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Love vs. Fear

Beloved beings of planet earth,

Every thought positive or opposite vibrates the same level of frequency, and it also responds to the vibrational content of your inner being.

It doesn't matter how many times a day you entertain that thought to manifest. Instead, when you infuse your thoughts with your feelings, it will manifest. Your thoughts have to vibrate from the place that it is already happening, emotionally. We, the Pleiadians, want to ask you to be mindful of the thoughts you are entertaining at this now moment. Be careful, be selective about your thoughts. Place your reliance on the nature of your Divinity.

You are a Divine miracle incarnated on earth. There is a higher power within you that nothing in this world that powers that. This higher power allows you to transcend the laws of time and space, the laws of physics and biology. The power of your emotions, in the power of your feelings, all you have is all you will ever need, all you will ever need is in your heart.

God lives in you as you are, within you; God alone is power despite outer appearances to the contrary.

Which thoughts would you choose to entertain fear or Love?

Before you answer, remember that you are Divine beings; therefore, Divine creators of your reality. What you hold within your consciousness as true will manifest externally in your reality, for there is no un-expressed consciousness. What comes from the place of Love will manifest just as well as its opposite.

We know that the world events once again had taken control, all over the media goals are to keep you frighten each day more and more. Use your free will, your spiritual connection to empower yourself to participate and embody your natural state of freedom. Avoid choosing uncertainty, turmoil not just in the now global fear but in all aspects of your lives.

We kindly ask you to listen to your hearts as for indeed there is a great power of awareness and true withing each one of you precious beings and to ask yourselves; What is the truth I consciously choose to believe?

Do not disregard the waves that the sea creates. We ask you to make an empowered decision and to choose the side of the balance to remain upright and steady on your convictions. United, as the ambassadors of the human race, you are more than ever empowered. Guide yourselves at all times from the place of empowerment rather than fear?

Practice whatever method suits you best in regards to your personal and global situation in alignment with unconditional Love, kindness, respect, and peace, and avoid to follow the old paradigm out of your programming reality. In the whole picture, look for the positive side of things, feel grateful for the journey that brought you to this time and space. The blessings of humanity coming together for what is happening in the now. As for this is creating more united awareness across planet earth and humanity.

To bypass or to ignore this low density of frequency would keep you in a state of disempowerment, a life of control and suffering within your physical and ethereal bodies. Instead, look for the positive side of the whole picture, feel grateful for the journey that brought you to this time and space. The blessings of what is happening in your reality are creating more united consciousness across the planet earth and your human family.

Your personal and global consciousness evolves into higher frequencies of truth, and Love, for the present forms of many ordinary ideas of expressions, will dissolve. The old denser energies that formed and held them in place would not be higher and lighter than the now extraordinary ascension of our beloved Gaia frequency vibration.

Beloved hearts, there is no need to feel threatening about the now reality, and the evolution of the human race taking place these processes are always for the best. Anyone who insists on perpetuating the ascension of humanity and its golden age, whether for personal or global gain, will fail.

The ascension of Gaia and all her creations, the new state of higher awakening consciousness, and the evolution of humanity is your birthright. One cannot make something out of anything without paying for its consequences. The evolution of humankind and the ascension of Gaia is taking place, whether some like it or not.

Blessings beloved earthlings,

We are ONE with you in the NOW!

The Pleiadians,

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