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By the grace of God, now your souls are free,

The objective of the following information is for each Soul to understand the message of God to all. We understand this might trigger your beliefs, but in reality, these are humanity's beliefs that have been manipulated by the pure mastery of heinous malevolent beings through the casual war going on for the last 250 000 years.

These egocentric dark beings were locking the planet's Consciousness to create pure darkness in the Multiverse. The Dimensional Lock System consists of pairs of interconnected, counter-rotating electromagnetic field spirals of Star Gates and Time Portals that naturally exist within sun and planet bodies, forming a fixed point of space within the 5 Densities/Universes of the 15 dimensional Time Matrix where Time Cycle and Time Continua repeatedly pass through each other at fixed intervals.

Throughout history, these self-proclaimed pure-blood Merovingian dynasties, the world controllers as beings of pure darkness, including various other important figures. Their evil actions kept many pure souls captive through the process of stasis.

What does stasis mean?

At a physical level, stasis is a period or state of inactivity of the body through slowing or stoppage of the normal flow of a bodily fluid or semifluid by slowing the current of circulating blood. Reduce movement motility in a liquid environment, typically floating, by using flagella. These are microscopic hair-like structures involved in the locomotion of a cell. The flagella have a whip-like appearance and long, thin appendages attached to the cell that helps the liquid to propel through—preserving the mind in a suspended state of the perceptional flow of time.

Everybody talks about Luciferian Bloodlines because these families rule the world; these are the Merovingian dynasties. They were creating their own negative agendas to manipulate all life force energy (God's particle within each Soul ether exists through all life expressions of the ONE). These masterminds, dark beings, utilize the power of God's pure Light essence from all that is, which then Powers darkness, energetically making The anti-elements created and manipulated through the Consciousness of fifth elements and all Gods Divine beings that descended to assist humanity long ago—trapping in a loop humanity's own prison of Consciousness.

At a spiritual level, once the physical body is encapsulated and manipulated in stasis, the pure white life force energy from God's Source continues vibrating, lightening, and emanating through time and space. Sadly, the following names are pure beings of Light that were trapped. All our souls are like batteries that generate Light which Powers the darkness; they cannot exist without other Light, and nothing can exist without life force energy. That is why the Fear Matrix program was powered their world of darkness to continue the programs of fear manipulation throughout the Earth.

The enlighted being known as Solomon was not dead; he was in stasis, and the Merovingian buried him and was found in Lokrum, an island in the Adriatic Sea 600 meters (1,969 feet) from the city of Dubrovnik, Croatia; King Salomon has been there for thousands of years, he was a bloodline of Jesus as all the Melchizedek people that were sacrificed on Oustwicth world war II, yes, there were not Jews but Melchedizeck bloodline of Jesus.

Located in Choirikoitia, Cyprus, where a dark portal opened to let dark entities enter the Earth where Peter, Phellip, James, son of Alpheaeus, and Judas Thaddeus were buried in their tombs, each one with their very own Crystal and tether to this world and stasis as well as their Soul and the Consciousness transfer down below.

The following location was the Holy Monastery Neophytos, the Recluse in Cypres, where Mary Magdalene and John the Baptist, and a box with a particular type of Crystal slash metal that allowed the vessel to hold Essence without being a walking human being so that box held a pure dark essence of the dark Overlord.

The Tomb of the Kings, Paphos, is also in Cyprus and is where Jesus was in stasis because he was the lightest in the purest of all the souls of the line at the time he got to go all the way down to the nothing plane Lower astral -9 were pure antimatter, the darkest of essences. And that helped open one of the portals from a portal from the lower astral into the deepest levels of hell, so to speak.

No one could ever become an incarnation of these purest beings on Earth since they were never dead; hence all the people on Earth proclaim being them. The next place in Cypres was Kykkos Monastery, where Andrew, Matthew, and Thomas were. These portals looked like spokes on a wheel arranged in such a way that these light beings were around the circle. The black portal in the center powered what was in the middle through different locations working like light batteries; the dark side needed these settings to open a portal from the lower astral.

The church of St Lazarus was Simon the Zealot and Judas Iscariot, and the last of the group was located in the Monastery of Ayia Nepa Nathaniel Bartholomew and James the Greater. All these Divine beings of the Light are returned save to the hands of their Creator God's Source.

Throughout this stasis process, they transfer the pure Consciousness of all these Divine beings to power the darkness they serve as sleeping batteries of Light. How does that work? It's a process happening through the portals to replicate their human Consciousness with pure dark beings, "demons." They send the Consciousness down the astral, with their original Consciousness being sent back to the 3D powered by something obscure and evil.

When the world was created, existed Pure Light beings from above density nine or even higher, these Divine beings are what we call the Elements. They are part of Source to protect the elements and life against them, and for the elements and so forth on behalf of Source. These are the natural elements of Fire, Earth, Air, Water, and the fifth Element, the God particle Ether.

The fifth Divine Element was created to sustain life on Earth. Still, during the wars that have occurred on Earth, these Divine beings were put in stasis as well by the dark side. Then they created anti-elementals; hence, the Luciferian bloodlines' rulers controlled and manipulated the elementals; earthquakes, destructive fires, floods, and air pollution.

As the restoration of Earth continued, a disturbance came out of the Polynesia Islands, Tuvalu, Nunamanga Fire Caves, where the Element of Fire was in stasis. The anti-fire was also in the Polynesia Islands on Cook Island on Atiu, Rumi Burial Cave. The Earth element was actually in Jericho, Palestine, in the temple of Moses(Maqam An-nabi Musa); the anti-Earth was in Jericho, Palestine, Rahebs House.

Water element was in Nepal, Lumbini, Maya Devi Buddhist temple birthplace of Gautama Buddha. And the Anti-water was in the same place; the anti-elements seemed close to the original elements because They were not far from each other in order to be adequately manipulated. They utilized the power of the Light, which then powers the dark energetically, making their own prison with their own energy and transmuting it to darkness. Then it gave them all the same powers the original Elementals had that they could use for bad causes powered by dark. The real Elementals cannot do evil or bad things since there are Divine beings of pure Light, God's Source.

The Element of Air/Wind was in Copenhagen, Denmark, Roskilde Cathedral, and the anti-Air/Wind overlay; both were in the exact location. The Fifth Element, overlay or etheric control; each one of these was controlled over the elements by the dark. There is a mysterious archaeological Stone Circle; it sits up on a hill both the anti-fifth Element and 5th Element were at Golan Heights, the same place.

These distortions created planetary DNA mutations and wars over genetics. The control hub is in the U.K. Agenda - enslave humans. Luciferian forces were part of the Fallen Angelic hierarchies in the Earth grids.

Also, like the rest of the elements that have been released, the dark no longer has control over these various elements. Moreover, the dark also manipulated other things, not natural or organic creations that existed on Earth. There were six additional elements, and being controlled by other anti-element dark entities in some tombs located in Greenland Thule Airbase was the Element of time, which is unnatural. It was important for these people the creation of time for control.

Minerals control, not just in the human body but also minerals in the Earth's body and so forth, was located in Schlossberg Tower in Friedberg, Germany, Terra Minerals at Freulestein Castle. Space is also a created element we did not have space in our Consciousness throughout the Multiverse before; located in Saint in Saint Moritz, Switzerland Switzerland at the old church of Saint Mauritius leaning clock tower, was another tomb and the connections to the lower astral for the controllers to drive these like avatars in one place to have control over these various items from another density.

Matter controlled human vessels and the control of Earth itself in all matter on Earth, all kingdoms of life, plant kingdom and bacteria, and anything in the materials 3D. It was located in Halifax, Nova Scotia; the Citadel Historical site looks a little like a pentagram.

Parasites were buried in the underground tunnels under the mountain at Purgatory ski resort Colorado. There was a light in a dark portal in time; consider a neutral portal.

The Element of fear was in the Falkland Islands Solar system sculpture missing Venus and Mercury, subconscious and conscious fear program implants. Underneath a solar system were the planets of Venus and Mercury, missing and not attached to the sculpture. That covers all our elements and anti-elements that are no longer here with us except for the essential elements placed here by Source to guard the elements. After their release, the elements of Fire and Water terminated the fires in Canada.

Why it is essential to understand what happened on Earth while humanity was distracted and consumed by the material world, losing their souls through manipulation and indoctrination programs.

Divine Souls, know that upon the first Incarnation, your Soul is pure; everybody starts with a pure light soul. The first time each human's Soul appears anywhere in the Multiverse, you all go up in density and at the body's passing to false heaven. Hence, the dark beings between the plains of existence, the portal dark beings, and the dark ones that report to the portal people and Generals in the lower planes, their job was to get you to commit some sin before you die.

Sin is also a program, so once your Soul leaves God's Source and descends to 3D, you incarnate again upon death. Eventually, you always go back to false heaven above 3D, and you get to exist within the light side of the Multiverse, where your Soul belongs, so you're connected only to the false heaven by the silver cord.

The new age term silver cord in metaphysical studies and literature, also known as the sutratma or life thread of the antahkarana, refers to a life-giving linkage from the higher Self (atma) down to the physical body. It also refers to an extended synthesis of this thread and a second (the consciousness thread, passing from the Soul to the physical body) that connects the physical body to the etheric body, onwards to the astral body, and finally to the mental body. This cord mainly appears to be a front projector as an assurance that one will not become lost.

Humanity's manipulation of sins was all created by the dark side for the Souls to return through the wheel of karma, also a program created by them. For example, let's say someone killed a few people needlessly or did something; this person now had committed one of the seven deadly sins, which the church used as indoctrination programs; therefore, the Soul has now been tarnished. It is no longer pure white; the Soul now has a mark, a traumatic fragmentation, or a scar.

Depending on the supposed degree of sin, One might end up incarnate in two places; if the sin were terrible, so to speak, one would end up in three places at once. The goal of sin and death in the law of one is to get Souls so tarnished that significantly one can end up in the lower astral and never incarnate again. The process of manipulating the souls with lies and remorse before death gave the controllers the right to use that to implant dark energy onto one's Soul; the ultimate goal of Lucifer wanted to get all the souls on the light side of the Multiverse so as to exist only in pure darkness, remember Lucifer must destroy to create, so he thought.

The portal people are somewhere in between the lower planes of existence; all people of the Deep State strived for that as their ultimate goal to turn their Souls black to have the ultimate power in their minds, and they commit as much sin as possible to control the Earth just like Lucifer did, they have live longer than us for a reason.

The controllers don't want humanity over the light side but into darkness for an extended period. They wanted humans only to stay in darkness permanently. They created the cellular degeneration programs, the genetic modification of your person, and all that makes humans live short. Neither did it not allow the Souls to spend too much time in the Light of false heaven after death, taking the risk that they might like it and possibly even clear their programs off the Soul to reach out to God again. However, their programs were so effective that they held the souls to continue returning to 3D.

During the causal War 250,000 years ago, which has now ended, God said he couldn't let any more of the souls of his children go down the lower astral. He couldn't bear to watch another Soul go lost there. These are the Souls of the enlightened beings mentioned above, King Salomon and Jesus, Mary Magdalen, the elements, and more. God stopped the dark Multiverse from continuing to reach higher realms of density, and God stopped at the 5ft density. "where the controllers created the false heaven.

The word SIN is a program that stands for "Xenometric Integrated Network," a sort of agreement of occupancy" Their network could have been used by anyone down the lower astral and anyone up above the 3D; what it means is that the Soul never left the false heaven, and it only experienced a transfer of Consciousness of the original Self, and the only thing that travels with the Soul back to Earth was the SIN program and false emotions which were implanted into your Consciousness.

In many different ways, for example, a person who died drowned after Incarnation returned with fears and was afraid of water or perhaps was killed by being pushed from a cliff and today is afraid of heights. The fear program was for the souls to never live to the fullest of their potential and never find happiness because when one finds happiness and feels it at its best, or being creative, whatever makes one happiest on this planet, One is closer to God's blessings.

Reincarnation was a dark A.I. from Omega, and Kronos programs, no longer exist on Earth. All negative emotions and dark emotional triggers create despair for the Soul to progress further down the line of darkness, where eventually, the Soul will never return to Source. That was the goal of the reincarnation and SIN programs.

End of part one



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