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Flidais Destah "Where the Fairies Live"

I like to share something I wrote in my book where I am persuading the reader's mind into a self-discovery and delightful involvement — the Awakening of consciousness through science, Magical Lore, and Fantasy.

You become what you think, the more you do, the more you experience that reality. Everyone is infinite consciousness within the cycle of death and rebirth. We had become puppets in the eternal cycle traveling within our multidimensional light frequency. Once you understand the meaning and true purpose of your life you will remember the greater power of your existence in this now moment to inspire many to become their best expression of themselves.

The more you love yourself, the more the intelligence of your cells awakens your brain connections from the God within, and suddenly you will become more than just a body and mind. You all had experience over, and over this endless cycle of reincarnation, the unlimited form of matter that you all are, through all and many of your incarnations on earth.

It is time to remember!

Many had been waiting for this ascension cycle, since the last 25,556 years, many don’t even believe it, and many don’t know what to do. You all had experienced all the elements of your own creations upon your existence of death and rebirth; you have learned all that is to know about life, social consciousness in many realities and dimensions.

We all have learned insecurity, fear, sorrow, anger, jealousy, greed, hatred; you all have taken part of wars, just as you all have discovered the process of death and rebirth and all the challenges that have been controlling humanity for a long time. And we continued coming back fearless until you all remember that each life cycle is better than the last, you may don’t understand all that is going on the ethers right now. There are many beings banking to prevent our magnificent and divine ascension.

This is not the time to give to hatred and resentment; this is the time when one most to show the eternal, infinite and multidimensional light frequency vibration. From your divine source which has unlimited love and supported through all your adventures, failures and success and the time is auspicious to experience and express the next level of your divine source God in the most sublime and spectacular display of who you are.


Those controlling are very, very, very smart and powerful, they all know your thoughts and reactions and weaknesses. They have humanity in their hands. How can we stop the chemtrails really? We may get together to protest for our rights as humans. How can we prevent the waters and food already contaminated with chemicals? How can we prevent the air bombarding us with Nano technology to shift our consciousness for control and submission at this critical time of our entire existence?

Divine souls on earth,

In order to return to the immeasurable experience the pure Omni love, joy, and freedom. One must first make peace with the family one had chosen, with friends and neighbors to let go resentment to drop the perception that we are a separate one to another. Avoid to listen to the news, avoid watching movies with subliminal messages that control your subconscious, avoid sleeping with your cell phones, and any electromagnetic devices especially when they are turned off, avoid gossip, avoid complain. Help and love others around tomorrow may be too late!

To experience the multi-dimensional freedom of your present reality, one must once again become that which holds you together, to fully accept yourself as a divine being and love yourself more than yesterday and much more tomorrow. Remember GOD lives in you as you are right now!

To love all and others right now more than ever is the only way to win our Divine right to freedom and to experience Ascension at this very crucial point in human history. Is to allow yourself to love, love, love. To love, love and love is our only missile we possess as humans to defeat what is about to happen and what is going on right now outside our precious earth.

I will love to tell you what is going on above the ethers right now! There is no point to do so, as this will cause you more fear and despair, hate and resentment and will keep you anchor on this battle field of the “3D” third dimension Matrix as intended by those in power.

Kindly divine souls on earth, open your minds and hearts.

Your desire for love, your desire to be free, your desire to move into the “5D” fifth dimension. Your pure desire from your heart vibration and unconditional love will ignite your light body to remember that after all you have come once again fearless and this is not a mere coincidence that you are here right now on earth experiencing ascension.

Allow the eyes of your heart to read this message, so you can remember what you already know and just forgot. Bear in mind that you are here in the now ascension and no one that doesn't have a body have the right to control you or manipulate you again. I love you very much divine beings on earth.

From my book; Flidais Destah Where the Fairies live.

I am Light and love,

From the Earth to the Universe and from the Universe to the Earth,

My name is and will always be infinite love. I am the unconditional love that lives inside you. I am in every cell of your body of your eternal and

multidimensional being,

I will live until you decide it. I will live, even when you are not here. I will live in the wind; I will live on earth, I will live in the fire; I will live in the water, I will live in the spirit of all that is and exists, as well as in everything that breathes no matter what small or big this is.

Today and always I share my infinite love, transcending the limits of consciousness in time and space. Creating a vibration of waves of endless love.

Open your mind and your heart to receive this vibration from the Universal mind, full of compassion and full of omnipotent Love.

Wherever you are, wherever you go,

I will always be and live in your heart.

My flag is Red and White;

Red is the blood that flows in harmony, eternally from the day you arrived on planet earth no matter what galaxy or planet you came from.

White is the color of peace that your spirit will carry for eternity, from the day you arrived on planet earth no matter

what galaxy or planet you came from.

I am and exist with the intention of putting an end to all wars, of the mind, of the body of the spirit. Within you and outside of you, I will bring an end to all wars between other human beings, towards animals, plants, and the earth with all tha breathes and respires.

Because I am all that, you will ever need to survive free,

today, tomorrow, and always.

I am unconditional love; I live within you, nothing and

nobody can destroy me.

I look forward to the day when you awaken and connect the neurons inside your mind to the vibrations of your heart.

To be able to conquer the eternal battle within your being.

To acknowledge that I patiently await the day in which the light of your being, the love of your heart is a frequency that will transcend the quantum space of your own heart for Eternity for the good of all!

To be free of body, mind, and spirit this is all that you are forever, multidimensional freedom of Unconditional Love.

As you reflect on the message of eternal love, today I bring into your life, you will also realize that this love is renewed continuously, as long as it is reaped by you for you.

I am your own love; I am your own Heart, I have been conceived by the Creator of the whole Multiverse.

The Creator of all beings of light throughout the galaxy. Beings that have the same right to live in peace and omnipotent love. Beings who live from the love of their hearts.

We are all nourished free by the very frequency of Love.

Love is eternally the inexhaustible and renewable cosmic energy.

Open your mind to find the way to your heart, only then you will find the answers that have overwhelmed you since you remember.

Within you exist the light, the peace, and the Omni love. Without you I am nothing, and with you I am everything!

Love me in everything and for all that I am inside and outside of you.

Love me, in the form I freely have chosen to become in the shape of the animals of Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. Love me as I am pure and eternal. Open your eyes to love all humans and beings from other planets and galaxies. Do not forget, that we have all been made by

the Vibrational frequency of Omnipotent love.

The more you believe, the more everything turns out to be.

Believe and trust! We all are LOVE!

I love you forever and ever! Thanks for listening! Beloved friends

I am Always, the one your Heart!

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