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The Occasion is now to wake up!

How and what you will teach others.

The connection to the higher self is well known to be the closest part of God that we all are, a self-love connection recognition for one's abilities to experience life for what it is, a magnificent gift instead of letting the ego to exist. As you continue to move very quickly now toward that understanding, toward that level of oneness that is bringing you to your next highest evolution within yourself and within yourselves as a collective.

Especially to those others now, those that are still slumbering; have still not come to an awakening state; even to them, changes are happening within them. Spiritual changes are happening. Their DNA is being shifted just as yours is. Their third eye centers are beginning to open just as yours is or already has.

Once I guide others into the connection of their higher selves, the fun to be alive here on earth begins; higher self to higher self will speed this process of higher vibrational consciousness, where we can be all ONE and speak and create from the ONE HEART OF ALL.

The Occasion is now to move beyond this charade. The Occasion is now to go beyond the falsehoods. The Occasion is now to recognize and accept the truth. And as has been said many times, ‘the truth shall set you free,’ and the truth is there for all to see and all to hear. Just open up!

Open up your understandings, open up your heart centers, and it will all be revealed to you. Now, the Occasion is now to let go entirely and begin to embrace who you truly are. And know that you are so much more than this shell, this body. The Occasion is now to understand the true level of your being.

The Occasion is now to wake up — all of you and all of those around you — to begin the awakening process.

Thank you for listening.


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