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Divine Omnipotent Love,

Divine Love, I offer myself to you, come to me, and use my voice so that my words fill other hearts with your LOVE. Love brings comfort, cosmic and multiversal peace, especially let the Love enter the heart of dark beings because they are part of the whole and the consciousness of the ONE Love; they just forgot their way to Love and live for eternity like us.

Love unconditional Love to all is a new way to live in Love within the depths of the higher vibrational frequency of Love, the One that exists in the Fifth-dimensional version of the ONE that is ready to speak your language. Love is thy language not made by words, minds, dialects, but an unconditional vibrational frequency to change realities once One understands your divine LOVE essence.

From the quantum realms and universes above universes, you thy Love Hertz frequency vibration is the most powerful emanation from the ONE that possesses a heart—transcending time and space to communicate with all beings in and out of our Divine Mother Aria, the New Earth.

When One uses your eyes of Love, One can see and become compassionate with all your creations of light frequency and Love vibration. Deep inside, even the anger of One's Love exists. Where ever I find myself, there will be no difference because I know Loveis and always be pure and Omnipotent LOVE that transcends time and space any parallel reality within the probabilities that when One travels the now in your Mighty vessel of LOVE, One is able to go to infinity back and forward becoming a new vehicle to bring many to the eternal realms of LOVE.

Use One heart frequency the mighty tool One ever been granted since the day One experience this mind and body. Today let One share your unconditional Love frequency everywhere to everything and everyone, to all sentient beings—the desire to communicate with your true language of the Multiverse. I am One divine conscious unity of Love and Oneness. I am One wisdom and Love, from the ONE heart of all within my heart.

I am you; therefore all around me is and Love will ever be.♥

Love unconditional Love frequency makes the world move around your Love from the tiniest beings like bees to the biggest wales. Love from the Divine Mother Aria new Earth share to all.

For all, One's creating today, good or bad, for the freedom of soul and mighty self-expression, of the sovereign soul being One chooses to be. The freedom of Love can move mountains and transmute all into bliss perception of reality. Because Love is all One has to use to see a new world through your own eyes of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

Love to the New Earth Aria, the ONE Divine Mother, for the unconditional Love that you are. I bow to you, Mighty Love, and pledge my gratitude and multidimensional consciousness of Love, especially for the freedom to Love all your creations, freedom to be One. For the unconditional Love that you are. I love you, Love! I am you; you are me. We are ONE Love!

Thank you, LOVE, for everything. Love you are.

♥ ♥ ♥



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