration. Waiting for you, remember that you are the self-expression of the ONE manifested on your incarnation at this critical time of your ascension. Each of you counts with a personal team of guides, ascended masters, angels, and galactic families. When you ask for assistance, you will receive it. We won’t do anything unless you ask. You can ask, either for your assistance or on behalf of loved ones.

You are right where you need to be, act with confidence your next evolution is about to ensue. Be kind, be love, honor yourself, and all the magic within your hearts is capable of changing the reality of the entire planet.

Divine earthlings, we are many galactic beings waiting for you to make contact. Be kind one to another; understand that many of your beloved human families are here to be who they are. That no one has the right to manipulate, control, or impose anything to anyone, know that when someone disrespects the world, the world will disrespect in return—respect and honor life, all of it, mostly your own.

Assist with love; the ascension of Gaia and all its inhabitants for you all are part of it. Listen, the divine intelligence of light language within your heart, as for this is how we all communicate in the fifth dimension. Words of any language are just programs you all receive regardless of the difference of languages.

Honor the time of change, trust what you are experiencing and all that you are going through, know that this time of change is sacred too. Be divine forever, be the best version of yourself by inspiring those who are in despair with your kindness, love, and actions as for you all are part of the whole.

Know that ascension is happening for all; we would not leave anyone behind regardless of their participation. Love is the key, love yourself, love with the frequency vibration of your hearts as much you can, in all possible ways, for there is no need to use words but the language of light within your hearts.

Recognize, tiny or big all expressions of your loving beingness are the expressions of the creator of the multiverse in all forms and manifestations.

We are with you, always.

The Blue Ray Beings

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