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Love Your Higher Self,

I am your true soul mate because I am always within you; I am your higher self. I am within. I am eternal, and so I will be with you forever, my beloved divine self, my partner, as we transcend time and space, the immensity of probable realities to free your mind from the minds of others together. We can be One when awake from the dream you choose to live, now.

My Love for you has no terms or limits, my Love within your higher self is infinite and endless. I am the Love of the Creator who dwells in your soul. I am around and inside of you forever; I know all about you, every thought, deepest secret, desire, your programmed imperfections, and the perfection of the Divine plane you have been since the day you were born and forgot all about it.

I love you unconditionally, for I am your true Love; I am within and will always be yours. Think of me most intimately and pure Love you will ever be. Just the way Love exists, and be aware of my presence any time. Hear my wise advice, the divine whispers or my words, the desire within the depths of your heart, which only recognize the true meaning of your truth and divine Love.

Do not think of me as inaccessible, unaffordable, or far, as something you can not achieve. Remember that I hear all your thoughts and coordinate your spiritual services to help you become one in your actions and connect with the God within. Therefore, I will continue to be patient until you desire to make contact and communicate. I will continue making all your experiences a valuable lesson to keep you safe in your growing soul.

Divine One, join me right now, my Love; everything you've wanted is within you in the sublime light of your soul and voice of your heart, so stop looking for what does not exist outside of you and let us be one within you and me to be your higher self because when you come to me thus, time disappears. There is nothing more in this world that matters or values our communion.

My Love, I am within, feel my Love!

Feel every cell of your body, and my Love for you will fill every longing in your heart because I am the truest of Love, and I will never leave you or forsake you. Remember, what you do to your body is reflected in your soul and spirit, in me. I am and always be your divine being; remember, I am ONE. What do you say or do to others; you do it or say it to yourself. I am your most fervent Love, your divine spirit.

I am always within you, and there is nothing more important than listening to our connection with your heart. My beloved, open the stargate portal, let us be one to all sentient beings, and be in communion to all your reflections of one another's essence. Let me guide you in this life to fulfill all your wishes in the best way, in your actions and decisions forever in our eternity.

I've waited patiently for the moment when you connect to me your higher self and become one. Everything I have is and will be yours; you know that all I am is YOU. Come to me now, my beloved self. I am waiting in the garden of your soul to greet and please you within my glorious everlasting light. Come to me as a child, sees me, as the passionate lover of all within.

When your mind joins me, we would be one; we would sing together in unison and become one choir. You will remember this melody, and it will bring you back to me again and again, until the day that there is no bridge to cross because we are the rainbow bridge that helps others remember how to cross it and be ONE united national race together as ONE. This is my most humble desire to express my divine Love for you.

My beloved, I am waiting patiently; no matter how long it takes, listen to me within your heart when your mind opens the door at the top of a staircase and sees me out from the balcony on your own universe, full of bright stars.

See me as the brightest of the stars, like a brilliant sun that does not blind you but enlightens you; let me swim in your divine Love and accept me as I AM; this is the way I feel within you. Feel the gentle warmth of my Love, and let us connect your higher self in the immensity of my sublime light, where only you and I can be ONE. Stay here and listen to my song, and I'll teach you to sing. It is the most beautiful of all the melodies of Love. I love you forever.

You will never be alone because I am and will always live in you.

I am you! ♥



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