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Divine masters of the Multiverse!

Know that you are walking Goddesses and Gods, whether you believe or not? This is not a BOLD statement containing a leap to awakening your mind by remembering your divine powers as human beings. To claim it or become an awakened one is your dearest quest and divine right, to accept that you have the omnipotent power to love unconditionally, forgive, create, inspire, and give from your heart to change your now reality.

The reality you live in is based on your conscious connection with your superconscious mind; if you ignore or don't know how to connect with your superconscious, but what is it?

Thankfully it is not entirely part of your mind's thoughts since your thoughts have been implanted or manipulated by the voices that you so often hear and end up accepted as yours. Moreover, they control and manifest into familiar people, places, things, and events that create your dreams and may turn into nightmares. These negative entities called demons can accurately appear in your thoughts and talk to you, pretending to be yours.

For example, You may tell; last night, I dream of a beautiful angel telling me? or the angel whispering words like? Or telling me to say?

By consciously repeating what you experienced in your dreams, you will quickly accept altering your awakened reality, mainly in all cases by demons.

I do not dare to say that Angels are tricksters or bad ones. If you desire to see them or talk to them, you can; there is no need to sleep. You can see them or speak to them anytime; only when you speak with the voice of your HEART, you will see them with the eyes of your HEART. Mostly 97% of the dreams humans experience are controlled by their cellphones placed on your bedside tables. Even when the cellphones are turned off, they become an open vortex where the dark ET’s manipulate or demons enter and manipulate your subconscious mind at sleep, creating nightmares and implanting electromagnetic microchips to control you.

The voices in your head are another example of how other types of entities control your mind. Like the ones creating movies in your dreams, these are all evil entities like dark ET’s, reptilians, demons, discarnates, negative energies, vampires, etc. Even though you sware, are your own voices?

How can you learn to become empowered each day, even when you sleep?

When you take the time to remember that you are part of the creator of all, never forget that your heart nature inhabits in the sanctuary of the omnipotent creator of all beings of the light. Remember, what you are looking for will find you; there are many techniques to shield your dimensional field; look for the one called “ 12 D Shield Building Technique” by Lisa Renee. Practice this before going to sleep and first thing when you wake up every day. You will notice that you will grow stronger against the harmful energies each day you practice it.

The only way to access your superconsciousness is through intuition, the part of yourself or your reality connecting you into the quantum field. Remember, the quantum field is unlimited; it is not a place, it is everything, and it is timeless. When you connect with your superconsciousness and merge with the quantum field, you start to KNOW THINGS you haven’t thought about; you begin to access skills and abilities. Therefore, you will receive from the wisdom of your past, and you start to know what is about to occur in your immediate future because you can read the potentials. Consequently, amazing things will occur in your now reality.

You may feel overwhelmed to protect yourself before sleep, when all you desire is to have a good sleep and a happy awakening, a wonderful week at work, at home full of new positive challenges for growing with friends and family. You can, and you will just ask God if this is all you desire. Fortunately, God is not what the Bible, church, or other religious cultures depict. Know that God lives in your heart as you are a precious being, so you just have to trust that you are doing what your heart is guiding you to do each day and perhaps a sincere heartfelt big thank you God for all the things I have and the things I don’t because I am a creator of my own reality.

Divine souls on earth, make a firm personal commitment as promtly as possible to reclaim your spiritual nature by learning the energetic skills that will allow you to free yourself from the programs appearing as mental holograms through manipulation, creating reality pictures for the unsuspecting human to perceive these as tridimensional reality overlays, these experiences are not hallucinations, this is the programs that most humans are subjected to believe in the reality they experience by using their subconscious fears to control them.

Learn to dissolve all the limitations that only exist in each of YOUR MINDS. Change your beliefs will change your reality; each one of you has the potential to change the world, to save it! Instead, many let your cellphones destroy the neurons of your brain with vast amounts of microwaves that make you become distracted every 3 seconds by a text message from your friends; twitting, Facebooking, what’s in-app, etc.—achieving disconnection from you all human beings and all that is happening in the now of your reality.

Many humans cannot use their hearts since they have been disconnected like the rest of your ten additional DNA strands at birth, letting you function only with two DNA strands; your root chakra controlled by sex, your sacral controlled by survival solar plexus controlled by fear. The sacral and the Solar plexus are controlled by the alien's reptilians, your hearts controlled by the Zetas aliens. Plus, there are 7 points of acupuncture called the J. Seals controlled by the Anunnaki's. Can you start to see the big picture of every human reality? That is why one must be kind to one another, respect each other, and help if one can. There are many programs of indoctrination that control your mind by making you believe that there is a God outside of you and that you are here to pay for the sins of whom??? There is an apparent reason why religious indoctrinations made you hate the word, GOD.

Another program implanted by the church was said in the bible: A Crown of Thorns was placed on Jesus's head before he was crucified. The truth is Jesus was never crucified. What happened was that an energetic crucifixion was infusing into humanity. This crown of thorns was part of that energetic anatomy within all the DNA that is a global program of crucifixion made on each man and woman and inherited at birth by placing a seal called the crown of thorns on the Earth's Grid for all the souls born on earth, as part of the unnatural seven J.Seals.

These J. Seals were created and implanted on the Earth’s grids by the extraterrestrial race called the Jehovian Annunaki. Since humans share an energetic connection with the earth via axiatonal lines. As a result of this connection, all inherited the distortions created by the Seals at birth. These distortions affect your genetic structure and your ability to ascend. Anything that affects the earth affects humanity, just like anything happening to a mother carrying a child in her womb, affects the child. We are within the womb of our beloved Mother Earth.

To embody your christ consciousness means that you have to fulfill your dreams to create a better world for all that breathes and respires in the air, in the water, in the earth, and in the fire by being yourself, by love all, forgive all, to care for all and share and do all for the highest good of all just with the power of your omnipotent, loving heart as for this is God within your cells.

Indeed beloved ones, you are an individuation of all that is, from the creator of the multiverse. Open your sacred heart to remember.

Do you really think that outer beings are going to save you? After all, you are the ones who are creating the reality of your new timelines? Yes, there are higher dimensional beings that are assisting our beloved Earth from the reptilians that live among you, in your electromagnetic devices in your TV, news, entertainment, poisoning the air with chemtrails, the water, the earth, even the fire, and much more making sure that you live shortly with your own fears implanted by them.

Beloved ones, each one of you has to stand and take control of your own bodies, minds, and souls first before you can assist others. It is being said before by our beloved star family, the Arcturians, that; when a person and planet become ONE chakra by chakra, humanity,y and Gaia can join the efforts and work as one being to ascend Earth and all her inhabitants into the fifth dimension and beyond.

Yet many had said, I am sick and tired of being here. I want to leave and go into a different reality. There is no other way if you are not able to make your world a better place, at least for yourself. What would you do to another world? Besides, unless one learns to awaken their christ consciousness to raise their vibration, they will continue to live on the lower version of themselves in a lesser version of planet earth.

Blaming onto our beloved Mother Earth for these global warming, chaos, and disasters, as if she was created for you all to start. Few people may know that all is altered by what they call Haarp, which is not the stringed musical instrument. Those in control said that this is beneficial for the planet etc. Whatever they say, mother Earth doesn't need reptilian technology to assist her in moving into higher dimensions. It is reptilian and dark ET’s from USA technology that is fracturing your beloved planet, be proud of being citizens of planet earth by honoring Gaia at all times.

Indeed, mother Earth needs your unconditional love and consciousness to become united as ONE. Keep in mind that when a person and planet become ONE chakra by chakra, humanity, and Gaia can join the efforts and work as one being to ascend Earth and all its inhabitants into the fifth dimension and beyond.

Learn how to control your own body by taking a walk after work, after super each day if you can’t afford to go to a gym. Quiet your mind by listening to soft music or, even better, by using the power of binaural waves or jus to meditate and disconnect your wifi router and take all your cellphones out of your BEDROOM before going to sleep. Strength your soul by shielding your field day and night.

Divine souls, there is so much wrong created by those in control, and the reason for your frustrations and anxiety, for your lack of patience, your physical issues, and lack of money. There is so much money on the planet earth enough for each person. It is your birthright to be abundant in all aspects of your life. Sadly those in control governments and the elites continued to whore it.

Would you prefer to end your day knowing that the negative ET’s finally end up controlling the planet to continue work and pay for living on earth forever? Or would you prefer to embody your own Christ consciousness and to ascend to become one united human race like our beloved star families Arcturians, Pleiadians, Andromedans, Venusians, Hathors, and many more that focus on ascension and unity consciousness remember this when a person and planet become ONE chakra by chakra, humanity, and Gaia can join the efforts and work as one being to ascend Earth and all her inhabitants into the fifth dimension and beyond.

Let this heartfelt thought from the Arcturians consciousness be the end of this message so that you can have sweet dreams all of your divine sleeping Gods and Godesesess; soon, very soon, divine masters of the Multiverse to awaken of a new Gaia; bright, clean, and transmuted from all negative energy and poisons, where money is not essential anymore because you had found true freedom from the mind to continue to create from your dreams.

To dream of a better world for all those who came now to visit from the stars, to be able to raise your vibration together so high and reliable that only higher vibrational beings will visit, perhaps for a cup of tea? Or to teach you more about living for eternity in your new reality, so death becomes an evident program that has been transmuted from your minds since now you all remember are built for eternity. To dream that you can fly, teleport, travel to their homelands dimension in other planets or galaxies where they all live as one love, like us all.

A lofty reality where you all TOGETHER as one unity consciousness has found freedom from the mind, body, and spirit for eternity. Where you can choose the time to leave not because of the death cells programs but because it is your desire to be part of the vibrational frequency of omnipotent love to continue nurturing the hearts and all that makes everything exist. So before you go to sleep, divine one dream that you can, and so you will live the reality of your dreams to see the magic of your dreams come true in your now reality for all. Gently place your hands on your heart and with the voice and intention of your heart say;

Thank you, father and mother, of the whole Multiverse!

Thank you for letting me remember that I am ONE with the divine source of all existence! It is my heart's desire to wish for unconditional love for the benefit of all sentient beings in all parts of planet earth and the whole Multiverse! That is so, and so be it.

I am Mut, divine mother of the gods; many blessings to all divine souls on Earth.

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