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Matrix Reloaded

The Matrix is an isolated system that remains constant and is dominated by the universal fundamental principle. This means that all matter and energy contained do exist. In the Matrix, they are not created or destroyed; they are only transformed. The Matrix is the entire macrocosm, and the microcosm is the known and unknown universe governed by the natural laws of physics, and quantum mechanics can escape these natural forces, or anything that does not belong can enter it.

The Matrix is touch, smell, listening, and taste, compromising the five senses to inform the brain of the relative reality surrounding anybody. Then, the brain interprets this reality and orders the body how it should function according to the circumstances. The hologram at a higher level superimposes images and works mainly this way: It locks people's perceptions into a set bandwidth of perception, and that's white light bandwidth. Being aware of the Matrix programs with your five senses is challenging.

The only means you have to escape from the Matrix is your mind; you are yourself, and nothing and no one can help you out, only your beliefs and the individual work you do, and the Matrix knows this very well, which is why the system is specially designed to attack and saturate the mind to overload it so no one never stops thinking from birth to death you never slow down your mental activity. The mind is like a small pool of water constantly stirred so you can never see the bottom, a mind that never stops thinking. It is like the cloudy water that mixes with the Earth at the bottom; it is to ensure you cannot escape.

The Matrix puts an additional trap for the self, the ego, and the mental aggregate that confuses the mind and traps it permanently in a maze with no way out. Think about this when you are asleep, the soul leaves the body immediately to do all kinds of activities while the body breathes alone, the heart beats alone, and all systems work automatically.

The body does not need to be away from the Matrix if the self is your profession, if the self is your drive, if the self is your vanity; consequently, the body dies. But if the "I" is everything that appears before the material world, there is that portal to go through when the mind is ready to see the truth.

That is what the Matrix doesn't want you to know; when the water in your pond calms down, then everything will be clear and transparent; you will be able to see what is in the background, you will know where you should go to cast the Matrix then you will know that you have escaped from it.

The Law of Attraction is a lot stronger and works in this initial Matrix. All the other rules come from that one, so many of them. With that first Law of Attraction, each being immersed in it will create its own particular or personal set of rules while one is in it. And Suppose things look the same for all individuals. In that case, it's because people on Earth have been guided to manifest the same things using mind control to create a hive mind in order to exploit them energetically (and others) as best as possible.

On average, collective consciousness is at the border of what is called 4th density. In fact that the whole quadrant is ascending to the 5th density anyway, literately moving on a dial of a console. Humanity will change in time; you must be the new world and be 5D now, yet why you are waiting for people must not sit and wait for it to happen, their mind is the key.

The future already exists, and that's a Quantum by law so that future already exists. One needs to match the vibration by one's actions; when one engages in a positive structure, not only the brain but you give a holographic expression within the field for the crystalization to happen through oneself consistency with physical action, then you collapse, and why? Because you are making mental structure within the spinning of the frequency, you can experience the spinning of the frequency if one goes against it. Consciousness is going to give constantly over and over what the mind entertains all of the time.

Be grateful, you got something you thought you never had. Another Chance!

Thanks and gratitude to Thee for Thy Life, Thy Light, and Thy Intelligent Power manifest everywhere in the Multiverse; for Thy Active Presence manifest in the mind, body, home, world, and affairs of everyone. Enable us to understand and feel Thy Radiant Power, always active in Thy Heart.




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