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Best Holistic and Esoteric DNA ReGenesis Activations to Permanently
Transform  Every Aspect of  Your Life.



Believe it!

Ascension is your birthright for freedom and abundance; avoid entertaining others' negative agendas when one visualizes the New Earth, free of contraction of the well-being. One shit the collective consciousness into a quantum reality as the most excellent version of oneself because you all can. All you have to do is use your heart and believe it! How to experience the New Earth ascension of the fifth-dimensional consciousness,  when the main event has never been the separation; instead, the main event has always been Oneness, The way one feels, respect, care, and above all, unconditional love. Moment to moment, to one another, that's what ascension is.

What are you waiting for, my beloved children on Earth?

I am mother ARIA, the new Earth reminding you that you are infinite and eternal beings living for eternity throughout the process of ascension. From the Nonphysical, you created your holographic reverberation, just as I created the New Earth version of myself. Let these be the thoughts that create and govern your attention but what others decide and dictate for you. It is time to move on, forgive from your hearts, Continue reading...


I am Mut, Divine Mother Goddess through whom all was said to be born. Ascension is your Divine Birthright. Here on Earth is where the Amazing journey of your life begins! I will honor the place where the entire Multiverse dwells within to activate your dormant Christ consciousness Divine DNA blueprint for the greatest good of all. Namaste!

DNA activations are the observable portions and chemical translations of scalar wave programs existing in the morphogenetic field. 

Unconditional Love is the key,  as the Egyptian Ankh confers the gift of eternal life to regenerate the cells for immortality. The key is to assist all divine star seeds humans incarnated that entered the Earth consciousness from other planets. And activating all beloved Earth beings like never before, ascension is your birthright. Allow yourself to experience how Recondite Healing can awaken your psychic and extraordinary superhuman abilities to fulfill your noble desires in life. Have you considered learning more about how your consciousness within parallel realities creates all of the time? Are you keen to contact Stellar beings, Space travel, meet your Star family,  and explore your quantum realm? Then teleport yourself where the Love vibrational frequency guides your eternal essence duels, then participate on an incredible journey to experience self-healing.


No content from this site may be reproduced in any form without permission. Blatantly copying parts or whole sections from my website will attract low entities in your subconscious mind that will take parts of yourself without permission. ♥

The ONE and the structure of Consciousness create different expressions of itself as it learns from itself. Know that in reality, there is only ONE; the Consciousness of the One is the particle that shines with a wavering light over and over next to itself through an infinite amount of parallel realities and probable probabilities of Consciousness.

Therefore Oneself is the entire structure of Consciousness

since God you are!

Whatever One experiences outside is a mere reflection of oneself holograms that manifest as a subconscious mirror because One itself is the whole beingness of expressions and the entire structure of Consciousness; therefore, you, all, I am this I Am.

No content from this site may be reproduced in any form without permission: blatantly copying parts or whole sections from my website. You will attract low entities in your subconscious mind that will take, without permission, parts of yourself.


      * Occurring among the stars *

We open a stargate through an interactive session; you will experience the transmission. Using higher vibrational energy transmission within the motherboard spaceship into the vibrational room assisted by your Star family, with my guidance, to experience a holographic light capsule known as med bed session. I love to invite you to take an interstellar trip in the Quantum Field of your reality to be assisted by star beings. Here, you will be guided and access your etheric field to heal your cells, repair genes, rejuvenate, upgrade and elevate your DNA consciousness. This transmission is a life Hyperspace Healing and Activation of your Divine time continuum reality.


The new human beings will find their spirituality in nature in communion with all sentient beings that dance with the Air and share their energy from the Earth, Water, and fire, the Life Force of the Sun.

The new beings will find the prayers of their heart connecting with the stars and living with Divine realities.

They are committed to honor their visit to Earth, nature, and everything around them.

The new beings will understand the sacred connection of their hearts to all sentient intelligence.  Deciphering   their 

Divine evolution, the mysteries of the cosmos, nurturing their love with everything that feeds their omnipotent love, thus loving the mysteries of their Divinity.

The new beings will live in fullness and harmony with all gifts of the Creator of the Multiverse, loving the cycles of nature and becoming one with Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and the Spirit Creator of all.

The new being will love and will be loved because they understand the meaning that we are ONE, a unit that is dispersed on Earth simply by loving.

The new beings will love honor, their bodies, the grounded connection with the Earth at all times, and the love of all sentient beings in the Multiverse.

The new Human beings will love the Divinity that exists in everything!

♥ Blessings! ♥

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