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Download Transmission

Greetings beloved hearts,

A download transmission is how I am wired to source; the messages I receive comes in the form of downloads; this process will happen as being connected to the source of Prime Creator, which is different from those who receive the information as a channel.

A person who channels allows their spirit to move aside for other entities to take over and use their thoughts to translate their messages. In the long term, this process will deplete and can damage the DNA of the channeled person.

The download is a system for transmitting messages from a distance, especially one creating signals by making and breaking an electrical connection. This morning, I receive my first telegraph download from the realms of heaven as I meditate to connect to the Archangel of the 7 Violet Ray "Zadkiel."

Below is the telegraph downloaded as I received;

Sonia Angel, you must trust that we will connect, be patient. You must first develop the connection as you continued to practice; you will understand more and receive my messages.

This is a new connection and a new practice; I require for this task to develop a different part of my neuron net connection to source, to succeed downloads in writing what is.

I am happy to learn more about me. :)

My desire to share is intending to remind you all beloved hearts, be kind to yourself, be respectful, and love yourself even more than ever.

Find your center; know more about you and your innate gifts and learn before you know how you can assist others in the best way possible in the now ascension.

Trust that some steps have to be considered before; you connect or receive the gift. I love you all, and thank you for been here, as this is part of the whole process of becoming ONE conscious mind.

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