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Unconditional love,

Babies today had been equipped with more consciousness; their DNA had learned to survive to adapt to make the ascension a fun place to be. There is so much to learn from them. They are here to teach us that the programs we received when we were babies are obsolete. Yes! The matrix programs, just like when we were tested and continued to do been tested since we remember going to school until university. We have been tested to let them know we learned the program.

Those in control teach us to study hard to learn their programs and become their puppets. Growing at age 22 to 28 with a debt of 20 thousand or more scholarship given as support, to pay as soon we leave the school. Well, they already own many lives, and many become prisoners of their game.

Today, our best interest is to teach our children to be out of that conventional program to let them be and not conceal their minds with the yes! No! Don't do this! Don't do that; be quiet, etc. Once upon a time, a child boy at school began to paint out of lines, vibrant colors, putting together a collage of shapes without clear images for the best of his knowledge. The teacher comes and says: What are you doing? What is wrong with you? You should paint like everyone else! This is not the first time, and I'm tired of repeating myself to you. I should tell your parent to send you to a special needs school. The teacher and other children laugh at him. We all know this song.

The boy had Synesthesia (also spelled synæsthesia or synaesthesia; from the Ancient Greek σύν syn, "together," "sensation") is a neurological stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway that leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. People who report a lifelong history of such experiences are known as synesthetes. Unfortunately for Vincent Van Gog, the teacher took this as a sign of insanity and forced him to leave.

Today famous people like Billy Joel musician, Geoffrey Rush Actor, and many others, after some struggles in their lives, become famous with their gifts.

Like many with an amazing voice, A Girl is singing; her mother works all day as a nurse one day. She came earlier to pick up her daughter from daycare; she was excited and happy to see her mom since she only sees her mom when she wakes up and goes to sleep.

She began to move around jumping, talking, doing anything to get her mom's attention; she wanted the now moment to be special for her mom, and she began to sing. "Could you stop that? Please, you have an ugly voice, and you are giving me a headache!" the mother said. The girl stopped; she sat beside her mom quite, figuring out which language to speak to her mom. Many heartbreaking realities are going on right now.

The following lines are for all millions of divine mothers, women with children of planet earth. Share your Love from the ONE heart frequency into their energy worldwide. I am transmitting telepathically to them to state into their space.

Feel unconditional Love and compassion without ego or judgment. To all our children, trust them, and let them teach us what already has been forgotten. To their minds and hearts of these babies already born and those new ones ready to be born. LOVE, these children, their pure consciousness, created, carrying unconditional Love of the Creator of all beings. Love them all shifting their realities to set and be accepted by their new parents for what they are Beautiful ANGELS.

Right now, as we visualize many babies in the womb of their moms. Close your eyes, love them, feel them, and tell them. I know you all, I feel the frequency of your pure hearts, and I bow to you all to honor your pure essence. I respect your decision to incarnate at this time of ascension in the now reality. Thank you for coming to help us shift our beloved mother, Aria, into the 5Dimention.

Thank you for your loving frequency and pure hearts that remind us all that once we were you. Love those born and those who are feeling your heart-loving frequency in the womb. Feel this light language from the Creator of all beings, the One Heart; you all are beloved beings of light. I welcome you with open hearts and arms, and I salute you from my Christos Avatar self to your Christos Avatar self-beloved diamond light and crystalline children of the new world. For your arrival and commitment to our planet now. I commit to assisting you wherever you are, encouraging those who feel this frequency from the One Heart of all. To accept the beauty of your soul and the gifts you had for all of us.

Through your eyes, I am committed to loving you when you are in pain and having a difficult time; even without physical gesture, I am sending you all unconditional Love from the ONE Heart of the Multiverse to your Hearts. Beloved and Divine babies on Earth, I love you very much, and I welcome you on this planet. To all of you grown-up people of Earth, remember your gifts and your missions because you were once these newborn babies, those who are here right now.

It is clear now that many parents would allow them not to go through the conventional learning or ordinary schools to learn the matrix's programs. Learning to support your children, homeschool them, and raise them with Love in many unconditional ways is the key to a new reality in the now. Connecting with your true purpose, dear ones, is it not so that this is the big question mark for many of you.

Why am I here at this time?

You understand already that you are here at this time to be of service to assist others, assist the Earth Mother to assist with the transition into expanded consciousness; 5th-dimensional vibration, which we also call Christ or Unity Consciousness. For many of you, this is as clear as day that overall, this is your purpose.

Humanity is moving to the reality of freedom, seeking to achieve this on an individual level. Perhaps through becoming a healer or as being the best expression of yourself. Perhaps learn to use sound to heal others, perhaps channeling your gifts of creativity, painting, bringing your Love through making food for the rejuvenation of others.

Those who do not have spiritual occupations, ask yourself if there is another way of being of service for the highest good of yourself and all others, from my part as a DNA practitioner. I am assisting those ready to be the new leaders of the new Earth Aria, to lead a new generation of beings of the light with unconditional love. If you are interested or want to know more about DNA activations, follow the link below. It will be an honor to be part of your exited new reality and awaken the God or Goddess within from their sleeping dream.

We are the Pleiadians,

Many blessings beloved hearts!

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