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Divine hearts, you are the Multiverse

Divine hearts, you are the Multiverse

The Multiverse in which we find yourselves interconnected as ONE and from which we can not be separated. It is not by accident, nor chaos. It is organized and maintained by an Electro-dynamic field capable of determining the position and movement of all charged particles.

The Multiverse has its orderly steps, such as the experiences we have to go through, to acknowledge that we all are ONE; we are part of the unlimited vastness of all. There are not coincidences instead, synchronicities since all is organized and supported by an Electro-dynamic field within the quantum space of oneself reality. Yet, oneself is capable of changing the fate of the human race within one's believe potential and the power of the heart.

There is no such punitive God keeping track of one's right or wrong actions. It is one's actions that define one's experiences every second of the reality one lives. Instead, the law of cause and effect many called it Karma or the magnifying mirror of your existence. Stay positive in the now is crucial; stay neutral within your state of the conscious mind.

Visualiza or imagine in your heart the world you want to experience; A wold of peace and freedom, where all humans are abundant, joyful, in love with each other. Honor the many facest within your hologram as being of light and darkness represented and reflected by other extensions of yourself is the key.

Other parts of you develop in parallel realities that think, move, and make decisions. Each thought manifests itself according to your frequency, and you will always choose the one in which you focus more according to your frequency of vibration.

The choice of negative or positive actions is always yours, effecting the reality you want to experience in the now and your next parallel reality as one creates every moment. Either positive or negative, for example: If one thinks I desired money and instead of visualizing the amount desired, the feeling of wealthiness, etc. Or, if suddenly, once the decision has been made about money, for example, if one chooses the thoughts of lack or limitation, it is useless the desires of money.

Still positive or negative – the choice is entirely up to you. The predominant frequency of your emotions is the one that will define your experience according to your beliefs.

Only you and no one else without realizing it, have the power to always transmute or change the frequencies for better or for worse.

Only you have the power to raise your frequency according to your state of consciousness. Ascension to the 5D is what is all about "The state of mind from which ONE manifests one's reality."

There are other parts of you going on in parallel realities that think, move, and make desitions. Every thought you have unless you don't finish what you start, oneself creates a splitting hologram within one's own timeline. Your holographic expressions of self continue to expressing on a separate reality within the multidimensional realities of the now.

For example, when thinking of past experiences, one travels into the past or the nonexistence future, creating a scary movie. Based on the unknown. And only when you are in the now reality in the now present moment, taking the time to slow the mind and finish one thing at the time, the opportunity to create new and exited realities becomes clear withing the now moment to moment. Some memories of the past may cause grief or frustration the best way to deal with is to transmuted by say;

I am terminated the time when I experienced conflicts of the mind, body, and spirit. I am grateful, and I forgive myself and others for this experience has served me to understand that without it, I wouldn't know how to become the best expression of myself in the now moment. I forgive myself for anything wrong; I may have done to myself or others either consciously on unconsciously in any time and space of my existence.




Call upon the other extensions of yourself to become one unity consciousness in your Multiverse. As for you are the mirror expressions of the world you live in. You may look foreign or different; either way, this is what you have consciously chosen to look like according to the frequency of vibrational within other expressions of yourself that you exist.

Your thoughts create the continuous timelines forming and breaking at the right angles of spherical geometry at the quantum level. Like an orb, born out of your mind, infusing with life force given by your emotions; since your thoughts change every second, this causes one reality always to split. By going on different timelines, creating all possible outcomes to every situation that can be equally real in a parallel Universe. Meaning that your reality can be the one you desire if you understand how you are creating other extensions of yourself going on in parallel realities. Change one's belief will change one's reality.

Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don't want.

The Multiverse is an infinite group of other vast universes comprising everything that exists; the entirety of space, time, matter, energy including the physical laws, the mathematical constants that describe them. Within layers and layers of universes in the vast sea of unlimited space beyond our observable Multiverse. There are other universes like ours existing beyond having different laws of physics and consciousness. Therefore, life will be and looks accordingly to its own dimension.

From many interconnected elements woven in space, time, and dimensions of the Multiverse, at a quantum level, you exist as well in parallel realities at the same time. One's reality is probable and branches in the woven Multiverse, where other extensions of yourself create variable outcomes by becoming separate realities on timelines of new worlds, and new possibilities.

Although these can be confusing and only when you change the frequency of your thoughts, you can tune into your new reality. The point of departure is that you are unlimited in the new reality of your choice since your existence is different from the reality of someone else; moreover, these expressions of yourself are a reflection just like when you look at the mirror. Everyone is a version of you and does create a possible story based on a viable decision and belief system. Even if you think you live only one lifetime at the time by focusing on this reality.

So what does all of this mean?

It appears that one is living every possible life path, including the unchosen decision ever made that are or could happen, which means that every version of you exists out there—the concept of the infinite versions of yourself. When you observe others, allow your heart to consider the possibility of you being that person. This idea will change your perception, assisting you to become more compassionate to all that is different or happening at this time.

I am the whole Multiverse, As above so below,

Hermes Trismegistus' said "one thing" became the "materia prima," or first matter, the source of all existence. The invisible force that contains all the Multiverse from the materia prima, the elements of fire, water, air, and earth, the fundamental constituents of all life.

The speculations that you are different from everything are nothing more than your thinking, your point of view since the day you remember or someone told you and teach you at school. There is no separation between you and others, the whole is ONE existence, even if some continue treating you as different to keep you apart from achieving ONENESS.

Divine souls believe that you are a miracle. You are the subatomic particle, the void, everything, and nothing; you are the expression of the whole and the potentials of a human race, on the magnificent planet earth you ARE becoming ONE CONSCIOUSNESS, based on the principle of Omnipotent love, unity, and freedom, wake up!

Within your DNA are the answers you all seek, only you have the key to exploring your multidimensional portals of abundance and knowledge from the now and past incarnations. Just as is the divine expression of the ONE, your hearts are the answers for your ascension.

Your souls do not exist apart from all nature; you are individuation from the creator of all sentient beings. Your body is the physical manifestation of your self vibration. Your greatest powers are that your soul can transcend the lines of time and space. You are the ultimate freedom, open your heart to remember this every time you chose to create your now reality. You have the power and privilege to change anything, and every thought you have, literally transformed your perception of the whole.

Divine citizens of planet earth forthwith no more, you are precious beings beyond comprehension, you have it all; there is nothing new, nor old, yet nothing can be destroyed only transformed or transmuted. You are unlimited vastness, and yet you are one with the air, with the fire, with the earth, with the water and the ether.

There are no coincidences since all is organized and supported by an Electro-dynamic field. Understand, your desitions affect us all since each one is capable of holding the fate of humanity; God lives in your heart, in the potentials of your mind, and the cells of your body. Let us celebrate together the rebirth of a new era of consciousness and divine expression of humanity in all their sovereignty and omnipotence to reach the highest vibrational hertz frequency within your heart, to transmute the dark expressions of self in the now reality.

Ponder on the only truth that your heart and love are real to change realities and transcend time and space in the now and all parallel and probable realities. Love yourself, and all for the whole will love you back. Disrespect the whole and sure thing the whole will disrespect you back.

Be love!

Ah Ta Ra Sa

Be Divine Forever

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