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Ah Ta Ra Sa

Divine souls or planet earth,

Open your mind and your hearts to remember your Divinity, to accept your divinity because you really are Divine.

When I call you divine souls, it is because, in fact, you are divine beings living a human experience, and this is not intentional to make you feel good and jet pun intended since you literally live a human experience in all aspects of your Divine physical incarnation.

What you ignore is that every thought and emotion you create gives you a worldly desire or undesired. Let us use the example of money, Divine soul understands that since you are incarnated in a physical body since MONEY is a big part of your Divine reality, you have the power to access your abundance to create a new reality of freedom instead of keeping worrying about the physical and financial matters.

There is nothing divine to worrying about how you will be able to pay your bills, your mortgage, and all the things you limit yourself to experience. Unfortunately, the matrix programs had make humanity believed that as citizens of the earth, one most paid to live here on earth, to pay for the land you live, the food you eat, restricting yourself less of what you deserve since you all have to sustain your families, etc.

This is just a lacking conscious belief that humans perpetuate each day of their lives by continuing to ignoring their abundance within. This is only one perspective of their many restricted reality, in most cases, self-induced.

Divine souls on earth, you all know that you are unlimited; once you decide to be, to experience different than the reality you are in the now, just by redirection, your thoughts and actions will take you to be in a higher vibrational conscious reality only because you decided to create a new reality full of abundance. Become proof of yourself and what is possible for everything in your life, this is how you can assist others by modeling, inspiring to what is possible when you change your belives about Money.

Change your belive, and you will change your reality!

When you embody your Divinity among your brothers and sister on planet earth, you will understand that your human and Divine aspects are not separate; this is only an illusion. At a practical level, having the desire for money will assist you in creating the reality you want to live in.

If you think Money is limited, you are the one conditioning yourself to believe that is not enough. When you think money is abundant, you are reconditioning yourself to believe that there are no limits but the ones you create in your mind.

You have the power to create realities based on your conscious ideals to freeing yourself from all that say you can't. Just as when practiced gratitude, mostly everyone thinks that good things come from outside of oneself, from the universe, from God, or whatever told analogy you may like to use. Be grateful and avoid thinking that anything good comes from outside of yourself.

You are not the grateful recipient of some benevolence of some outside of you authority or external or superior force, even though there is a foreign and superior force that wants you to keep you in that belive, all the indoctrination programs that say: Money is the root of all evil, by making you believe that in order to be more spiritual and Divine you have to become poor so you can be holly.

You are already holy and Divine, and your spirit lives in you; everything good happening to you comes from within and everything wrong as well. You must avoid thinking that anything good comes from outside of you, this delusion will continue preventing you from embodying your incredible and Divine power, you all have the Divine right to free yourselves from any program of disempowerment.

If something doesn't feel right, whatever may be? Then don’t do it anymore. When you accept that gratitude is not separate from the Divine. Instead, accept that gratitude comes from within that as Divine beings, anything you decide to experience; good or bad will show up because, after all, you ARE Divine beings. No one has to deserve it, or to do anything to be Divine, nor to work through anything to be Divine. Sadly you don’t even have to believe that you are Divine.

Divine souls, YOU are DIVINE right here, right now, you are wholly and entirely DIVINE whether you consciously believe it or not because that is just what you are D I V I N E!

To not believe or acknowledge that you are Divine will be as silly as said that only humans can breathe? There is not a Divine part of yourself somewhere outside of your human body. You all born Divine; your higher self is a higher aspect of your Divine self and not an extension of someone way up, higher of you. Be precise and careful not to place your Divinity somewhere outside of you, for this will continue to perpetuate the cycle of separation. Your body, mind, soul, your thoughts, your actions, everything you are, and there is not part of yourself that is not DIVINE, please understand this.

Some of you may say, well, how is it that I am Divine, and my situation is not an easy one?

The answer is; You are precisely where you are because you believe that!

You have the Divine right to save yourself and create your reality separate from the matrix programs. Remember, the matrix is everything. If you want to have a different life experience, it is not that hard, just follow and listen to your heart desires, listen to your gut feelings. If your belief is restricted, look for it there is plenty of good books teaching you how to change, how to quiet your mind, some techniques of how to shield yourself are optimum before sleep and when you wake up.

The information on any subject is always available, remember what you are looking for, is actually looking for you! Don't be unwilling to work or use energy for your own benefit; do your homework.

Think Divine, be Divine, speak Divine, is only a matter of time when you remember your potentials and that you are Divine since the day you were born!

I am Mut, Divine mother of the Gods.

Thank you for listening, I am sending you Divine sea of love always!

Ah Ta Ra Sa

Be Divine forever!


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