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By the Grace of God, the Multiverse is being reset.

Nowadays, humanity is getting so light as the planet's ascension continues washing away by Source God—all those marks that we have, scars that the Soul has earned throughout many lifetimes. In order to understand God's message to all souls on Earth, all the above must be explained to ensure humanity understands the end goal and the reason for God's gift to all.

Calling the ball means; Later, this was shorted to the "ball." When an aircraft is on approach in the groove, the LSO will ask the pilot in the approaching aircraft to "Call the ball," meaning "Tell me when you can see the light." Answering in the affirmative, the pilot will then "fly the ball," so to speak, onto the flight deck.

Down astral plane level -9, where only pure antimatter and darkness existed, there was a crystal ball, so to speak, full of pure Light Source in the dark world of Lucifer; the destroyers, reptilians, and all of these portal people down there had forgotten that it was and still always God by agreement, this pure Light Source. It was always him without this; by calling the ball, so to speak, the pure Light Source returned to Alpha, and by calling the ball away, all the dark lower densities ceased to exist.

Beloved Souls, this agreement had now ended like many others. The first agreement that needed to expire was the spark of the Creator for the anti-universe; that means "calling the ball." The following expired agreement was the Testaments of Time creation. God seemed very heavy-hearted with all the things he witnessed, but he couldn't break his word. Just like your word is your bond, if you say something is going to exist, then it will exist.

Until such agreements turned the tables, the vibrations of Earthmoving us out entirely of the lower astral, all of these steps had to be taken before he could call the ball. Getting rid of the misuse of crystals, made materials and attachments, cords, and things affecting humans, all the anti-planets trapped in the lower astra like anti-Saturn, anti-mars, and all matrixes, etc.

Divine souls know that before fear, there was only Love and Light; fear was created as the opposite of love. God said that you are even taught to fear Him. It made God sad that you were taught to fear his love. It was taught by churches and religions to fear his love, and they also make humans do all kinds of crazy different things. Telling that humans are sinners and God will punish them, religions created a distorted version of a punitive God. Guilt and shame also prevent you from fully accepting the love and the Light of the Creator.

The seven deadly sins are behaviors or feelings that inspire further sin. They are typically ordered as pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth. Humanity has done things in their lives that made them feel guilty or shameful, not feeling worthy of the love of the Creator, nor feeling worthy of the love of their spouse, children, or friends. But know that God wants you to receive his ultimate love in your life; you deserve happiness and wholeness in your life, your Soul, and your vessel; still, you are worthy.

God said free will, is also a program; in religion, they say: "If it is your will, God," this also interferes with your ability to manifest in your life things because you're still saying if it is the will. In the movie the kingsman, they manipulate humans' free will by telling them to get FREE SIM cards for their cell phone service. Then the giver of free SIM cards in the movie wants to flip a switch and get everybody to kill each other. The Vax program from 2019 was offered for free and took many souls away using their free will, or so they thought.

It was a program intended to break down direct communication between you and the Creator. God has taken and expired the will program and replaced it with Clarity, co-creativity manifestation, and wisdom because each Soul possesses sovereignty and self-governance. God gives you Clarity and the ability to co-create with the Light of God within your hearts to manifest and use your wisdom, ever-flowing wellness, and abundance.

God replaced with Truth and Love all lies, guilt, shame, and free will programs and removed the scars that you bear on your Souls had to be cut off; this is important for everyone to know about the Free Will program preventing you from fully accepting the love and the Light of the Creator. But only you can forgive yourselves and remove the fear from your minds.

Beloved souls on Earth, you are worthy; God's Source has removed the reincarnation programs. Incarnation is now of your choosing. All sin from the past has now been washed from your Soul's past incarnations, and it's your choice if you want to stay or go. God Source removed the guff down the 3D; nobody will ever go to false heaven anymore; all souls will be washed of all sin programs from the past permanently.

It's essential to consider and understand what has been explained because there's one part of this process that each Soul has to do for itself. God, Creator of the Multiverse, never left his creations. Therefore, Source God has removed the fear program permanently, but only you have to do the rest on individual bases and transmuted from your mind.

I am God, the way, the truth, and the Light, he said,

by the grace of God, now your souls are free,

God has removed the fear program and replaced it with the return of love and Light throughout the Multiverse. He has removed all these programs of the lower astral, and over time, it is only up to each Soul to release those fears from their minds and accept LOVE.

Divine souls on Earth, as you release those fears from your minds, replace them with omnipotent love as the complete restoration of souls. Each one has to let go of any fears because it's no longer created for you. Fear ceased to exist from all past lifetimes; it is being removed permanently from your past incarnations and only exists within your mind as long as you avoid releasing it.

You must understand all of this to be ready for what's next and to have the ability to hear God more clearly. It is something that is going to come in time; we all have to do our part in this world, letting go of the wrong to forgive, love to heal, and realize your Worthy. God has never left you; there is plenty of good left in your Soul, and now all the past sins have been removed by God's Source to heal your Soul mentally, physically, and spiritually.

God's Source gives you intuition. He gives you the ability to co-create to manifest. He gives you wisdom. Where there is no interference in your Soul and then all your blemishes, so to speak, are gone from your Soul, the restoration is complete, then you'll start being able to make that connection with his love because there's no more interference on your field. The time is coming; even though there are problems with media, we have a problem with people being asleep and believing everything the media says. We have a problem with operatives and whatnot, feeding governments. Use discernment wisely.

Especially when others claim to work or talk to the 7-density Pleiadians, are they talking to the dawn below astral beings? Remember that to entertain communication with beings of higher densities, one has to emanate absolute love to all that is. Supposedly, you encounter another being that smells and doesn't look human. You see, this will not even happen because the Earth continues entertaining fear.

Higher-density beings can't lower their frequency to descend into a chaotic planet for this reason. It will take some time until the entire planet becomes one unit of Consciousness of omnipotent love and be ready to accept other Galactic beings. One must accept oneself and other humans before making contact with Galactic beings that don't look like humans.

There is much to be understood about God, for, after all, the entire cosmos and more to come is and will be just all about his creations. At this earthly level, billions of beings know that there is not one whose mental image of the Creator coincides with that of any other. Yes, it is enormously complex, after all.

"On June 18th, 2023, Ileana, the Star Traveler, with historical data using mathematical hysteroscopies, can reveal the hidden mathematical science behind what the Schumann resonance frequency has.

Ileana shared and said; The light code and DNA downloads are expanding psychic development abilities for empathic intuitive and telepathic energies within sold development as well as Evolution, the way that the human resonance was seen on the hardware and software in the measurements sequence of DNA and energetic helixes change within our universe going through a reset and an upgrade the known universe reset itself an upgraded from 1.5 frequency octave to the 2.5 frequency and our universe vibrates at a specific opt of the known universe so It upgraded.

At the same time, there are different densities, third density, and upwards; this is a frequency octave, so slightly different upgraded on a frequency. Hence, this is the fourth Universal reset we have experienced expanding Soul Evolution on Earth and for the universe. We went from 1.5 frequency to 2.5 frequency octave; an energetic five-star path opened up within the universe itself and created the expansion of the warp energies coalescing within the unified fields of infinity in this energetic and physical harmonic frequency.

The DNA Light code imprint growing and morphing in the biogenic fields of human beings and their molecular Evolution or triple helixes of energetic upgrades happening in the universe field, literally reforming itself and upgrading to the next frequency vibration for the betterment and for the better of humanity and everything existing on Earth and other planets in our solar systems and galaxies Milky Way galaxy and drama Galaxy and Beyond this is a vast Universe expansion reset growth Evolution and an upgrade."

Divine earthlings, the time for others to delineate your boundaries; it is your responsibility to remove fear from your mind in all aspects. Only then can you experience God's gift to all its creations. Only each Soul knows what is the fear that has to be removed from the mind. The time to reset your comings and goings, your well-being, and your path by forgiving, moving on, and loving yourself; feel the love that God has restored within all your Divine hearts.

If you feel that you have relinquished your power and freedom, take it back with all your might and take responsibility for yourself; you don't have to defer to anyone the times of control and manipulation has ended. God, Creator of the Multiverse, has terminated them. When you use your heart daily, all you ever thought was denied to you will be granted.

You are in partnership with a Fragment of the Universal Father. While there exists a significant disparity of understanding between the human and divine mind, the common ground can be found in deep thoughts and the feelings that precede from those interactions of the mind. Your Thought Adjuster is present within you, yet as an eternity being, you can perceive tomorrow as clearly as yesterday and right now and give you visions of things to come. It is then up to you to conclude that there are facts that belong to the future, facets of time that do not coincide with your 'linear time' to interact, with other life forms dwelling in those other facets of time that are worth making friends with.

The greatest and most efficient way to understand the observe the method of engagement. Since your Consciousness reach you through thoughts, feelings, and insights, you may use this same method with your thought adjuster to interface in this form of communication. Instead of talking using human language, use emotions, feelings, and visualizations (imagination) to communicate.

Stay open to all the universe holds, learn from the past, and trust your heart and experiences from the past, even if they didn't work for you. Be love; after all, the new era of the Golden Age starts now, God, Creator of the Multiverse, has reset the entire Multiverse and His time-space universes that are shared with all God's loving creations.

We love you and wish you all the best you can give yourself wherever you are venturing in time and space. I thank you for the opportunity you give me to read this God's message. I wish that love and gratitude continue to be the key for us all to step forward into the miracle of Evolution and open the door of realizations to bless our Eternal essence "souls."

We pray and thanks all who have the opportunity to experience parenting for the sake of the world's children and all of us once we were, reminding us of the magnificent mind to guide our body's hologram and our hearts to create new realities.

Every day's a new opportunity for the Divine and Eternal essence "soul," shining like a star more than ever and flying like the wings of freedom for each moment-to-moment life journey. One is grateful for having the experience of having life being part of omnipotent love, joy, and happiness; however, one chooses to live one Incarnation.

Blessings! ♥



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