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Ascension is your birthright!

Greetings Divine Souls,

Be grounded, loving and peaceful within your hearts, Since those in control of the Matrix, “the dark ones know” that on April 4th and 5th will be an astronomical configuration, Jupiter and Pluto conjunction creating a portal through which we will unify our consciousness. We would be entering a new portal o planetary timeline where ascension for all humanity will happen in the best way possible for all, as the optimal ascension timeline for the planet.

Those in control want the humanity of planet earth to focus on fear to prevent them from the opportunity to free yourselves from their subjugation and to move into higher realms of frequency vibration as a collective human race.

Ascension is your birthright!

Our beloved Gaia is in the transition to move into the 5D reality of freedom from those in control. Remember, every human shares their vibrational frequency with planet earth. The more afraid humanity becomes more distortions on their DNA will affect our planet by making it difficult for humanity to focus on their ascension. This threatening situation of a virus thing is a planetary manipulation, another way to create a distraction and distortions on every human DNA to prevent them from embodying their Divinity.

Remember, each of you influences 18 miles of space around and above you; the more you think loving-based thoughts, the more you will help any positive or negative ones to BLOOM. Nourish and feed the positive love vibrations and look at this situation from a rational and positive instead of an emotional point of view.

Right now is NOT the time to allow negativity to divide you all. Everyone on earth experience fears, anxiety, or stress; we ALL are on the same side, of control. Reframe or stop fighting among yourselves trying to prove your points one way or another, regarding this or any agenda.

The downloads I always share are for the betterment anyone wishing just to read and experience in the now timeline. You all have the Divine free will to do and feel as you desire. You don’t even have to listen or follow what I am saying. The best way to follow your own guidance is to tune-up with the frequency of your hearts. The visions that will come out through your soul are born within your Divine heart as a glimpse that shows you a new path.

Be calm; let go of fear, take care of your hygiene, wash your hands, eat well, and practice a healthy exercise and meditation regularly. Follow your heart, shift into the divine essence you all are for only you can do while walking this journey, see how much better you feel—Balance all aspects of your body, soul, and mind. Give yourself the gift of your presence to all that is, especially to our beloved Gaia, be grounded, be thankful, be love, be free!

Remember why you are here and where you are going?

Our Families from the stars the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Antarians, Venusians Andromedand, Sirians, Hathors, Blue Avians, and many more that are 100% of the light of the creator of all sentient beings, all the Gods and Goddesses, ascended masters, our beloved angels, and archangels. Together united for one cause, love and freedom, we would get through and change to a new time and space of this now reality into one of omnipotent love, unison, freedom, and abundance to all.

Sending you omnipotent love and blessings always,

I am Mut, Divine mother of the Gods


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