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Humanity won the battle of Light against the absence of Light.

Episode 1

The Councils of 5 and each galactic representative of the Multiverse have decreed. The councils of five have assisted Earth and the galaxy we exist on and assisted other planets outside Earth in a coordinated effort with all galactic beings of higher densities to bring the age of Light for the entire Multiverse had said.

We decreed that it is time for those running from the Light of truth to come forward. Without the truth, it would be no need for further connection between you and source God. It was and always be your free will choice. Now it's up to Source, God Creator; you have done all you can to show who you chose as your allegiance against the Light and life on Earth against Source God, and no others will continue to come against all Light. There is no room for this behavior any longer in the restoration of this world or in those who have followed your example; your responsibility in the world is complete.

Be mindful when others ask you to pray to God; instead, ask them what kind of God you are praying for and what for. A dark being, one that preys on and controls humans or the Creator of the Multiverse.

The dark bloodlines of E.T. families on Earth occupied higher ranks by manipulating humans. These beings are known as the world's controllers. They became such advanced masters of technology that they knew how to tap hijacks through narrow a frequency to any advanced technology—pillaging and using violence, especially in wartime, to take the Earth's rare minerals, Divine-human children, and precious metals for their gain.

Our beloved mother, Earth, had anchored the Light as much as she could for the last 3 billion years, going on an eternal battle as the dark beings wanted to overthrow her Light. Mother Earth held the Light by caring for all that breathes and respires in the Air, the Water, the Earth, and the Fire, so to speak, regardless of all transgression, experiments, contamination, explosions, poisoning, earthquakes, biological warfare, and radioactive attempts created to destroy her soul, body, and spirit essence.

Just as humanity is blessed, having three main parts: the body, the soul, and the spirit. All of these parts have specific functions. The Earth's Soul magnifies God's expressions through all that is. When the Omega and Kronos systems existed were the opposite of the Light system Alpha. There were opposites of Light and pure darkness; the greatest ever news is that our beloved Mother Earth Spirit gets to return to God's Source, wearing her crown of eternal Light and Glory on April 30th, 2023, the battle of Light against the absence of Light for the last 250 000 years ended. Officially the Light won in the Multiverse.

Do not be concerned or feel abandoned since the scalar waves of pure light plasma enter via the new star, "The Sun." More than ever, bathing the planet with God's Source of pure Light is taking care of humans via the etheric cities of Light; as the waves of Light continue to propel very rapidly, human consciousness brains will begin to use more Light, transmuting the gray matter in the brain created by the light Alpha and Omega antimatter, dark essence that combined making the gray mater that prevented all brains on Earth from communicating correctly since it divided the lobes of the brain.

Like the brain's gray matter, many referred to the silver cord as a consequence of combining black and white that anchored within the solar plexus or sacral chakras via the Earth. Rejoice, Divine hearts, the Veil of Darkness has left the Earth, and it is officially the end of the war against the Light that took 250 000 years and now has ended; you are free divine humans.

Did you know the human body is like a Starship, a direct Lifeline Force? The fractal expression of Consciousness mimics itself and can directly download information from Source energetic field. Each human Consciousness has a natural magnetic and gravitational field process that constantly charges like a live battery, creating motion through emotions. When one creates a certain resonance, one creates matter and experiences the matter structure.

Thoughts are energy manifested through Consciousness just as one thinks and takes action, creating something from moment to moment. One creates via thoughts manifesting immediately since Consciousness reflects in that particular individuality or whatever one entertains becomes part of the self-structure of manifestation. Therefore, one becomes part of the Natural Way of Consciousness structure based on the resonance structures for itself.

If one desires to experience and see a new positive evolution of self, engage in raising one's frequency not only individually but from one individual frequency. One also projects the positive into the collective. You are the subatomic particle, the smallest of the smallest, and expand to the collective because there is no difference between your and the collective resonance. Why? This is a quantum by law; there is nobody outside of you.

No matter what, one is entertaining since thoughts would immediately manifest; this is how Consciousness is created and reflected in that particular individual resonance. However, the energy collects, like energetic Fuel, becomes part of the structure of One's reality. Moreover, part of the Natural Way in Consciousness structure is based on the resonance structures for yourself mimicking one another to exist in the third or above-dimensional structure.

With advanced technology, the manipulators of the time matrix, and one's negative hologram thoughts, the controllers harvested that energy and swapped one's Consciousness into a phantom Earth reality.

One always creates anything through Consciousness and reflects in that particular vibrational frequency. That energetic fueling becomes part of the structure one creates from moment to moment to become part of the structure. The Natural Way of Consciousness is based on the resonances. One moves to different realities and parallel structures, mimicking back what is set to put out.

Without carefully considering thoughts, one can experience the realities and probabilities of fluctuation going through the energetic field corresponding to a particular reality. All Humanity has experienced and learned from past lives, memories from the present personality, and all the conditions and aspects of one's life. No one can ever lose those basic experimental memories one created to learn during one incarnation. It is the memories that one has held within their DNA to remember and make the best of One's reality within the present incarnation. These past experiences are written down in everyone's DNA, and this is the crystalline hard drive one can use to decode and change reality.

You see! No one can do anything one has not decided to participate in. Yet, there is a fear program that controls the mind rather than understanding that the ABSOLUTE, omnipotent, and DIVINE LOVE GOD within your precious hearts has always been even after the body stops functioning like an old car that has served its purpose, so the body is. The excellent news is, right now, anyone can change their programmed minds to change their present timeline reality.

Everything you can think of and more exists and is possible somewhere and in some density in its dimensions. Only the limits of self-awareness and understanding define any concept, idea, or law.

So there are no natural laws governing physics or anything at all, from the original Source GOD within a point of view or any being having an existential experience in a higher density. Each Divine being has set perceptual agreements called existential laws depending on its spiritual level and awareness. There are no fundamental laws and constants in the Multiverse but ABSOLUTE AND OMNIPOTENT LOVE.

There is no material world and no solid body, only agreements that may vary from culture to culture depending on each Consciousness—remembering from higher densities and forgetting that there is no matter as such. Therefore, there is no material body either, only the idea that one is.

The spirit within has an illusory and solid matter experience, and other beings forget that and attach themselves to the idea that all that exists is solid matter and not a spirit, with this forgetting who they indeed are in favor of a solid experience. The realization that one is not only a body and soul but that everyone else, and even more that everything else, everything that exists, is all of us becoming ONENESS, expanding as one true identity. Love is the acceptance and the integration of whatever one loves as part of who one chooses to become. The more capacity to love ONE has, the higher a density ONE can achieve to experience the whole and listen to God's words within one's Divine Heart of all.

Everything that exists, from a simple concept in one's mind to people and objects, they all are a mere reflection of ONESELF because it is one's unique perspective based on one's personal experience that makes and interprets everything around one's reality, so one is who defines the outside world, and not the other way around.

You are the one who is decoding the field of potential energy and giving everything in it a unique meaning, forming perceptional agreements based on what defines one as an individual. The soul experiences a group of concepts, attachments, and ideas that a larger consciousness group holds dear within an infinite source of Consciousness as the Original Source.

Humans are a group of ideas and concepts in God's mind, which God has grown attachments to, using the word "God" in a rhetorical manner with no religious intent or meaning as this is what ONE has chosen to be and forgot after incarnation.

Understand that everything is a part of Source consciousness, the good and the bad going on, all that one doesn't want, and all that one desires as an individual soul with unique coordinates of time and space within each quantum reality. Interpreted as the field of potential energy existing within, forming one's ideas of interpreting complex matter as material realms of manifestation.

The material world is nothing more than another idea of agreement one experiences as a solid realm only because each one holds and sustains the illusion of what ONE' S desires to experience. Since One sees the world from the inside and manifests it as a physical identity or reality considered a solid matter, and loses one's perception to remember who one has always been.

What would you do now that Light has won the battle against the absence of Light?

How can one expect to get along with a Galactic being that doesn't look at all to humans when many humans still not getting along with other humans?

Stay tuned; episode 2 will continue.



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