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Divine consciousness of the One

Love is the infinite essence of life that flows through all divine expressions of the ONE, the consciousness of the ONE within all manifesting in all plants, mineral kingdoms, creatures of Spirit, Air, Water, Fire, and Earth human beings. Divine self-expression is the estate of the Heart. In metaphysics, one's spirit hologram expresses a conscious subtle, materialized physical body to express one's incarnation on Earth. Sadly humans are programmed to believe they are physical bodies with consciousness containing a soul.

The soul is the source of our expression through our humanity, it is eternal, and the only way we can experience God is through our spirit. The soul channels physicality and emotions. The soul is our mind, our emotions, and our will. It is who human beings are. Indeed the soul is the part of one that experiences emotions that translates via our senses; to enjoy our lives in the body shape, color, ethnicity, and sex one chooses at birth. Do not confuse culture with ethnicity. The difference between ethnicity and culture is the division of groups of people depending on their ancestry, culture, or other characteristics of the society they were born into. On the other hand, culture is a social phenomenon that explains a particular society's characteristics.

The expression of God's creations manifested in Love is through our spirit, manifested as the connection with the creator of all that exists, the divine light and eternal truth of who one is since when the body stops functioning, the soul continuous for eternity looking to experience different than the last incarnation. Therefore spirit is our spiritual and deeper connection with all creations of God, flowers, vegetables, minerals, animal kingdom, humans, Air, Wind, Fire, Earth, and Spirit, expressed through God's Love to all.

Imagine like the wind consciousness or Divine conscious element of Air connected to all life worldwide, everything that respires and breathes just so; spirit is the only way to connect with God, creator of the Universe, and other nationals from other star constellations and planets, all united by the undeniable truth that Love is real.

By the power of one's Heart coupled with purposeful actions and deep rapport to source spirit, one can open the gates of Love to communicate with all creations and become ONE sovereign human being. Your spirit is wisely enriched with free will, and you always know what is best when you ask from your Heart and whatever you desire, release the desire to know the how, why, when, and where. Part of free will is learning how to use it consciously at all times, trusting the results are always for the greatest good.

When you ask from your Heart and trust, you will receive it. As one strengthens, the ability to choose free will enforces what One brings to self at all times. One is a manifestation of the free will manifestation hologram, not physical bodies with consciousness. Instead, you are conscious of the materialized body you chose for this lifetime.

Therefore the separation and indifference many continue expressing will continue to create more 3D low density and become a 3D Matrix played on the minds of humanity; this decisive mind game or belief system continues to power the3D reality.

The narratives one accepted from media, channels of ufology, and spirituality, are all calculated and controlled by those who desperately want you to be in a lower 3D itself. Use your discernment and the intelligence of your Heart when you read or listen to someone's perception of one's reality, including this post. Everything is tainted by the narratives that control human perception guiding agendas by the elites, the controllers, who want people to think or fear the reality they create. Yes, some people will indeed know more than others, including non-humans speaking. But what each person must take as truth must come from their own mind, making their own decisions with full responsibility for their choices and what they want to believe.

There is no point in giving humans another planet or transferring them if one wouldn't take Earth and all the problems created by humans' consciousness in the first place. One must understand its own problems to find its own solutions. No one is a victim of the actual circumstances of the state the world is in at this time. To think that removing humanity from a polluted planet and transferring humans into a new paradise is not the answer. Humans' belief and perception agreements generate the Matrix either being controlled by the 3D or working in unison to shift into the 5D Heart vibration.

Understand that whoever controls human perception controls the Matrix. Yes. This is why one must exit the system using free will and self-governance. Gather with others who feel the same, not to separate even more but to teach all those ready to make the change for the betterment of our Divine Earth consciousness.

Have you asked or understood what we are awakening to?

Finally, humanity is beginning to awaken to the knowledge that there are an infinite number of planets, and humanity is starting to accept that there really are Higher-Dimensional Beings, often called the "Galactics." Galactic families resonate with a higher frequency of reality, like the Fifth Dimension's frequency and beyond.

Pledging that if anyone raises one's frequency and acts from the Heart without expectations, one will experience the most magnificent Heart to Heart first contact experience from above like never before.

Therefore, humans can ignore that there are forms of beings that could be more advanced than we are and continue entertaining the 3D-programmed Matrix. Or humans can begin to realize that, in reality, consciousness is expanding into higher frequencies.

Understand that ONE will always be the source of creation itself of One's reality. If ONE intention is clear regarding consent or not, the Universe will understand the will because you are the Universe. Whatever intentions One entertains unconsciously and subconsciously, the Universe will manifest all the time. A simple yes or no has a tremendous power that goes far beyond complicated affirmations that only create more confusion.

If you like to understand quantum reality, imagine that the consciousness and subconscious mind are going in two directions. Consciously, ONE wants to be happy, and subconsciously, ONE believes this is impossible simultaneously within two probable realities of unlimited possibilities. Therefore ONE experiences by default the reality ONE is convinced or more accurate based on One's belief.

The Quantum structure of Oneself is like a map that can be relocated easily whenever one travels unlimited potentials through the probable realities. This thought process may seem complex at first. Once one gets the bases and basics of the quantum reality one is created, more and more be unlocked and revealed. The key to creating a conscious reality is repetition and understanding that one creates oneself reality frequently, mutating the molecular structure of One's brain synopsis.

To resonate moment-to-moment with new sound waves of resonances, imprinting a new hologram version of Oneself. To recreate a new molecular structure in an energetic field, based on the Heart resonance, in other words, the ether structure of one's body that connects the seven embody and eight morphogenetic chakras. The vibrational frequency created by the mind-body, DNA, and chakras system is based on the perception of oneself as reality.

A daily conscious perception creates a new reality, a new hologram, and a new timeline. Understand oneself consciousness daily as it has different expressions of consciousness itself and when it reprints itself creates different realities for One to exist at the same time in multiple parallel realities.

The dimensional process of reality states that the alternative decision is played out in another reality for every decision made. There's an infinite number of parallel realities and universes where every possibility exists. By breaking the speed of reality, you can cross dimensions and arrive at such a universe. A dimensional jump is when the subject can transcend from one dimension to another using a transdimensional portal of one's Heart.

This portal is in your Heart, combining your emotional compass, solar plexus, and root chakras. Why one must control and understand the power of each chakra. Understand your solar plexus emotions not by hiding or fighting your emotions; remember, what you fight persists. Instead, allow yourself to feel and understand what triggers an emotional state where you lose yourself entirely out of anger or frustration.

If all humanity focuses on a Pink World with all their might and the frequency of their Heart, the pink work immediately will manifest. So you see how far we are or how close it all depends on each consciousness to stop aggressing among yourselves. Just because some are awakening first doesn't give them the right to exclude those following. Remember what we all have to go through before awakening into advanced consciousness.

What does it mean to be a sovereign being?

For many means to be responsible, self govern, respectful, kind, listen to one's inner voice and act according to the best outcome for the betterment of all and not be governed. Instead of doing what someone else says or being controlled by the circumstances based on fear reactions. It also means being conscious and responsible for how one affects another person, including plants and animals, because we are all connected.

An energy shift happens if you were to say or do something bad for another human being when they're not in defense of themselves or the life of another. That energy comes back, and one starts to experience what One puts out. Because this is how consciousness works, and everyone has been conned or victimized by another at some point. And sometimes, many humans, no matter how bad the situation gets, always do the right thing because they are conscious of their choices and consequences due to the energetic exchange between two or more involved; this means respecting others' sovereignty. And this is a small aspect of a comprehensive behavior to interact in the creator's world.

The Fear narratives all-around media are to keep your frequency lowered and away from what is about to happen to our beautiful planet and our divine consciousness. I cannot say more. Only trust in your hearts, and focus with all your might on anchoring the Love and light from your Heart to all our beautiful Human families worldwide. If you can read between the lines and follow the whispers of your divine Heart, take yourself to the next level of consciousness, for only ONE can decide for Oneself.

Visualize how beautiful and One you are with all the light. Feel how your energy flows to all parts of the planet, filling all beings that breathe the light of the creator, plants, animals, and humanity with Light, Love, and Prosperity, and fill them with your Love.

Now mentally or out loud, repeat the following daily; Father and Mother of all that exists, thank you for all that I am and all the spiritual wealth I have and carry in my Heart. May all sentient beings be aware of their Love and light and seek it from this moment on. Fill their Hearts with Love and Light across the Earth and be blessed.


Be Divine Forever!



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