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Have a Blessing Solar eclipse!

Divine souls on earth,

There is no such thing as Global Warming or Climate Change. It obeys changes in the earth's cycles, factors such as the Sun, or sizeable industrial pollution, including agriculture, HAARP, geo-engineering. The undeniable part. As in pollution, destruction of ecosystems. This is pollution and destruction, NOT Climate Change. Instead, environmental pollution and the destruction of Ecosystems.

Solar flares that come from the center of the Galaxy increase the positronic waves. But what comes from the sun is beneficial to you all and not harmful; that is fear implemented for control via media. Nothing is happening to the Sun. It is perception, and the media and politicians use it for their agendas, no global warming, no melting of the ice caps, no impending glaciations or changes of the polarity of the Earth, no Nibiru, or solar flashes that cook everything.

Understand the many forms through which fear presents itself--rules, regulations, news, concepts, collective beliefs, teachings-religious and otherwise, and traditions, all carrying various levels of fear-based belief which over time have become thoroughly ingrained in and as the collective consciousness.

Transmute your fear with LOVE.

Let us reunite with all those bringing peace, harmony, and freedom throughout the world. Follow the path of the heart this is the moment to make unconditional peace in the whole world.

Each ONE can contribute by just thinking world freedom, humans united to free ONE to another, and all that is from all that limits us, the desire to be oneself. Express your firm intentions of world peace and brotherhood until you can feel this joyful harmony in your hearts.

Every thought, word, and action is changing the reality in which we are one being. Use the power within your precious hearts to express Peace and Love, and it is here that the light of the creator of the Multiverse lies within you, within everything that breathes and respires in the Water, the Air, Fire, and earth.

Be loyal to your heart's innermost desires in this moment of ascension; all you can do is love unconditionally. One can always lend a hand and love more than ever to our blue planet Aria; the moment is here and now. The Multiverse allows you to be a multi-dimensional image of your best expression of yourself. Believe in yourself!

Be magnificent and share your thoughts feelings of your heart's unconditional love. Be the light, be love, be the heart in all that ONE can only be as a human race forgive and LOVE always no matter what.

Thank you for listening!


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