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Ace of ♥ is the Best Card,

God is infinite, and the creation of the unlimited ongoing process is what many call the source of pure and ultimate connection. Moreover, peace is the state of one's freedom from all disturbances inflicted upon the whole. Yet the infinite soul awareness of the one can create out of nothing; if one wants peace, one can make it, get it, and make it.

Everyone has specific traits based on the energetic field; every human has a very specific vibration that they were born with because you are part of God's source; in other words, God you are. Regardless of what the masses follow, listen to your Heart, the love frequency of the entire Multiverse you are. For example, when self-governance is practiced regularly, there is no need to be governed by one's countries, religions, or states of the many clones who claim to be humans or the governates of Earth. Ignore the controllers' narratives at all times, and use the sovereignty and Divine willingness; self-governance without ego is now easier than ever.

The multiversal awareness of Unity and love for all will unify the entire world. It is vital to decern more than ever since many humans are tunning to source, but that doesn't mean they are necessarily communicating with beings of light. Negative beings are waiting for the opportunity of humans' benightedness to use them.

Did you know that when a person entertains or participates in their negative agendas and narratives via the web? One continues to perpetuate their goal of suffering humans. Moreover, when one participates via manipulation of their psychic mind, one's entering their 3D negative agendas holograms where the minds of humans are caught like fish in the sea of ignorance with very clever and subtle manipulations.

Divine souls evade their trickeries; instead, shift your attention and focus on how you will participate and see the reality you want to be, a real utopian world. This is no longer an imaginary community, society, or world that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities for its inhabitants.

Daily new frequencies entering Earth are filled with unconditional love and awareness, all existing plains of existence. Did you know that for the first time in history, the alignment of the planets and the Sunlight Plasma energy is activating and regenerating harmoniously once again the entire Earth since a million years?

This pure light essence from source is now healing your body, soul, and spirit.

The rest is up to you all; as always, use the feeling of gratitude, knowing that all sentient beings have already won the battle. Celebrate; it is time to participate in creating and restoring planet Earth TOGETHER. Your Freewill is your power; the dark essence that controlled the planet for thousands of years no longer exists. We are free, and the light within the Heart will open the doors of one's Multidimensional realities when the mind and Heart are ready beyond comprehension.

The Awakening process is happening as part of every soul on Earth's agreements, and it is something that is facilitated harmony, love, and light across the entire Multiverse, whether one like it or not.

Be brave!

State: I am loyal, brave, and true to myself; I am the soul of the warrior on Earth.

TOGETHER as one human consciousness, let us reactivate the essence of the warrior and reclaim our right to true freedom. To become a warrior not because you can fight and kill. Nobody has the right to take another life. The pure essence of the warrior is one who takes action for the greatest good of all.

Warriors of the Earth, let your essence take care of the elderly, defenseless, all creatures, those who can not provide for themselves, and above all, the CHILDREN, the future of humanity and the world. Millions of children vanish daily; that's 83,000 each month, 2700 a day,115 per hour, that is one every 30 seconds, and it has to stop.

Mighty I AM Presence,

Send forth through conscious projection, like the belching forth of a great cannon, the Mighty Violet Consuming Flame, consuming everything undesirable and imperfect in your world of activity. Consciously qualify this with the "Full Power of Divine Love in Action.

Then see and feel what great beauty, happiness, and Perfection you will experience as you move forward. I urge the students, with all the earnestness of My Being, to constantly charge everything within the activity of their thought and feeling with Love, Opulence, and Perfect Achievement. Do this qualifying with dynamic energy!

Put great feeling and sureness back of it, and you will find such changes taking place in your world of activity and environment as almost compared with the rubbing of "Aladdin's Lamp." I say to you beloved students, with all the Love of My Heart: Use! Use! Use! This Mighty Application to your Freedom.

When you call the Mighty "I AM Presence" into action, into your life, environment, and activity, all struggle ceases. The undesirable moves out, and the "I AM Presence" moves in; you find that you have truly entered into a new world filled with the Happiness and Perfection you have always known existed within your Heart, the power of the Violet Flame.

Saint Germain,

One spirit has abilities beyond comprehension to connect through love to all that is. No matter what is done to us, the Heart possesses the resilience to forgive and realize toxic energy that can be transmuted. The Heart is a Multidimensional gate that can teleport you into higher dimensions.

The best-kept secret by those in control is to use fear to prevent your Heart from emanating and transforming one's life. The human Heart is the power that Prevails in the face of adversity. Love is powerful and eternal; it is the tonic for the soul. When one focuses on unconditional love rather than fear, TOGETHER with the power of LOVE to change the mow reality from one Heart love across the Earth is flourishing across the galaxy. The main reason fear wants to control the Earth.

I trust you use your discernment at all times, including this post, and let the divine intelligence of your Heart guide you to continue your divine plane as the restoration of life takes place.

I love you all; I do!♥



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