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Beloved hearts on Earth,

Feel not anger, frustration, or resentment, for this would make you be like those in control, instead use heart and brain wave frequencies, infused with love and compassion for each other across the Earth.

However, we say the darkest night is just before dawn. There will be many "last minute" attempts to stop Gaia's planetary ascension. Most of these "attempts" will continue to frighten humanity. How can you avoid feeling controlled, manipulated in the now reality? Consider the following as often to enjoy the benefits of your practice.

Turn off and avoid using your cell phones, computers, WI-FI, and TV as much as possible. These devices have now been manipulated more than ever, especially when you go to sleep, even if you turned them off. Unplug the cable from the electrical outlet while you sleep as this will help you big-time.

Avoid watch news and TV.

Avoid reading the newspaper.

Avoid anything negative either said or done to others.

Avoid Gossip.

Avoid being in crowds of people.

Avoid arguments.

Avoid drink alcohol or consume drugs.


Walk on nature.

Practice meditation.

Practice yoga or exercise.

Drink 2 liters of water minimum a day.

Talk to your friends and family let them know you forgive them and that you love them.

Smile and speak to YOURSELF each day say: I am myself, I love myself and all around me, and today is a new day, I am free, I am thankful, I am Love.

Do not allow negative energies to enter your space.

Honor your sovereignty, feel proud of being yourself, it is imperative to reaffirm your divine right to be here and now at this critical time of ascension. Even when things seem to be out of control, keep calm, continued focusing on compassion, and all that is. Your most significant test is yet to come, love, respect, celebrate yourself, and others, regardless of the separation that the media is creating across the world.

Honor your path of ascension as for nothing will ever robe you this precious moment. Nothing will stop your Divine reality, not even a fearful manipulation threatening your existence.

You all have built-in the most potent language older than any words; you know how to use it. The language of your immortal and eternal truth that translates into wisdom that echoes your soul is LOVE, LOVE, eternal, and omnipotent LOVE. The time is now to express without words, listen, feel the expression, and let your heart emanate its truth. Connect with all souls of the world by saying I LOVE YOU, I DO!

Just as you loved when you were in the womb, you knew when the commitment of the Sun filled you up with golden liquid light, nurturing all cells of your body. When the kindness of the wind caressed your senses when the water refreshed, and strength your consciousness and the Earth continues to share her Divine heartbeat and to cuddle you always to make you feel safe.

The time is now to love the whole that makes you be one collective human consciousness! Express the language of your Omnipotent, loving heart frequency, the freedom of self-expression, freedom to love equally, especially all that breathes and respires in the air, in the water, and the fire, across the Earth, express your heart vibration as ONE.

Beloved human beings, we the Pleiadians want you to remember who you are. Understand that the flame that you are is burning eternal and should never go out no matter how bright, you allow yourself to become. Understand that you exist in the now reality and that always you shall exist, be present in the NOW by stating out loud.

I am eternal,

I am infinite,

I am light frequency,

I am spirit,

I am a body,

I am mind,

I am heart,

I am a soul,

I am Idea,

I am thought and expression,

I am beautiful.

I am loved,

You are a dream of the infinite creation, a reality, and caused, within you contained all. You are the whole expression in your individualized reality. You are the matrix, the matrix is you, you are everything, and everything comes from you. Everything gives birth to you, as you reinforce the existence of everything and everyone. You are the infinite creation, the fabric of existence choose you, and showed you that you are blessed.

Understand that it is undeniable; you were created out of divine material, out of Divine love. You are Divine beings of the creator of the Multiverse and that you have the power to create realities. Therefore, use your heart, to create the one that contains love to overcome the one imposed on you by others in control.

Do not hate them, for doing so, is to become like them instead, love them; this is the way to freedom always. Be the infinite creator; your existence is a conscious decision, a conscious expression, a conscious choice.

Many blessings! We love you very much,

I am Pleiadian,

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