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Divine Hearts on Earth

Many had experienced a roller coaster of mental, physical, and emotional pain. We, your star family, ask you not to give up and continue to anchor the Light. We promise all will be on the other side of darkness very soon, where pure Light exists as the Light is finally winning over the past 3000 years.

We are the light enforcers, those extensions of yourselves helping you every step of the way. To dismantle the dark essence frequencies that affected humanity through the use of electromagnetic devices; many uses. These are the biggest bioweapons of frequency control; they are the primary tool used to manipulate your Consciousness on a day-to-day basis; this finely-tuned experiment is mainly subliminal.

As one continues searching for a connection with the Divine, one indeed becomes the Pioneer of the New Era of the New Age. The torch bearer, diffusing the precious Light of enlightenment. The more pure Light source one anchors and receive, the more One can share with others helping the collective to awaken.

It is essential to remain kind, respectful, and understanding that many are where many were before in their path of awakening. Love your brothers and sisters as they all stand on the foundation of your own expressions.

The truth one heart must experience to validate the undiluted truth, the love expressions of the ONE all you are. The Spirit of Truth is available to everyone at any time. It is a fantastic resource that one can be tapped anytime. Practice such a connection within the depths of your precious hearts. Make it part of your decision-making process, as it will point you toward becoming more self-governed and sovereign.

The more One practices the subline life force within, the more powerful this inner connection will become. The same goes for any of your relationships. We are entering and becoming a new harmonic Universe. We pledge your allegiance, precious hearts, to be part of it since the old system is on the verge of permanently collapsing.

Rejoice and blessings to all sentient beings of the Light that inhabit this beautiful Earth plane! Remember that one belief creates One's reality. The awakening of planet Earth is an exciting time in human history.

Love is the infinite essence of life that flows through all divine expressions of the ONE, the Consciousness of the ONE within all manifesting in all plants, mineral kingdoms, creatures of Spirit, Air, Water, Fire, and Earth human beings. Divine self-expression is the estate of the Heart.

In metaphysics, one's spirit hologram expresses a conscious subtle, materialized physical body to express one's incarnation on Earth. Sadly humans are programmed to believe they are physical bodies with Consciousness containing a soul. The soul is the source of our expression through our humanity, it is eternal, and the only way we can experience God is through our spirit. The soul channels physicality and emotions. The soul is our mind, our emotions, and our will. It is who human beings are.

Indeed the soul is the part of one that experiences emotions that translates via our senses; to enjoy our lives in the body shape, color, ethnicity, and sex one chooses at birth. Do not confuse culture with ethnicity. The difference between ethnicity and culture is the division of groups of people depending on their ancestry, culture, or other characteristics of the society they were born into. On the other hand, culture is a social phenomenon that explains a particular society's characteristics.

The expression of God's creations manifested in Love is through our spirit, manifested as the connection with the creator of all that exists, the divine Light and eternal truth of who one is since when the body stops functioning, the soul continuous for eternity looking to experience different than the last incarnation. Therefore spirit is our spiritual and deeper connection with all creations of God, flowers, vegetables, minerals, animal kingdom, humans, Air, Wind, Fire, Earth, and Spirit, expressed through God's Love to all.

Imagine the Divine intelligence of wind as the conscious element of Air connected to all life worldwide. Everything that respires and breathes just so; the spirit is the only way to connect with God, creator of the Universe, and other nationals from other star constellations and planets, all united by the undeniable truth that Love is real.

By the power of one's Heart coupled with purposeful actions and deep rapport to source spirit, one can open the gates of Love to communicate with all creations and become ONE sovereign human being. Your spirit is wisely enriched with free will, and you always know what is best when you ask from your Heart and whatever you desire releases the desire to know the how, why, when, and where. Part of free will is learning how to use it consciously at all times, trusting the results are always for the greatest good.

When you ask from your Heart and trust, you will receive it. As one strengthens, the ability to choose free will enforces what One brings to self at all times. One is a manifestation of the free will manifestation hologram and not physical bodies with Consciousness. Instead, you are conscious of the materialized body you chose for this lifetime.

Therefore the separation and indifference many continue expressing will continue to create more 3D low density and become a 3D Matrix played on the minds of humanity; this decisive mind game or belief system continues to power the3D reality. The narratives one accepted from media, channels of ufology, and spirituality, are all calculated and controlled by those who desperately want you to be in a lower 3D itself.

Quantum physics tells us that nothing that is observed is unaffected by The Observer. This statement holds an enormous and Powerful inside. It means everyone sees a different truth because everyone is creating what they see. Always use your discernment and the intelligence of your Heart when you read or listen to someone's perception of one's reality, including this post. Thank you for listening. We sent you Love and Light to reinforce your Divine hearts through the path of your Divine ascension. You are made of the same energy as God's immeasurable Love.




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